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Wall Grandfather Clocks – Wall Clocks Redux


Have you ever heard of a Grandfather Wall Clock? Or a Wall Grandfather Clock?  Well, many of our customers have, and they are almost always not referring to grandfather clocks but rather to large wall clocks with a pendulum and weights.

Many of those we work with have wondered if there is some mythological clocks beast which they had never encountered by name.  But it does make sense.  When one thinks of some of the defining characteristics of grandfather clocks, it is that they are big, chime, and frequently have weights that show through glass — not unlike many of the Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks or Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks or Hermle Floor Clocks (also known as Hermle grandfather clocks), among many others, including antique grandfather clocks, hat we sell routinely.

We have always thought of one of the defining characteristics of a grandfather clock or a grandmother clock as one that is free-standing and unless a miniature, of a certain height for a grandmother or grandfather clock.

Wall clocks need not apply.

Ridgeway Vanderbilt Biltmore Grandfather Clock R2538

Ridgeway Vanderbilt Biltmore Grandfather Clock R2538

Howard Miller Stevenson Wall Clock 620-262

Howard Miller Stevenson Wall Clock 620-262 – NOT a grandfather clock

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