Grandfather clocks

Grandfather Clocks: Gift Giving Across the Miles


With the world being the way that it is, there are many of us who are separated from our families and loved ones by many miles. With the Internet at our disposal there are vast resources for keeping in touch – allowing us to communicate via email and even send pictures with a touch of a few keyboard keys. But the other thing that the Internet allows us to do – in order to let friends and families know that they are close in our hearts no matter how far away they may be – is to order and send gifts online. Everything from flowers and candy to gift baskets and artwork can be found on the Internet – purchased and shipped within a few hours to the recipient of your choice.

Sometimes the occasion for gift giving is a more important one and the corresponding gift more elaborate. When in search of an exceptional gift the Internet still delivers; consider the option of purchasing a grandfather clock – or grandmother clock – for someone far away and having it shipped right to their door!

Surely grandfather clocks are not synonymous with typical gift giving; but the fact remains that a well chosen grandfather clock can be just the right gift at the right occasion. And the fact that we, as consumers, can purchase high quality grandfather clocks – made by reputable and renowned manufacturers – through online suppliers makes gift giving easier than ever. Grandfather clock suppliers allow consumers to shop online for the perfect clock for any occasion and home – traditional, contemporary, antique inspired – and have it shipped right to the door or the door of someone they wish to present with a unique and memorable gift.

Grandfather Clocks Offer a First Impression


Most homeowners look for ways to provide their homes with something called “curb appeal” – referring to the first look (and ultimate impression) that a visitor to the home receives. Those who are selling their home are typically very interested in curb appeal as it gives possible buyers a positive first impression of the home and will hopefully inspire them to look further inside the home.

But a first impression doesn’t necessarily stop when a visitor opens the door of the home. In fact, homeowners have another opportunity to dazzle visitors all over again right when they enter the house – with the careful placement of a grandfather clock.

Grandfather clocks have long been placed in homes by homeowners that have appreciated their delicate craftsmanship and variety of designs. Early on, however, only wealthy homeowners were able to afford grandfather clocks as they were considered an investment – and one that the average household was unable to enjoy.

Today, however, grandfather clock manufacturers are able to create high quality grandfather clocks – still offered in a variety of designs – at prices that allow people to afford them no matter what their budget. Grandfather clocks can be found through online suppliers where designs range from traditional – with carved wood, traditional artwork, and the melody that grandfather clock owners have heard for generations – to contemporary, with sleeker lines and more modern materials.

A grandfather clock placed inside an entranceway will immediately give those who enter a visual first impression; as well as an audible first impression if the clock happens to be striking the hour.

Grandfather Clocks Mark the Passage of Time in More Ways Than One


Clocks are one of the oldest human inventions in existence; a way that we have always told time throughout the generations. Initially, because of this role in society, clocks were more of a functional item that held little aesthetic appeal. Today, however, clocks are equal parts form and function – occupying space in homes throughout the world and decorating each corner in which they sit with unique style.

Grandfather clocks, especially, are one of the clock designs that hold significant visual appeal in addition to their functional status. The pendulum of the grandfather clock swings back and forth, marking the incremental passage of time. But, in addition, grandfather clocks mark the passage of time in another way as well – acting as a touchstone to another generation.

Those who have grandfather clocks in their home are likely to have experienced them in the homes of older family members – or perhaps in their home as a child. A grandfather clock that occupies space in a family home will likely always occupy a space in the hearts of that family.

As we get older our natural tendency is to gravitate towards those things that are comfortable and familiar. Grandfather clocks are those pieces that will resonate with us long after we have grown and moved into our homes as adults. And perhaps this will inspire us to revisit these memories by purchasing our own grandfather clocks to sit sentry in our own homes. By doing so we will ensure that a grandfather clock will mark the passage of time – and so much more – for our own children.

Grandfather Clocks Strikes a Chord


There are many reasons why we choose the pieces that are in our home; our decision to choose certain pieces of furniture, artwork and decorative items, and even the paint that is on our walls is dependent upon our own personal style as well as those elements that strike a chord in us based on our past experiences. Nowhere else is this more evident than with grandfather clocks – pieces that are much more than furniture; they are historical pieces that have meaning to us through their connection to many of our past experiences.

Grandfather clocks are often remembered to have sat in our childhood homes, as well as the homes of our grandparents or others from our past. Because of this connection, the image of a grandfather clock tends to conjure up much more than just the image of a way to tell time. Rather, the grandfather clock tends to offer a piece of our past – an image of a similar clock standing sentry in a loved one’s home, the backdrop during family meals in a dining room, the first sight we remember when first entering a beloved home, or the sight that was always in the background of family holidays.

More than that, however, is the melody often provided by grandfather clocks; the song of our past that we strive to replicate in our present. Many modern day grandfather clocks are chosen as much for their song as their physical presence.

Luckily, grandfather clocks can be found through online suppliers that are able to connect consumers with the grandfather clock designs that will speak to their past as well as appropriately decorate our modern homes.

Quality Still Counts with Grandfather Clocks


Grandfather clocks used to be associated with high-end, quality pieces of furniture; not just a method through which to tell time. In fact, for many generations only those homeowners with wealth were able to afford a grandfather clock in their home; these pieces were simply too expensive for the average homeowner. Today, grandfather clocks are much more accessible; homeowners are able to afford these spectacular clocks as manufacturers have been able to produce a variety of designs in all different price ranges.

Quality clock suppliers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS, for example, are able to offer a full product line of grandfather clocks from which homeowners can browse and shop online. What modern consumers will quickly realize is that grandfather clocks are much more affordable. But this does not mean that quality has been sacrificed in any way.

In fact, modern grandfather clock manufacturers such as Howard Miller clocks, Ridgeway clocks, and Kieninger clocks are able to provide their customers with high quality grandfather clocks in a variety of styles – at prices that are affordable. So while one consumer may want to round out their traditionally styled home with a grandfather clock of traditional design, they can find it through online suppliers such a1-800-4CLOCKS. Conversely, should a homeowner with a modern décor choose a more contemporary designed clock, they will have equal success in finding such products through high end clock suppliers.

Low prices do not have to mean low quality. Quality still counts when it comes to finding a grandfather clock – just as it always has. Luckily, today, we can have the best of all worlds.

Grandfather Clocks: Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Price


There are those high-end items for which we expect superior quality; equally, we expect to pay a certain amount for that quality, considering it in investment in a good product that will serve us well far into the future. Grandfather clocks are those items which are typically considered an investment, as we expect to pay a certain amount of money in exchange for high quality craftsmanship. But grandfather clocks are also those items that we expect to have for a lifetime; cherished treasures that we can pass down from one generation to the next.

High quality grandfather clocks, however, do not have to be inexorably linked to high prices. In fact, through reputable online clock suppliers, consumers have more ability than ever before to find exactly what they want in terms of high quality grandfather clocks but without paying an arm and a leg.

Through such suppliers, renowned grandfather clock manufacturers are able to reach the masses – providing them with superior materials and craftsmanship but at reasonable prices. The online component of such suppliers allows consumers to browse through grandfather clock styles at their leisure and choose one that will not only complement their existing décor but will stand the test of time so that it too can be passed onto the next generation.

It’s true that you get what you pay for; but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality in order to save money. Through reputable online clock suppliers, consumers can strike a balance between getting the best quality grandfather clock at the price they can afford.

Grandfather Clocks in a Summer Home


For those of us who are lucky enough to have a summer home to which we retreat during the summer months, this home is often a reflection of our more casual style. For example, those who have decorated their primary homes in a more traditional or formal style, often feel more at liberty to let loose and really let their ideas fly in a summer home. The laid back feeling of summer brings that out in people and they, in a more relaxed state than they are during the year, are able to relinquish their strident ideas for décor and decorate with a more personal flair.

Grandfather clocks are often a staple in traditionally designed homes, as they are an element from yesteryear – a way to infuse traditional elegance into a home. But the truth is that modern grandfather clocks essentially work in any décor environment, as the clocks themselves can be found in virtually any style. Summer homes will benefit just as nicely from grandfather clocks that are designed to fit the specific décor of the home.

To this end, homeowners will be pleased to discover that they can find grandfather clocks in more contemporary styles, antique inspired styles, and even fun and unique styles that will fit decidedly well in a summer home that is not trying to take itself so seriously.

In fact, through reputable clock suppliers, homeowners will have access to high-quality clock makers that are committed to bringing the elegance and tradition of the grandfather clock into the modern world where it can be anything it wants to be; and homeowners can take advantage of this versatility in summer homes as well as primary residences.

Grandfather Clocks Can Transform a Dining Room


Dining rooms were once formal rooms where family, friends, and guests gathered around a table for a meal and shared conversation. Today, dining rooms are designed in a variety of styles inspired by those television shows, magazines, and Internet resources that have helped homeowners create rooms in their home that are more reflective of their own personal style and less what they think they are “supposed” to do in a dining room.

After all, a dining room is a room that should be comfortable for visitors; a place where family and friends can feel relaxed enough to enjoy good food and good times. To that end, it does not make much sense to create a room that has nothing whatsoever to do with your personality. Instead, it is essential to choose colors and furniture pieces that are completely in line with what appeals to you and what best showcases your personality.

As a part of a dining room of any style, grandfather clocks can make the perfect accompaniment. Grandfather clocks in a corner of a dining room create height in the room – grandfather clocks typically stand at an average height of six feet, as well as add a formality to a room that may be styled in a more contemporary or funky design.

It’s important to note that grandfather clocks do not necessarily have to be those traditional style clocks of yesteryear. In fact, through modern clock suppliers, grandfather clocks can be found in any style including contemporary, antique-inspired, and traditional, as well as some unique styles of grandfather clocks.

Grandfather Clocks Keep Watch in a Sitting Area


There are many rooms in a home that keep us wondering what we should do with them. While the builders certainly had something in mind when they constructed the house- creating nooks and crannies that would add character to the home and extra places for families and friends to gather, often these rooms are too small or awkward to really outfit as we would like to do. But with the help of certain special pieces we can create a comfortable room that – while it does not serve a prime purpose – is a lovely, decorated room that welcomes visitors warmly.

Grandfather clocks have often been used in this regard; added to rooms in order to give them height, drama, sophistication, elegance, charm, or warmth. With just the inclusion of this one piece, homeowners are able to capitalize on the multi-dimensional offerings of the grandfather clock.

The fact is that grandfather clocks embody many things to many different people; and by positioning them in rooms that are design challenged on some level, they can easily pull the room together in a cohesive design that is defined by the homeowner.

Grandfather clocks in a sitting area are actually the perfect design accompaniment: they add height to a room that is typically smaller than other rooms in the home, they add character and drama to a room that can often be plain, they add warmth to a room that typically cannot handle a lot of furniture, and they add melody and music to a room where people gather together as family and friends.

Grandfather Clocks in High Ceiling Rooms


High ceilings are generally something that many homeowners wish to have in their own living space as they give the room – and the home in general – a wide-open, airy feeling and add depth to the space. But what is often a selling feature in a home – or the feature that people choose when building new construction – sometimes becomes an issue when it comes to actually filling the space. With such high ceilings, very few things seem to fit the room appropriately and often those things that are chosen look out of scale.

Grandfather clocks, however, are actually one piece that will fill a space quite nicely in a room with high ceilings. In fact, grandfather clocks, at their typical height of six feet, actually fit more appropriately in rooms with higher ceilings. With a well chosen grandfather clock in a room with vaulted or high ceilings, there instantaneously becomes a focal point in the room and a center around which to fill in décor.

Some of the more typical rooms where grandfather clocks would fit best include:

* Entranceways. Oftentimes, the entranceways just inside a front door feature high ceilings and plenty of foyer space. This becomes an issue for homeowners that want there to be a focal point when you enter the home but don’t want to clutter the space with small items. A grandfather clock fills the space without overwhelming it.

* Dining rooms. Those dining rooms with high ceilings can easily lean towards feeling cavernous rather than having the intimate feel that inspire people to converse over meals. A grandfather clock helps to lower the eye and pull the room together.

* Living rooms. Those spaces that are meant to be more formal can oftentimes wind up feeling cold. A grandfather clock in a living room helps to soften the space while still fitting with the sophisticated décor that is often reserved for such a room.

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