The Grandfather Clock of My Dreams

I have had a recurring dream for many years now; in the dream I am on a swing that keeps going higher and higher until I feel that I will eventually fall if it doesn’t slow down. Then, just as feel myself getting completely out of control I hear the sound of a chiming clock and the swing begins to slow down until it is simply swinging calmly back and forth like the pendulum on that clock. The dream always ends with the swing finally coming to a complete stop and me turning with relief and gratitude toward the grandfather clock in the corner; the grandfather clock that had brought me back down to solid ground.

I know. It’s ridiculous. But I had that dream for so many years that I really never gave too much thought to it any real way; until the grandfather clock of my dreams was suddenly right in front of me.

I built this amazing library in my new home; the library I had always wanted where I could sit for hours on rainy days and read book after book that lined the shelves around the room. I just love this room. But I always knew that what it really needed to completely finish off the space was a grandfather clock; something that I began to search in earnest for online.

Who knew that there were so many options on the Internet? I wound up finding this great website that had as many grandfather clocks – and probably more – than you would ever see in a typical retail location. I hunted through the pages of high quality clocks from really well-known designers and, suddenly there it was – the grandfather clock of my dreams. I hadn’t even really thought about that clock during waking hours but the second I saw it I knew that it was the grandfather clock that I always turned to at the end of my dreams.

Needless to say, I bought that grandfather clock. And I haven’t had that dream since. Instead, if I want to see that grandfather clock I simply go into my library where it sits above me as I read – always the good friend.

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