A new book explores concrete’s architectural possibilities

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A lowly substance of near limitless function, concrete has been used since ancient times in buildings both monumental and subtle, beautiful and hideous. Haunted by its Brutalist past, the simple mixture of stone, sand, and water is wi...

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Prized Collection

Thomas Pheasant’s work is classical and structured, detailed but spare, whether he is designing a home or creating a piece of furniture. The AD100 decorator, who is based in Washington, D.C., and has been in business since 1980, recently released his...

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Grandfather Clock Keeps Ticking

Now pretty much everyone has heard the expression the clock keeps ticking away, or tick tick tick, or even tick toc tic tock, but how often have you had the same applied to grandfather clocks ticking away with time. Now the focus of this floor clock post may not be entirely what you expected.  What …

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