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Putting an 8 Day Deadbeat Grandfather Clock Movement into “Beat”


These instructions were written specifically for Hermle Grandfather Clocks, but should in general work with other high-end brands of mechanical grandfather clocks including Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, Kieninger Grandfather Clocks and Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks.  When in doubt, consulting an expert grandfather clock technician in always a wise option, and we would highly recommend it.  Furthermore, we can only warrant these Grandfather Clock Instructions for what you have paid for reading them.

Pull down on upper leader and move to the left approximately 1 ½” and release. You will feel tension but this is normal.  It would not be unusual if one needed help in understanding what a leader means as it relates to a grandfather clock movement, and its associated pendulum.  On the back of the grandfather clock movement, one will see a horizontal post that has a suspension spring attached to it.  If that spring is broken, the grandfather clock will not run. You may want to purchase the grandfather clock parts yourself, which we would only recommend if you are something of a clock expert, or you may want to call in an expert grandfather clock technician local to you.

Your grandfather clock also has a pendulum leader (generally about 5-8 inches long).  The pendulum leader hooks on to the suspension spring and the grandfather clock’s pendulum hangs on to its bottom.  There is also a lever that comes out from the top of the grandfather clock movement, is angled down, and it either goes through, or around the pendulum leader.  This is what pushes the pendulum.  If this particular lever either binds with or is not in contact with the pendulum leader, the grandfather clock will not run.

Pull down once again and pull the leader back to the right approximately 1”, and then release it.  Gently pull down a shift from left to right, stopping each time to see if you have an even beat. Once you have an even beat you then will be able to place your pendulum back on your clock, and as long as it is in beat – with an even left to right sound – it should work fine.

Once you are able to begin getting your pendulum to “tick-tock” one will need to listen to see if it is an even sound.  If not it is not in beat, with a rhythmic and synchronous “tick-tock”, first gently stop the pendulum.  One will then need to gently pull down on the pendulum and pull to left a small amount and then start the grandfather clock’s pendulum, gently pushing it from left to right, and listen again for the smooth grandfather clocks beat.

We always welcome comments to improve any instructions.  If one is not clear about how to adjust your grandfather clock, it is always best to bring in a grandfather clocks expert to make any adjustments or repairs.

Grandfather Clock Repair

Grandfather Clocks Repair

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