Looking for Something Dramatic? Why Not a Grandfather Clock? Part I

Today it’s harder than ever to really infuse your own personality into any of your home décor. After all, with retail outlets around the country mass producing inexpensive furniture, perfectly coordinated bedding sets, and accessories to complement any room design, it’s more difficult to find your own voice. It’s not as though these are bad things; they are ways to help us outfit our homes most affordably and for those who have a difficult time defining their style, these retail outlets can essentially walk them through the process.

But it does mean that something is lost in terms of finding things that are unique to only your home. And why it’s still important to seek out those special items that will elevate your décor from bland to spectacular. In this respect, it makes sense to seek out those items that offer the best in terms of bang for the buck – that make a dramatic statement and really “fill” the room – and the home at large – with phenomenal style.

Grandfather clocks are the quintessential room fillers because they offer such dramatic style and the opportunity to have something really traditional and interesting in the home. Grandfather clocks, in fact, are all about the drama and can really pack a punch in terms of changing the tone of a room – even making it feel bigger, adding sophistication to a room that does not have a lot of “high-end” design elements, and even creating some cohesiveness in a room that perhaps has an awkward layout.

In the next post, we’ll look at ways that we can use grandfather clocks to create the most drama.

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