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World’s New Largest Clock


Earlier this month, Saudi Arabia, in the Holy City of Mecca, has introduced the newest largest tower clock in the world, larger even than England’s 4 sided Big Ben Tower Clock in London’s Parliament.  It’s introduction was timed to coincide with the Muslim Holy Fasting Month of Ramadan.  You may be expecting a grandfather clock post here, but this one is very special.

The four-faced clock, atop the Abraj Al-Bait Towers, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The clock faces are 43 × 43 m (141 × 141 ft).  Saudi Arabia will test what it is billing as the world’s largest clock, the official news agency reported Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2010. The tallest tower in the complex will stand as the tallest building in Saudi Arabia, and the largest hotel in the world, with a planned height of 601 m (1,972 ft), including a 200 ft spire. Upon completion, the structure would have the largest floor area of any structure in the world with 1,500,000 m2 (16,150,000 sq ft) of floor space. (AP Photo/ Saudi Press Agency)

The four-faced clock tower is seen under construction in the Holy City of Mecca August 11, 2011. REUTERS/Hassan Ali

Below is a better picture to give both the look and feel of the actual 4 sided tower and clock being erected:
Four Sides but none are a grandfather clock

We will keep you posted as more details about this amazing new tower clock emerge.  We would not be surprised to see grandfather clocks designs that emulate one or more of the 4 dials and design.  It is a natural fit.

Also, stay tuned for further information on the chimes that will no doubt be heard from this tower clock.  We expect some of the typical grandfather clock chimes, such as the Westminster Chime grandfather clock, but we may be pleasantly surprised by also hearing clock chimes of a distinctly different Mideast or Islamic nature.

Grandfather Clocks on eBay


When purchasing a grandfather clock or grandmother clock, especially when looking online vs. an an bricks and mortar Retail location, one faces a dizzying array of choices.  Some people start by searching on Google, Yahoo or Bing.  Others use comparison shopping websites.  And many many shoppers start their grandfather clocks discount shopping, or grandfather clocks on sale.

Is eBay a good place to look for brand new Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks or floor clocks by other makers?  It can be, but just like shopping online, one has to be extremely careful.  We ourselves at have an eBay Store which you can visit at  We feature pretty much the entire Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Collection, including Howard Miller Presidential Grandfather Clocks and many Limited Edition grandfather clocks, including tubular chimes grandfather clocks, cable driven triple chime and Westminster chime mechanical clocks, and several chain-driven grandfather clocks.  Quartz, or battery-driven grandfather clocks, are also available, and are almost all at lower discounted price points.

One has a choice of many grandfather clock features, including auto-night shut-off, chime-silence option, volume control (on quartz grandfather clocks only), working rotating moon dials, subsidiary seconds dials, single, almost always Westminster, vs. triple chime grandfather clocks.  A few even have the choice of the Schubert Ave Maria and Beethoven Ode to Joy chimes.  Very few, but some, mechanical grandfather clocks, offer that option.

There are clear risks of buying on eBay, of which one must be keenly aware.  Many of our customers either call us up or shop on our main website after they first find out about us on eBay.  As one of Howard Miller Clocks largest Authorized Dealers, with a Better Business Bureau Rating to date of A, and with much positive feedback on eBay already.  Many sellers of new grandfather clocks are not authorized as dealers for the clocks they sell, such as Howard miller, or Hermle Grandfather Clocks or the Ridgeway grandfather clock collection.  If one buys a grandfather clock from a dealer who is not authorized, any warranty is automatically null and void.  Many shady operators sell well below the most competitive pricing available from Authorized dealers, and may not be dealing in legitimate merchandise, and the seller may be a fraud altogether.

Another risk is that many Authorized Dealers will sell floor models and pass them off as 100% brand new.  So you may end up getting a grandfather clock that has been sitting in a grandfather clock showroom for 2-4 years, having been touched by hundreds or thousands of people, have multiple years of wear and tear on the grandfather clock movement, and finally, may no longer be covered under manufacturer’s warranty (many decent clock dealers are completely unaware of this.

Pre-owned or used grandfather clocks carry with them the risk of developing a “money pit”, poring good money after bad to get, with the potential for many used grandfather clocks.  Many of the same risks exist for antique grandfather clocks, but that is really a wholly different clock purchase proposition.

Finally, while eBay can be a good and safe place to purchase clocks, if you are dealing with a reputable company, like us at 1-800-4CLOCKS, you may be able to get the best deal by visiting one of our stores or simply calling.  We are also very happy to educate the customer about the different types of grandfather clocks, including brands, movements, features, chimes and much more.  Shipping grandfather clocks overseas also creates special challenges.

Howard Miller Tubular Chime Grandfather Clock J H Miller II 611-030 611030

Grandfather Clocks Value


What is the value of my grandfather clock?  This is one of the most frequently asked questions, or FAQs, we receive, particularly by telephone.  More often than not, the caller will have little or no available information about the grandfather clock, or even the markings that may appear of the grandfather clocks dial or face or on the back of the clock movement.

Our general advice in valuing the replacement cost of a grandfather clock is to find the most comparable grandfather clock we currently have for sale.  Sounds easier than it is for many people.  Aside from the grandfather clock brand or maker, most people do not know the difference between a chain-driven grandfather clock (which is wound by pulling down on the usually 3 chains in the waist of the grandfather clock to bring up or effectively therefore wind the weights) and a cable driven grandfather clock (which is wound in the dial or face).  Then there is the question of whether the clock is a single chime grandfather clock, generally with the Westminster Chime (like the one in the Big Ben Tower Clock in London’s Parliament building), or a triple chime which generally includes the Whittington and St Michaels chimes, or very occasionally, the Schubert Ave Maria and Beethoven Ode to Joy clocks chimes.

Then there is the condition of the grandfather clocks both inside and out.  Most people who want a grandfather clock value don’t even know if their clock is in good working condition, or whether it has all of its grandfather clock parts.  Can you imagine trying to attain the value of a car without even knowing if it is in working condition!

The age of the grandfather clock is also critical.  A true antique grandfather clock, one that is over 100 years old, will have varying degrees of additional intrinsic value based on its maker, what we will call its inner substance, including the quality of the grandfather clock movement, and what special grandfather clock features it may have, such as nested bells, spiral gongs, tubular chimes, mercury pendulums, rocking ships or other grandfather clock automata or unusual features.  Some antique grandfather clocks or grandmother clocks have 30 hour movements vs an 8 day movement, which generally makes them less valuable.  Occasionally one may come across a grandfather clock regulator that may have a 30 day movement.  Who made the clock, whether it is all original, and whether and where it was signed by the maker also can make a huge difference.

There are many inquiries where people somehow expect us to telepathically tell them the worth of their grandfather clock.  It is not possible.

An inherent conflict of interest can also be present when individuals ask us to do grandfather clock appraisals.  How can we appraise a grandfather clock when we might also be making an offer to purchase the clock.  This is stark conflict of interest to which we or any reputable arts or antiques dealer needs to draw clear boundaries.

But thanks for asking us about the value of your grandfather clock.

Antique Grandfather Clock Prices


Should a prospective grandfather clocks shopper who is considering purchasing either a new grandfather clocks or perhaps a special antique grandfather clock spotted at a local antique clock or general antiquities store treat them as equivalent purchases.  Not at all.  An antique grandfather clock can have certain advantages, including perhaps a rich provenance, a likely much louder gong or strike sound on the hour or half-hour, perhaps greater investment potential, and maybe even some unique design, or less likely special grandfather clock feature, which would make it especially endearing to a floor clocks shopper.

At the same time, when one is buying an antique grandfather clock, the first phrase that comes to the mind of this experienced grandfather clock shopper is caveat emptor.  Two of the biggest and very real risks are, first, and perhaps most likely, that one will end up purchasing a grandfather clock that ends up becoming a project clock, and at the same time a money pit, and may not ever work as well as the way a brand new grandfather clock would work.  In these circumstances, it can not only be harder and much more expensive to find a qualified repair person to fix the clock, but then the risk of parts not being available, or need to be custom-made at some real expense and likely time delay, starts to come into play.

The second biggest risk when considering the purchase of an antique grandfather clock is that the clock may in horological terminology be known as what is called a marriage.  Now while in our civil society “a marriage” is generally considered a good thing adding value to society-at-large, in serious clock collecting and investing nomenclature, a “clock marriage” is a “dirty term”.  It means that the case and the movement, and/or perhaps other parts as well, were not together when the clock was first made, but were put together at some point more recently.  While there can be many good reasons to do this, such as if a clock is in a fire and is rebuilt in a new grandfather clock case or fitted to an older one, it will not be considered a “genuine clock” by serious collectors, and any investment value may essentially be lost.  While many marriages can be skillfully hidden, most real expert clockmakers will be able to spot a marriage if they take apart the clock and look inside.

Antique grandfather clocks will also likely not have the same great chime selection, the vast majority being time and strike only, not will the have what we refer to as the “bells and whistles” that many of the new clocks have, such as automatic nightime shutoff, chime-silent option, lower volumes overall, more of a choice or perhaps any actual chimes, and working right out of the container, just to name some of the highlights.

New clocks, such as those made by Howard Miller grandfather clocks and Hermle Clocks, and Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks, Bulova Grandfather Clocks,  the Kieninger grandfather clock collection, and the soon-to-be-unveiled Americana Grandfather clock collection (which we are very excited about).  Most all of the mechanical grandfather clocks have German 8 day movements, and are highly reliable, and have solid wood cases.  What you pay for is what you get, and a grandfather clock customer knows what he or she is getting.  Other options can include illuminated dials, chimes including in addition to the most popular westminster chime, also the Ave Maria and Ode to Joy chimes, which were only even introduced on grandfather clocks in recent years.

When purchasing a new clock, there is also the possibility of purchasing a Limited Edition Grandfather Clocks, many of which are quite spectacular, and even Howard Miller’s Limited Edition Tubular Chime Clock known as the JH Miller II Grandfather Clock.  The Howard Miller Presidential Grandfather Clock Series and the Ambassador Collection made by Howard Miller also offer the highest-end grandfather clocks they make available, and are probably the most highly sought after brand of grandfather clock today.

The reasonably recent introduction of grandfather clocks, wall clocks, and mantel clocks designed by Ty Pennington for Howard Miller as certainly added to the cache of the brand.

New grandfather clock vs. antique grandfather clocks – it’s a combination of personal preferences and a role of the dice.   In any event, first do your grandfather clock research, ideally with the help of an experienced professional.

Below is a picture of a Hershcede Antique grandfather clock in a Gothic style that stood in a large Church in New York City for probably at least the last 80+ years.  We will soon be putting this clock up for sale, but here is a sneak preview:

Antique grandfather clock by Herschede Gothic Style

Hershcede Antique Grandfather Clock Gothic from NYC Church Westminster Chimes

Howard Miller Reagan Presidential Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clock Diagram


When trying to both understand and name the visible parts of a grandfather clock, many individuals do not know where to begin.

Most people know that grandfather clocks have a pendulum, and weights, and are in a free-standing case, but when one gets beyond that point, may people, grandfather clock discount shoppers included, become at a loss for words as to how to describe the different parts.  Even having said the above, many people confuse the weights with the pendulum and vice versa.

We came across one excellent diagram, with credit given below, for the various parts of a grandfather clock:

grandfather clock

dial hour hand body pediment minute hand plinth chain pendulum weight Moon dial


grandfather clock

Diagram of Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clocks Diagram

Clock with a pendulum that is operated by weights and housed in a tall (usually over 2 m high) straight body, which stands upright on the floor.

The in this case split pediment or swans neck is shown at the top, with the finial sticking out at the very top center of the clock.  The working moondial, although sometimes they are stationary, rotates ones every 29 1/2 days in keeping with the lunar calendar cycle of a full moon.  The dial, hour and minute hands, and in this case a subsidiary seconds dial are also shown.

This particular grandfather clock is a chain-driven model, not a cable driven grandfather clock, and is therefore wound by pulling down on each of the 3 chains, one at a time, to bring up each of the 3 weights to the top of the weight case.  Because this clock has 3 weights, we know that it must be a chiming grandfather clock.  The pendulum swings back and forth as the weights gradually do down over time, most likely over an 8 day period.  And the plinth of the grandfather clock can be seen at the bottom of the case.

We like this grandfather clock diagram, and it’s great to see referenced sources like this available online to grandfather clocks shoppers, whether or not they are looking for a brand name like a Howard Miller grandfather clocks or Ridgeway or Hermle grandfather clock, or so they can just be more informed shoppers when looking for high-quality grandfather clocks on sale.

Used Grandfather Clocks


Should one purchase a new grandfather clock?  What about a so-called used antique grandfather clock.  Antique grandfather clocks are used grandfather clocks, are they not?  Are the floor clocks made in the last 20 or 30 or 50 years as good as the new grandfather clocks made today, by such makers as Howard Miller Clocks, Ridgeway Clocks, and Hermle Clocks.   Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, Ridgeway Floor Clocks, and Hermle Grandfather Clocks and Grandmother Clocks are among the most popular high-end brands on the market today.  Interestingly, these same grandfather clock makers have each been manufacturing grandfather clocks for nearly a century or more.

So what is an educated grandfather clock shopper looking for the best selection and savings to do?  When considering new vs. used grandfather clocks, we think it is best to compare “apples to apples”, meaning to compare for example a new howard miller grandfather clock to a pre-owned or used howard miller grandfather clock, or a new hermle grandfather clock to a pre-owned hermle grandfather clock.  Given the many thousands of makers of antique grandfather clocks and antique grandmother clocks, trying to compare a new or used howard miller grandfather clock to an antique grandfather clock would require the comparison of a dizzying array of details which would be at best difficult to compare.

So should one seriously consider buying a pre-owned or used grandfather clock, such as a howard miller grandfather clock.  We would suggest the same caution a smart shopper would or should use when considering shopping for a new or pre-owned automobile.  The most basic tenet being sure one knows what one is purchasing, and ideally also getting a “no lemon” guarantee or a guarantee that lasts for a meaningful amount of time.

The risk is that one buys a money pit, and throws good money after bad in trying to get one’s grandfather clock, whether made my howard miller or ridgeway or hermle or kieninger, to run as well as it did when it was new, and to have the longevity that would come with a new grandfather clock.  Also like automobiles, if a grandfather clock is not well cared for, one will end up paying a lot more over time in grandfather clock maintenance and for grandfather clock repairs.

At, we have to date resisted the temptation of offering pre-owned or used howard miller grandfather clocks that would also come with a warranty we would offer, as but one example of offering used grandfather clocks.

But as with most things in life, we are keeping our grandfather clock options open.

Black Forest Grandfather Clocks


When one thinks about buying one the best types of grandfather clocks available, the term black forest grandfather clocks frequently leaps to mind.  The Black Forest region of Germany has for centuries been known as a center for high quality clocks of all kinds, including wall clocks and mantle clocks, but probably best known overall for black forest cuckoo clocks.

The wood harvested from trees is the black forest region of Germany is especially well suited for carving, and many many thousands of craftsmen have become expert in carving spectacular clock cases, most notably for Vienna regulators and German cuckoo clocks.

Interestingly, Germany, perhaps not coincidentally, became a center for some of the finest clock movements and mechanism makers, including companies like Gustav Becker Clocks, Winterhalder Hoffmeier, Franz Hermle Grandfather Clocks, Schneider Cuckoo Clocks, Kieninger clocks, Junghans clock company and many others.

Today, there are really only two makers of high-end mechanical grandfather clocks that manufacture movements in any quantity.  One is the Hermle Clock company, which also makes its own line of grandfather clocks, which can legitimately be thought of as Black Forest Grandfather Clocks, and the other which is Kieninger Clocks, which are used today in Howard Miller’s mechanical grandfather clocks, as they are in Ridgeway grandfather and grandmother clocks and Kieninger Floor Clocks.

Interestingly, before Howard Miller Clocks purchased Kieninger Clocks several years ago, they used to have only German made Hermle movements in their mechanical grandfather clocks.  After purchasing Kieninger, Howard Miller gradually began swapping out their grandfather clock models with German Kieninger grandfather clock movements instead of the German Hermle grandfather clocks movements.

And they can all be considered Black Forest Grandfather Clocks, at least as it relates to their mechanical grandfather clock movements.

Grandfather Clock Howard Miller


Which grandfather clocks are the best? Who is considered the highest-end manufacturer of grandfather clocks?  Is there a big difference between brands?  What about German mechanical grandfather clocks with movements made by Kieninger or Hermle — is one better than the other?  What about the difference between grandmother clock and grandfather clocks?  And cable driven floor clocks vs. chain driven grandfather clocks?

These are all great questions, and by far the lions share of questions come in about Howard Miller grandfather clocks, or is it Herman Miller grandfather clock the name – this is a question we still get almost daily.  Grandfather Clocks by Howard Miller Clocks are by far the best known grandfather clock name out there, and generally speaking have enjoyed the reputation as being the highest end of any grandfather clock makers who produce grandfather clocks in any quantity.  Certainly not far behind, and logically on a par, are Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks, which was an independent grandfather clock company, but was purchased by Howard Miller Clocks about 8 years ago, and in recent years have had both the cases and movements made in the same places and have used the same German Kieninger grandfather clock movements for comparable models.  Essentially these Ridgeway Flooor Clocks are simply different models of the same clocks made by Howard Miller, but with the Ridgeway Clocks name on the dial instead of the Howard Miller Clock name on the face of the clock.

Hermle grandfather clocks are, we believe, on a par with the quality and worksmanship of Howard Miller and Ridgeway Clocks.  All of their higher-end models use cable-driven mechanical movements made in Germany, with Hermle Grandfather Clocks having their own German Hermle mechanical movements inside.  Hermle and Kieninger mechanical grandfather clock movements are extremely comparable.  Kieninger Clocks is nowadays owned by Howard Miller Clocks, while interestingly, Howard Miller used to have only Hermle mechanical movements in their own grandfather clocks.  Sligh grandfather clocks and Bulova Grandfather Clocks have also has the German made Hermle mechanical movements in their grandfather clocks.

Chiming mechanical grandfather clock movements are also comparable whether one is comparing Hermle Grandfather Clocks, Ridgeway Floor Clocks, or the Howard Miller Grandfather Clock selection.

Hermle Floor Pendulum Clocks and mantel clocks and wall clocks is a company and name with a tremendously long and rich history, making clocks since the mid-1800s.  Many antique grandfather clocks still around today were made by Hermle.  Today,  Hermle grandfather clocks are a choice and serious grandfather clock or grandmother clock shopper should look at when considering alternatives.  When looking at grandfather clocks on sale, and at discount grandfather clocks, it’s always a good idea to see what specials are going on for each of these brands.  The good news is that one really cannot make a bad choice when choosing any of a Howard Miller, Hermle or Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks.  On other grandfather clock makers, stay tuned for further developments.

Grandfather Clocks Antique


When shopping for a grandfather clock, most grandfather clocks shoppers look only at brand new floor clocks, recognizing that if they purchase a high quality grandfather clock, such as those made by Howard Miller Clocks and Hermle Clocks and the Ridgeway Clock Company, the grandfather clock will have all of the features they might reasonably want, and there should be immediately be a working grandfather clock which will peform all of its functions, including timekeeping and chiming, with little chance of breakdown for many years.

When one is considering an antique grandfather clock, one has to be both very knowledgeable about not only the authenticity of the grandfather clock, but also its inner workings, functionality, and restoration or maintenance that may be required.  Buying an antique grandfather clock without the benefit of expert input can be compared legitimately to buying a used car when one knows nothing about cars and their inner mechanisms or how to spot signs of previous accidents, changed engines, and more.

While we love antique clocks, and have sold many hundreds if not many thousands of them, a respectable honest clock dealer should be very up-front about all the issues that currently do or soon may accompany the grandfather clock.  There are two big risks.  One is that the antique grandfather clock or antique grandmother clock that you are buying may not be all original, known in the clocks trade as a marriage, and therefore may be relatively worthless as a collectors item.  The second biggest risk is that one may be finding themselves being the proud owner of a grandfather clock project, which may not only be a money pit, but also a time pit as well.

If one goes into purchasing antique grandfather clocks with the right kind of knowledge and eyes wide open, it can be a tremendously rewarding experience.  The same holds true for antique wall clocks, and mantle clocks antique as well.  But no what you are getting yourself into.

The other trade-off to consider between antique grandfather clocks and a new, say, Howard Miller grandfather clock, is that at the same price point, one will get an infinitely more fancy case and wordwork, and many more features such as auto night shut-off, a working moonphase or moondial on the clock, westminster chimes or even triple chimes, and perhaps a lit dial or lit cabinet.  If all of these features existed on a comparable antique grandfather clock, the cost would likely be 10 times as much as the price for the new Howard Miller Clock or Ridgeway Grandfather Clock.  Many antique grandfather clocks and simply time and strike only, with the grandfather clock gonging on each hour for the number of hours representing the time.  One important difference in this regard is that most antique grandfather clocks will have a strike volume that may well be five to ten to twenty plus times higher than modern day cost.  The other factor to consider is resale value, with antique clocks, while requiring much more due diligence and perhaps investment of time and money, they are generally speaking, if one gets a good deal, more likely to be a good financial investment.  This is simply our opinion based on historical observations, and any single case may be different now, and most certainly so in the future.

Sligh Bulova Grandfather Clocks


Press Release.  We have some exciting grandfather clocks news to report.  As background, the Sligh Furniture Company stopped making Sligh Grandfather Clocks perhaps 6 to 8 years ago.  Then about 5 years ago, the Bulova Grandfather Clocks Company, a division of Bul0va Clocks, bought the design rights to the Sligh Grandfather Clocks, and continued to make many of the same grandfather clock models made by Sligh, only with the Bulova name.  Now stick with this, because it gets complicated and is quite interesting.  When Bulova began introducing many of the same Sligh Grandfather Clocks models with the Bulova clock name, the clocks were identical, and made by the very same people in the very same place with the very same materials in the very same location.  These Bulova grandfather clocks, in addition to being identical to the Sligh grandfather clocks as described above, also used the identical German-made Hermle movements that had been used in the comparable Sligh Clocks.  Then, about 6 months ago, Bulova clocks itself decided to exit the grandfather clocks market place.  Currently, we at have only a handful of the Bulova grandfather clocks in stock.

Now for the exciting new grandfather clock news.  The company and individuals that actually made the clocks both for Sligh Gramdfather Clocks and later Bulova Grandfather Clocks has just shared with us that they will very soon be introducing many of the same grandfather clock models made earlier by Sligh and Bulova.  Not only that – they will also be offering new designs of grandfather clocks, and some of the same previous designs but also for the first time in a choice of wood and finish.  These grandfather clocks will still have the same German Hermle mechanical grandfather clock movements, and will still be made by the same people in the same place that the Bulova and Sligh grandfather clocks were made.

We presume that many of the grandfather clock models, especially when the same grandfather clock model is offered in, say, oak or cherry or walnut, will in some cases require a special order with some lead time for grandfather clock construction and delivery.

Some of the nicest floor clocks made by Bulova are of the size that they can be considered grandmother clocks or grandfather clocks.  Tallcase and Long case clocks that straddle roughly the 80 inch size in height are what we use as the defining characteristics of free standing weight driven pendulum clocks that can be termed grandmother clocks or grandfather clocks.  Floor clocks is another common term used to describe both, as is Hall Clocks.

These clocks will also offer an excellent alternative when grandfather clock shopping to Howard Miller grandfather clocks, Hermle grandfather clocks, the Ridgeway grandfather clock collection, and the special order Kieninger grandfather clocks.  For those that may be wondering, and we get this question quite frequently, Seth Thomas is no longer making grandfather clocks, and new Seth Thomas grandfather clocks have not been made or sold for well over a decade.

Another wonder feature of many of the old Sligh grandfather clock designs is that many were reproductions of antique grandfather clocks.  Some of them had pretty incredible and historic grandfather clock designs.

We can also expect these grandfather clocks to be offered with both the Westminster Chime, as well as many models also having the traditional grandfather clock triple chimes, which also include the Whittington and St Michaels option built in.  This sometimes confuses customers, but the triple chime grandfather clock means that the individual clock purchaser can listen at any one time to any of the three grandfather clock chimes.  The grandfather clock comes built in with all 3 clock chimes (NOTE: one has to be careful about when and how to switch from one chime to another, following the owners manual carefully and never ever switching a chime, or even moving a grandfather clock hand, when the clock is about to or is or just finished chiming its grandfather clock melody or gongs counting the hour or hours).

We look forward to bringing you new information on these new grandfather clocks for sale, as soon as we know more that is worth sharing.  We also expect to be able to offer grandfather clock discounts on these clocks, with greater grandfather clocks discounts than usual, because we will be selling these clocks to you direct from the manufacturer.

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