Kieninger Grandfather Clocks: A Tradition for Over Ninety-Five Years

When most of us think of grandfather clocks we think of a timekeeping device that is steeped in tradition; the ornately carved hoods, statuesque bodies, and melodic chimes of these grand pieces. So it’s no surprise that some of the most notably modern clockmakers who specialize in grandfather clocks have a long and celebrated history themselves. The Kieninger Clock Factory – one of the high quality brands offered through 1-800-4CLOCKS – has been in the clock making business for over ninety-five years, having perfected the various details that set them apart from the competition.

Founded in 1912 by Joseph Kieninger, the Kieninger Clock Factory is headquartered in Germany where it continues to produce some of the finest grandfather clocks in the world. Today, the Kieninger Clock Factory is owned by another giant in clock making – the Howard Miller Clock Company.

The reputation of the Kieninger Clock Factory is one of high quality and strident standards in clock making; the principles upon which the modern grandfather clock was born. Today, authorized dealers of such families of clocks are able to provide their customers with the highest quality products available in the industry. And for those interested in preserving the historical quality of grandfather clocks the ability to have such clock making greats available to them – greats such as Howard Miller and Kieninger – is priceless.

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