Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

A Howard Miller Grandfather clock is the most requested brand of grandfather clocks which we receive, over time, throughout the years, and all through our long timepiece history.  The Howard Miller Clocks brand, especially as it extends to grandfather clocks, is the most well known high-end clock brand, certainly in the USA.  The Howard Miller Clock makers have earned this reputation with the biggest assortment of grandfather clocks by far, always made with high quality solid wood cases — unless a different design — and with German-made Hermle mechanical grandfather clock movements in all clocks going back maybe 5-7 years, and with Kieninger German made movements in more recent years for their grandfather clocks.

While Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks are our best sellers in general among Floor clocks, we are proud to sell and be Authorized Dealers for other grandfather clock brands as well, including Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks, the Bulova Grandfather Clocks Collection, Kieninger Premium made to order (and then shipped from Germany) grandfather clocks, and the entire Hermle grandfather clock collection.

All of these clocks, for their higher end grandfather clocks selections, feature German-made mechanical movements and solid wood cases. Grandfather clock discounts and everyday low prices and sales apply for all Howard Miller Clocks, including Howard Miller wall clocks, mantle clocks, atomic clocks and desk clocks too!  This is true for all the brands we carry and all types of clocks, including cuckoo clocks.  Grandmother clocks, by the way, are simply shorter versions of grandfather clocks.  It is that simple!

This is especially important to be cognizant of as more and more cheap imports are flooding the North American market, with clocks with many plastic parts and particle board.  Many of these cheap imports also require a major assembly effort, and we cannot emphasize enough how many calls we get from frustrated buyers of these cheap imitation imports looking for help from us even though they did not purchase it from us.  The old Latin phrase, caveat emptor, or Let The Buyer Beware, is as true in the grandfather clock industry as it is in the financial markets.

Another aspect of the Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Collection worthy of note is the different lines they have within the brand, including the Limited Edition Grandfather Clocks, the Howard Miller Presidential Series of Grandfather Clocks, the Ambassador Grandfather Clocks, and the Furniture Trend Design grandfather clocks by Howard Miller.  All of these collections are worthy of looking at for what each has to offer the customer in his or her own way regarding style, size, design and rarity.

We would always like to hear from our customers about their personal favorites in time for timekeeping at its finest.

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