Grandfather Clocks: Should you buy Howard Miller Clock, Hermle, Ridgeway, Kieninger or Bulova?

1-800-4CLOCKS is often told by grandfather clocks shoppers that they are overwhelmed by the number of choices BOTH within and between brands. We have made this job easier for our customers by only presenting for sale grandfather clocks that meet our high standards of both excellence of movement and casework. We are focusing here on mechanical grandfather clocks — vs. quartz grandfather clocks. It just so happens that ALL of the brands we carry and that are noted above, have had their movements made in Germany (either Kieninger or Hermle movement, which are generally of comparable quality and absolutely top of the line!).

The cases are also made either in the USA (e.g. for for Howard Miller Clocks and Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks selection), in Canada (e.g. Bulova Grandfather Clocks) , or Germany (e.g., most all of Hemle Clocks and Kieninger Grandfather Clocks).

There is no doubt that this is a fast changing market, and we forecast that within 5 years we will see more and more imported components from China (and other Asian countries), and entire clocks themselves. It is already happening, but the gap in quality means we will not even consider selling them at this time. We expect that to change in the coming years, both by these Companies selling direct in USA, and by the exisiting best manufactures sourcing clocks components from the Far East.

Stay tuned – it is going to be wild decade, and a wild time for the industry.

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