Grandfather Clocks Personality Profile

Marketers have since the 1960s broken down various market segments for very industry on factors other than the previously timeless demographic market segmentation (age, sex, race, etc.).  Thanks for this gargantuan leap in marketing can be mostly traced to Daniel Yankelovich, with important contributions from his colleagues Florence Skelly and Arthur White.   Psychographics have since played a critical part in both targeting specific groups of people, such as Road Warriors, individuals defined as living and working more than a certain days of week out of town, and in describing behavior and actions of groups of people, with Reagan Republicans coming to mind.  Grandfather Clocks buyers are no exception to this time honored approach to marketing and sales.

Not surprisingly, there exist today personality profiles and surveys to help a prospective clocks buyers choose a grandfather clock that both best suits their personality and also makes a relevant statement about how they view themselves.   Questions range from the more obvious such as whether your home decor style is contemporary or traditional, to whether relaxation is achieved by watching movies, reading a book, or practicing yoga, or whether time spent during the Holidays would be used to give formal dinner parties, traveling to visit family and friends, or volunteering with a charity to help others.  For vacations, is a trip to Disneyworld in order, a week in Paris France perhaps, or touring the USA by automobile, or exercising.  For time at home, is the dining room, the living room, the Den, or the Kitchen your favorite place to spend time.  And is shopping, is price your sole criterion, and if not how important are brand names, features, and selection of styles.   After answering these questions myself, I was told I am a traditionalist at heart.  From time to time, I aspire to having a timeless look that can be passed down from generation to generation.  A specific grandfather clock model was recommended to me based on my answers.

Want to know where you can take this grandfather clocks personality profile test?  Ask us any time!

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    The Grandfather Clocks Personality Profile was on the Howard Miller Clocks website. We just looked so that we could post the URL to this Grandfather Clock Blog, but it appears, at least for now, to have been taken down or not present. This clocks personality profile is a great idea, and if it is still available, we will find it, and post a link on this clocks blog website.

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