Grandfather Clocks Make a Great Christmas or New Years Gift

More and more often 1-800-4CLOCKS is seeing customers purchasing grandfather clocks as heirloom gifts, being given by parents to children, grown children to parents, between spouses, with many as surprises for Christmas or Hanukkah, special birthdays, and as gifts for retirement.

Shoppers are noting that the choices of grandfather clocks are widening, with more quartz grandfather clocks joining the line-up of chain driven grandfather clocks, and even waterfall grandfather clocks joining an increasing selection tubular chime grandfather clock selection.  More brands, including the Bulova Grandfather Clock collection, the Kieninger Grandfather Clocks, and the Ridgeway Grandfather Clock assortment.  Hermle Grandfather Clocks also remain an outstanding alternative.

Features such as lit dials, lighted cabinets, auto night shut-off, volume control, more chimes choices, and more styles, among many other features like tubular chimes, make clock shopping  knowledge and homework more important than ever.  We hope this blog helps in this regard.

Among increasing grandfather clock choices, bargain shoppers and discount hunters are all the time looking for the best deals.  Consumers are fortunate to have more choices than ever to give as gifts now and then to pass from generation to generation.

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