Grandfather Clocks in the Lobby of a Restaurant

Restaurant owners certainly have their work cut out for them in terms of staying competitive. Of course, first and foremost the food must be good – consistently good enough that customers return again and again; and the meals must be in line, pricewise, with what people would expect to pay for that particular type of cuisine. Beyond the food – which is of course most important – a successful restaurant must guarantee consistent, professional and courteous service. If the service is poor, customers will not come back; it’s that plain and simple. Additionally, the atmosphere of a restaurant is vitally important. Customers want to feel that that there was attention given to detail and that the owners had a vision. Customers assume that this attention to detail will extend to the food as well and they anticipate a good experience the second they walk in the door.

Because décor is so important in the overall image of a restaurant, it is important to think carefully when designing a restaurant’s interior. Some restaurant owners, recognizing this importance, are turning to a tried and true element of sophisticated décor – the grandfather clock.

Grandfather clocks have always had an air of elegance about them – standing regally in the homes of families for generations. But this sophistication and elegance that they so easily lend to a home can also be lent to a non-residential property as well. Grandfather clocks that are placed in a grand lobby of a restaurant welcome visitors with melody and familiarity – giving the area the warmth and intimacy of someone’s living room; certainly a nice way to prepare customers for a lovely meal ahead.

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