Grandfather Clocks Deals

Well, on some of our popular models of Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks and a Hermle Grandfather Clock, we have lowered our prices yet again.  We are trying very hard to get into offering the Holiday Discount experience with grandfather clocks on sale and the equivalent of grandfather clock Deals of the Day.  They may change from day to day and time to time.

Take a special look at our Specials and Hot Deals part of our website at and see the grandfather clocks section and some special wall clock pricing on a great Hermle regulator wall clock.

It’s worth keeping a special eye out on our new Rhythm Clocks, as well as wall clocks and mantel clocks of all types.  Our mantle clocks run the gamut from the highest end mechanical chiming models to quartz chiming and quartz time models. A lot is also happening in the Atomic Clocks or RC Radio Controlled Clocks marketplace, and we are also finding a great demand for office clocks, as well as custom wall clocks which can be used by corporations, universities, and many other types of organizations including hospitals and even Assisted Living facilities.

Keep an eye out, and keep in touch with us for all your new clocks needs.

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