Grandfather Clocks Count When it Comes to Redecorating

Home redecoration and renovation is something that seems to ebb and flow with the seasons. Of course when it’s winter, and the cold air and harsher weather is upon us, such projects slow down considerably and even stop altogether. But come spring and summer when there are longer days and more time on our hands, we look to freshen up our living spaces as best we can. This might mean a coat of paint or the addition of an entire room. Or it could just mean the addition of a few pieces of furniture or accessories to transform a room or an entire home.

When it comes to picking out furniture in the process of redecorating, many people may skip over a very significant piece that could utterly change the style and tone of a room; something that acts as both furniture and accessory – the grandfather clock. The grandfather clock has been in homes for generations, melodically alerting inhabitants and visitors of the time but also acting as a statuesque and regal anchor in any room. So beloved are grandfather clocks that they are handed down from generation to generation in many families. And because the craftsmanship of grandfather clocks is so renowned their mechanisms often still work without question generations after they were purchased.

A grandfather clock can be the perfect addition to a home redecorating project. They can add height to the room – as they average around six feet tall; they can add music to a home – as they chime in the hour and can be made to play a particular melody; and they give families years of enjoyment – as grandfather clocks have become much beloved heirlooms in many families.

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