Grandfather Clocks by Howard Miller Clocks vs Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks

The last post in this grandfather clocks blog, while comprehensive and accurate (we believe), deserves to be clarified for one relatively simple to explain grandfather clock difference – which is the difference between Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks and Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks.

Howard Miller Clocks acquired the Ridgeway Clocks Brand, known for its premier Grandfather Clock selection, 3-5 years ago. The wood cases for most all of the mechanical clocks are now made by the combined Howard Miller Clocks team, and while the styles are different and the Ridgeway Clock brand has kept its name, both the mechanical clocks and the grandfather clock cases are, in our opinion, of virtually identical quality. Both use German made Kieninger movements almost completely for their mechanical clocks.

Are the mechanical Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks better than those made and branded with the Howard Miller Clocks brand name? Our view is that the mechanical grandfather clocks lines are of almost completely comparable quality and worksmanship, for the reasons stated above. Both brands offer amazing collections for wonderful pieces to add to your timekeeping collections, and to Add Time to Your LifeĀ®.

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