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Howard Miller Clocks

Howard Miller Clocks

Floor Clock Warranty

This warranty is our promise and commitment that our grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks and floor clocks have been manufactured using the finest materials, and have been thoroughly inspected prior to being shipped from our facilities.

Howard Miller and Ridgeway Floor Clocks are warranted to the original consumer or recipient to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, conditions and service from the date of purchase for a period of 2 Years.

Fountain floor clocks are warranted to the original consumer or recipient to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, conditions and service from the date of purchase for a period of 1 Year.

This warranty does not include: damage to product or components resulting from abuse, accident, alteration, or climatic/environmental conditions; damage resulting from normal wear and tear, misuse, or unauthorized repair; natural variations in wood grain or changes in surface finishes due to aging or exposure to light. The company’s obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing the product or component, or at its option, replacing it with a new product or component.

A copy of the sales receipt or other comparable proof of original purchase is required to obtain warranty service. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or the limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Freight Damage

By accepting our product for shipment, the carrier acknowledges that the product is in First Class condition. By signing (or someone else signing on your behalf) to accept the shipment, you acknowledge that the product has been received in the same First Class condition as shipped. If the carton is crushed or otherwise damaged, instruct the driver to note the damage on the freight bill and file a claim immediately with the carrier. For your protection, we suggest that you inspect all merchandise at the time of delivery, before signing the Bill-of-Lading. When you or your representative signs without noting any damage, shortages or exceptions, you accept and own the merchandise, as delivered.

Concealed Freight Damage

Should damage be discovered after delivery, you (the consignee) are responsible for filing a written Concealed Damage Claim with the carrier, requesting the carrier to make an inspection and create a damage report. This must be done no later than 14 days after the delivery date. Filing this claim is your responsibility, however, we will help you with the process and act as your advocate in reaching a satisfactory resolution with the carrier.

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How Much Are Grandfather Clocks


Grandfather clock shoppers and seasoned grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks shoppers alike may be confused by the dizzying array of choices presented to them by Retailer and on the Internet alike.  Prices for new grandfather clocks can range from $200 to over $20,000 dollars.  Clearly, not only is there a broad array of choices within varying price points, but the differences between those price points and within the different ranges of prices.  Clearly, the vast majority of shoppers are looking to get the greatest grandfather clock discount they can, sometimes putting greater emphasis on service and trust from dealing with a grandfather clock shop where the owners will clearly know what they are saying and can actually help if and when and issues come up after the consumer or business receives its grandfather clock.  Grandfather clocks on sale can and reasonably should be one important consideration when making am important clock purchase, but other intangibles, such as knowledgeable salespeople and people who can truly give good answers to pointed questions about grandfather clocks, not to mention having a genuine warranty that is also worthwhile, but also knowing there will be a continuing clocks resources if and as needed.

In more recent years, there has been the challenge of very low quality grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks that are of inferior quality, yet in many cases were designed to look specifically like models of higher-end grandfather clocks, sometimes even “borrowing” the names of other models made by the best grandfather clock companies out there.  Sadly, some of the sellers of these what can literally be termed as pieces of junk and sold by some of the biggest and best known names in big box retailing.  Over the last year alone, we have received hundreds on inquiries looking for help from people who have purchased these grandfather clocks, and not only can they not return the clocks to these major retailers in most all cases (because the box has been opened and the items unpacked), but there is also frequently no contact information or telephone number of the maker or importer that will yield anything useful to these clock purchasers who have essentially thrown their money away.  They do a Google Search of the model name, and because the names have frequently be the names of the high-end makers, they see our contact information in the search engine results.  There is little we can do to help them, except suggesting they insist the retailer take back the junk in these cases.

So who are the best retailers, and which are the grandfather clock makers one should consider, even when not knowing how much one wants to spend.  One piece of good news is that all the well-respected and good-excellent quality makers have price points to match any budget for someone who is serious about investing in a good quality grandfather clock that might one day be considered an heirloom by family members.  Aside from the importance of the sound and quality of the grandfather clock chimes, the features such as chime-silence option and automatic nighttime shut-off, the bells and whistles such as a rotating moon-phase dial or an illuminated cabinet or lit grandfather clock dial, one should also consider an heirloom grandfather clock as an important piece of furniture that can be loved and admired and cherished for many generations.

Generally speaking, if one knows little about grandfather clocks, looking to the most well known brands with the best reputations for overall grandfather clock quality and workmanship would be a good way to start.  These would include brands like Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, Hermle Grandfather Clocks, the Ridgeway Grandfather Clock Collection, Kieninger Grandfather Clocks and some few others.  There are also good brand names out there that no longer make grandfather clocks, but one may come across them, including 1-800-4CLOCKS’ Museum Grandfather Clocks, Sligh Grandfather Clocks, Seth Thomas Grandfather Clocks and Bulova Grandfather Clocks.

The grandfather clock case will be one major component of the cost, based on the wood or sometimes metalwork involved and how much there is, its quality, and to what extent there are special elements like carvings or inlay.

The grandfather clock or grandmother clock movement is also critical, including whether it is cable-driven, chain-driven, tubular chime, spring-driven or quartz-driven.  This is a subject we have written about extensively in our clocks blogs, and we are also always available to discuss purchase options with serious grandfather clock shoppers, even if they are in their earlier stages of learning and shopping.  Which and how many grandfather clock chimes is another variable, and assuming they are on of the high-end mechanical movement makers, which nowadays includes mostly all Hermle Clocks and Kieninger Clocks grandfather clock movements.  The chime is another element, with most of the basic clocks having one or more of Westminster Chimes, Whittington Chime, St Michaels Chime, Ode to Joy grandfather clock chime, bim bam chime, and the Ave Maria grandfather clocks chime.

Special features like rotating moon face dials, automatic nighttime shutoff, chime-silence option, illuminated dials, lit cabinets, and time capsules can all add to the desirability and price tag of any individual grandfather clock.

Perhaps one of the biggest takeaways, especially when purchasing a grandfather clock, is not to assume because 2 different clocks may look alike and each have the Westminster Chime, NEVER ASSUME they are comparable quality clocks in any way, whether they are brand new or vintage or even antique grandfather clocks.  If not careful and armed with some grandfather clock knowledge and knowing where to get the answers to other  questions, one might end up with a very expensive piece of junk.

How Much are Grandfather Clocks?

How Much are Grandfather Clocks?




How Much is My Grandfather Clock Worth?


One of the most common inquiries we get at our stores selling grandfather clocks and other furniture and wall and mantel clocks, is what is the worth of my xyz grandfather clock.  Despite being one of the most common grandfather clock questions we get, it is a very difficult one to answer.  One of the defining factors is whether the clock is one of the many antique grandfather clocks out there, and if so, a grandfather clock by which maker, the condition, the look, the quality, whether everything is all original, and how and where one is planning to sell the grandfather clock.  Generally speaking, there should not be any major difference in the worth or appraisal of comparable grandmother clocks vs grandfather clocks.  They are both Floor Clocks.

For new grandfather clocks such as Howard Miller grandfather clocks, Hermle Grandfather Clocks, Kieninger Grandfather Clocks and the Ridgeway and Americana Grandfather Clock Collections, we generally always advise that a grandfather clock purchase, even of one these high-end grandfather clock and furniture brands, should generally not be thought of as a purchase for investment purposes, even if you are at the greatest grandfather clocks sale with a grandfather clock discount wherever you turn.  Yes, many if not most of these clocks can and should be reasonably thought of as heirloom quality grandfather clocks that should live through many generations, and perhaps fought over as cherished heirlooms within families.  Many of the calls we get of from people either liquidating an estate with one or more grandfather clocks or from a family member who wants to try to establish the grandfather clock worth for a trade of sorts within a family.  Additionally, while on this point, grandfather clock estate planning is something we have seen quite frequently, with parents wanting to make certain that each of their children are give grandfather clocks that they each can and will cherish, and so their own grandfather clock bequest with be either predefined or a non-issue.

Establishing the value of a vintage grandfather clock, whether one of the Howard Miller Clocks or a Hermle Clock or Ridgeway Clock, can be near impossible to do with any high degree of  either confidence or accuracy.  Yes, when it was made, of what wood(s), what grandfather clock chimes it has, the condition of the grandfather clock movement, any special features such as auto-nighttime shutoff all do matter, but aside from not knowing what the condition of the grandfather clock is on the inside, whether everything is all original, the condition and style of the case, there is the reality that the grandfather clock will be worth what somebody is willing to pay for it, and there are hundreds of variables that can effect that.  People frequently have a difficult time understand that reality.  There is also the question of what the age of the clock does to the value of a grandfather clock, and that is also a question with many layers to any coherent answer.  A true antique grandfather clock, like an antique car, can be worth a lot more than it might otherwise, but what happens before then is especially uncharted territory by definition.

Whether you are selling your grandfather clock at a yard sale, or on Craigslist or on eBay, or at a store in general, or perhaps one of the finest antique stores, there can be many price points, and aside from the sale venue, how long one is willing to wait and advertise and publicize their grandfather clock sale, and what credibility they might have, also matter importantly.  Another critical factor is the coat of shipping, and associated with that the risk of damage, which can be very expensive, especially for an individual.  Even moving the grandfather clock, unless one knows what they are doing, is fraught with the risk of damaging the grandfather clock during the move.

The simplest answer therefore, if one is buying a grandfather clock, is simply what it is worth to you for your home decor value, and what risk or level of confidence do you have that there are no hidden issues with the grandfather clock.  If you pay no more than it is worth as a piece of high-end furniture to be appreciated by interior decorators and visitors alike, there is no way you can go wrong with that grandfather clock or floor clock purchase.  That is the best advice.

What is my grandfather clock worth?

How Much is My Grandfather Clock Worth?



News Clips Grandfather Clocks


At, where we offer the widest selection and savings on all kinds of new and antique grandfather clocks, wall clocks and mantel clocks, we are always on the lookout for any special news story featuring clocks of all types and sizes.

We were recently informed by a customer that some clocks, including a grandfather clock and wall clock, still partially intact, reached the shores of the western continental USA, and are thought to be from the earthquake and tsunami that devastated so much of Japan just a little over a year ago. While the mechanisms were mostly all gone and ruined, the grandfather clocks and wall clock cases themselves, while also effectively no longer of use for much of anything, still maintained their overall shape and grandfather clock construction and wall clock case design. These antique clocks effectively acted like a combination of ships and driftwood and different points in their journey. We have yet to see any actual news reports on this, but we are hopeful it may be covered by some of the major media outlets including television and newspapers that have recently done stories on debris washing up on different parts of Hawaii.

Given Japan’s culture and rich history and reverence for antiquities, we know from first-hand experience that many Japanese citizens collect both many types of clocks, including mantle, wall and grandfather clocks, and also pocket watches and even sundials. We have sold many antique clocks to customers in Japan, and we have heard from many individuals who are looking to replace a cherished heirloom clock that may have been in their family for many generations, and they hope they can find one that is nearly identical in form and design if not the very same clock.

When natural disasters strike, including Hurricane Katrina and the more recent Hurricane Sandy, we tend to hear from good numbers of individuals who are looking perhaps not only for insurance claims, but also to replace a treasured item in their home with something that will be meaningful to them. While we most shy away from doing grandfather clock appraisals, and antique clock appraisals in general, because it can be such a murky area, we usually try to help these individuals to the extent we can. Sometimes we get great new customers for grandfather clocks that way, as well as those replacing mantel clocks and wall clocks, but we do it to try to keep the spirit of antique clocks collecting and grandfather clock ownership alive and hopefully thriving in our ever more modern society.

Grandfather clocks, much like a fireplace in Winter, were seen by many families as the gathering spot in the living room around which to congregate. Now that grandfather clocks and mantel clocks have more competition from televisions and computers, not to mention telephones, grandfather clocks are less the heartbeat of the home than they used to be.

We hope to keep the grandfather clock heartbeat tradition and ticking alive in homes around the world through good times and bad, through periods of vast technological progress (think atomic clocks), and with natural disasters that seem to be coming ever more frequently. But let us hope and cherish the safe time together.

Grandfather Clocks floating between Continents Reaches Shore

Grandfather Clocks Value


What is the value of my grandfather clock?  This is one of the most frequently asked questions, or FAQs, we receive, particularly by telephone.  More often than not, the caller will have little or no available information about the grandfather clock, or even the markings that may appear of the grandfather clocks dial or face or on the back of the clock movement.

Our general advice in valuing the replacement cost of a grandfather clock is to find the most comparable grandfather clock we currently have for sale.  Sounds easier than it is for many people.  Aside from the grandfather clock brand or maker, most people do not know the difference between a chain-driven grandfather clock (which is wound by pulling down on the usually 3 chains in the waist of the grandfather clock to bring up or effectively therefore wind the weights) and a cable driven grandfather clock (which is wound in the dial or face).  Then there is the question of whether the clock is a single chime grandfather clock, generally with the Westminster Chime (like the one in the Big Ben Tower Clock in London’s Parliament building), or a triple chime which generally includes the Whittington and St Michaels chimes, or very occasionally, the Schubert Ave Maria and Beethoven Ode to Joy clocks chimes.

Then there is the condition of the grandfather clocks both inside and out.  Most people who want a grandfather clock value don’t even know if their clock is in good working condition, or whether it has all of its grandfather clock parts.  Can you imagine trying to attain the value of a car without even knowing if it is in working condition!

The age of the grandfather clock is also critical.  A true antique grandfather clock, one that is over 100 years old, will have varying degrees of additional intrinsic value based on its maker, what we will call its inner substance, including the quality of the grandfather clock movement, and what special grandfather clock features it may have, such as nested bells, spiral gongs, tubular chimes, mercury pendulums, rocking ships or other grandfather clock automata or unusual features.  Some antique grandfather clocks or grandmother clocks have 30 hour movements vs an 8 day movement, which generally makes them less valuable.  Occasionally one may come across a grandfather clock regulator that may have a 30 day movement.  Who made the clock, whether it is all original, and whether and where it was signed by the maker also can make a huge difference.

There are many inquiries where people somehow expect us to telepathically tell them the worth of their grandfather clock.  It is not possible.

An inherent conflict of interest can also be present when individuals ask us to do grandfather clock appraisals.  How can we appraise a grandfather clock when we might also be making an offer to purchase the clock.  This is stark conflict of interest to which we or any reputable arts or antiques dealer needs to draw clear boundaries.

But thanks for asking us about the value of your grandfather clock.

Howard Miller Ty Pennington Grandfather Clocks


Ty Pennington, whom was born as Gary Tygert Bruton Pennington, has recently released a whole new line of clocks and furniture with the Howard Miller Clocks company. While well known by much of America as the host of the ABC TV Show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, he is known in the United Kingdom as well for his television show Ty’s Great British Adventure, which Airs on UKTV.  He first found fame in the TV Reality Show Trading Spaces on the TLC network.

With Howard Miller Clocks, Ty Pennington has designed not only a great line of grandfather clocks, but also wall clocks, and very large or oversize wall clocks known as gallery clocks.  Some of the grandfather clocks are of a size that is small enough that they could also be considered grandmother clocks or grandmother floor clocks.  One of the clocks which we are classifying as a grandfather clock is actually a standing floor clock with a waterfall known as the Cascade Model and shown just below:

Howard Miller Cascade Waterfall Floor Clock 615-058
Howard Miller Cascade Waterfall Grandfather Clock by Ty Pennington, Model 615-058 615058

We are hopeful that Ty Pennington may soon design some mantle clocks.  Ty Pennington inspired mantel clocks could be a great seller, and Ty, we hope you are out there reading this and will make this happen, please.

One of our favorite more traditional Howard Miller grandfather clocks designed by Ty Pennington is the Joslin Grandfather Clock Shown below:

Howard Miller Joslin Grandfather Clock Model 611-156

Howard Miller Joslin Grandfather Clock by Ty Pennington, Model 611-156 611156

We at 1-800-4CLOCKS are very excited about the partnership between Ty Penington and Howard Miller, and what it has and will mean for many lines of Howard Millers products already in the marketplace and on their way, we’re sure.

Grandfather Clocks Discount


Now that the Super Bowl is over, and many households may be heading back to some semblance of normalcy, it may be the time of the year for the hot dog and peanut and beer salespeople to start peddling grandfather clocks.  Can you hear it resonating throughout the football stadium; “Get your grandfather clocks here”, “Grandfather Clock Sale here”, “Grandfather Clock Discounts and Sales … gert them now while they last”.

Interestingly, a segue that had not occurred to this author as the post was first being written.  We are asked an average of at least once a day if we would appraise a grandfather clock, wall clock, mantle clock, pocket watch collection, or entire clock and watch collection.  We say no almost all of the time, with some notable exceptions.  We will also need to explain why we generally say no to clock and watch appraisals.  But back to the segue – one group for whom we did literally hundreds of appraisals for was individuals who lost their clocks, especially grandfather clocks, to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Home of the newest Super Bowl Champions! (whomever one was rooting for, I would like to think every American took some pride in this Super Bowl Win as Katrina is still a Phoenix rising from the ashes, but with even more pride, and still some way to go.  Especially Ward 9, which can and never should be forgotten or given short shrift!!!

So when Hurricane Katrina victims called us “needing” appraisals for their ruined antique and new grandfather clocks, and special wall and mantle clocks, we felt a duty to respond.  We did many many appraisals, and never charged a penny for any of them!

We also make exception for fire, hurricane, and smaller flood situations where the owners are sometimes literally grasping for straws by the time they get to us with their clocks or watches collection.

Here is why we are so wary of timepiece appraisers and doing clock and watch and pocket watch  appraisals.  In our experience, we encounter appraisals most often when an individual is looking to sell a timepiece, and they bring along the associated Appraisal.  In our experience and opinion, and even setting aside current market realities, the sour economy, and many luxury items being seen as ever more discretionary, we find Appraisals, in our opinion, to be GROSSLY OVERSTATING the value of the item which is being appraised.  Now why might this be?  Adjusting for changing markets, and general market swings from time-to-time in Antique timepieces, which are very real, we still see a wide gap in our view of value and the Appraisers view of value.

Simply put, our experience and resulting opinion is that because Appraisers generally charge hefty fees (which is of course subjective), they want their “clients” to feel good about having paid a large amount for an Appraisal.  Therefore, there is an inherent bias in making the Appraisal number so large that the customer will be thrilled both with the Appraisal and the Appraiser.  In fairness, it should also be noted that many Appraisers employ many methodologies in establishing a value for a new or antique grandmother clock or grandfather clocks, and there are many legitimate “market value prices” for, say, a particularly special antique grandfather clock where it to sell at Sotheby’s, vs. sitting in a high-end antique store for a year, vs. sitting for a year in a decent general antique store, vs. a quick sale approach, vs. a well-placed eBay auction, vs. a non-trusted or not well listed eBay auction (again, the timing length can be critical), vs. word-of-mouth, vs. Dealer consignment, vs. Craigslist, and on and on.  Not to mention that the same identical item could  reasonably sell for widely divergent prices depending upon the dynamics and participants in an auction on any given day.

One point not to forget – any Dealer who gives an Appraisal has an inherent conflict of interest in that the Dealer may well be either interested in purchasing parts or all of a collection, and/or may be offered that very opportunity.

Now this post started about grandfather clocks discounts, and has moved on to grandfather clocks appraisals and some of the limitations that may well be inherent.

Grandfather Clocks discounts rule.  In the midst (hopefully rapidly fading, especially in the dark employment picture) of the Great Recession, grandfather clock shoppers are more proactive than ever in seeking out discounts.  We welcome that and are pleased when people call us to see what the best deals are that we may offer on a particular clock.

So go for the discount!  Just don’t ask anyone for an Clocks Appraisal until after your new or antique grandfather clock has been in your home for some time.

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