Grandfather Clocks Add Personality to Smaller Rooms

Small rooms are often slighted in terms of décor; homeowners feel on some level that they cannot give the same attention to smaller spaces that they would to larger rooms. The truth is, however, that smaller rooms warrant just as much attention – if not more so – than their larger counterparts; simply because even the smallest of additions can have the largest impact on the overall design.

But even in the attention to the smaller of our rooms we tend – as is a seemingly natural course of action – to shy away from larger pieces of furniture thinking that they will easily overwhelm the space. However, it is the prudent choice of larger pieces – rather than the haphazard filling of the room with larger pieces – that can give a smaller room a robust personality. To this end, many savvy homeowners choose to infuse their smaller rooms with the grand presence of a grandfather clock – a piece that may – at quick appraisal – seem counterintuitive to doing well by the space.

Grandfather clocks, however, can add height – rather than bulk – to a small room, raising the ceiling and successfully anchoring the room. More than that, a grandfather clock – as one of the carefully chosen pieces for a small room – can add enormous drama and elegance to a room. And with the musical announcement of the passing of time, grandfather clocks can infuse a room – and a home – with melody to be enjoyed by family, friends, and visitors alike.

By choosing a decoratively appropriate – and more importantly, well loved – grandfather clock a small room can be utterly transformed in ways the homeowner may never have envisioned.

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