Grandfather Clock Shopping with my Grandfather

Before I moved into my new home with my new husband, I had quite a lot of preparation to do. Prior to this home, we had both only lived in small apartments with roommates; and we had all brought what little we had to the party. This meant an odd collection of mismatched plates and utensils, the bare minimum in terms of cookware, hand-me-down furniture, and “cheesy” decorating.

So prior to our wedding and our move into our new home, my husband and I spent countless hours collecting those products that we were sure we would need immediately including all of the kitchenware that you don’t give any thought to when you are living at home. Imagine my surprise when I went to open a can our first week in our home only to discover that I did not have a can opener; one of the many things that you take for granted when you are under someone else’s roof.

But aside from the fundamentals, I was very interested in really decorating our home tastefully, albeit affordably. I had the most fun trolling the home retail outlets in search of deals and my tried and true companion during this time was my grandfather. Long since retired, my grandfather loved shopping almost as much as I did; and this kind of shopping gave him a real purpose as we set off together in search of such things as the perfect towels.

One of the things that my grandfather was really adamant about me looking at was grandfather clocks. He said it was the next best thing to having him stand in a corner of my house all day. So for weeks we went around looking at grandfather clocks as he pointed out the finer points of the pendulum technology and all the other things I didn’t understand.

What I did understand however, was how much I really loved these clocks and how beautiful one would look in my home if I could, that is, find one that really spoke to me. After many weeks in and out of stores, it was my turn to show my grandfather a thing or two and so I took him online. There, to our delight, we found a website that specialized in clocks – great selection, great prices, and the convenience of shopping from home. Through this amazing website we were able to find a grandfather clock that fit in my home perfectly and passed the test of my grandfather to boot!

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