Grandfather Clock News Alert

A number of our customers have requested that we send out special notices, mostly by email, when there is grandfather clock news which seems like it might be of importance to them.  This could include special promotions on grandfather clocks or grandfather clock discounts.  It might also include new product introductions of the type of clocks — including not only the grandfather clock news, but also important developments in wall clocks, atomic clocks, mantel clocks, or any other clocks niche in which a customer indicates a strong interest.

Would a grandfather clock news alert, or we would call it simply grandfather clock alert, or perhaps Grandfather Clocks Update, be something of interest to you?

Please let us know if you think this is a good idea, and how it might be improved or modified to be of most help to grandfather clock aficionados everywhere.

Also, what should we name it?  While we are partial to Grandfather Clock News Alert, we are open to different and better ideas.  What’s your clock alert opinion?

Are you interested in news about particular grandfather clock companies, or say, when new Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks are introduced.

Please let us know.  We value your input tremendously.

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