Getting Creative with Grandfather Clocks

I am an interior designer and as such I work in many, many homes and for many different kinds of clients. This means that one day I may be working with a client that is more traditional and interested in creating a comfortable space amidst a neutral palette; and on the next day I could be working with a couple who lives in the city and wants a more modern approach to décor. The trick is to deliver the clients what they want and still infuse my own personal approach of what I know to be true about design principles.

Most recently I worked with a younger couple that was anything but ordinary; they are both in performing arts and their design taste ran to the creative and unique. This was an opportunity for me to really let my creative juices flow in terms of color, fabric, furnishing, and accessories and it wound up being just a terrifically fun project.

The couple did not offer much in the way of restrictions and were really open to any and all of my suggestions. The only thing the woman wanted was a grandfather clock; she made it clear from the beginning that this was the one and only piece she was really counting on and hoped I could find something that was more suited to their style.

I thought that this could easily be one of my biggest challenges. The only grandfather clocks that I could picture were those that were more traditional in design. I couldn’t imagine that there would be anything out there that would appeal to my client.

But I wound up finding the perfect grandfather clock in the one place I would have never imagined – online. Through this amazing clock supplier, I was able to not just settle for a grandfather clock that may or may not work but offer my client a whole host of choices from which to choose; grandfather clocks that were completely modern, totally fun, and completely in line with their personalities. They choose a grandfather clock within minutes and it really was the perfect piece to top off the design project.

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