From Room to Room, Grandfather Clocks Work

If you’re like any other homeowner you sometimes just need to change things up when it comes to your home design. Trends come and trends go and we all try our best to stay current without breaking the bank to do so. What most of us come to find is that the most economical way to keep a fresh looking home is to choose classic pieces of furniture that never go out of style (even if we have to spend some extra money to get the really good, quality pieces) and rotate paint, fabric, and accessories so that they are more reflective of the current trends. After all, it is much more affordable to change out a curtain than it is an entire room of furniture. So if you consider your classic furniture to be the foundation that remains consistent, you can consider the smaller design touches to be those you can interchange according to what is in fashion.

Part of what we often like to do in order to bring a new perspective to our homes is to move furniture and accessories from room to room. Sometimes just moving a piece from one spot to another can have significant transformative powers – giving the room and the piece itself new life. Grandfather clocks are among those pieces that are so versatile that they will work in any room in a home but bring something different to each. For instance, a grandfather clock in hall may present a grand appearance – a showcase feature to welcome those to the home; a grandfather clock in a library presents a sophisticated face; and a grandfather clock in a formal living room may give off a quiet elegance.

With grandfather clocks you can get more bang for your buck by moving them from room to room; you never know what you are going to get and the results can prove quite amazing!

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