Grandfather clocks

From Room to Room, Grandfather Clocks Work


If you’re like any other homeowner you sometimes just need to change things up when it comes to your home design. Trends come and trends go and we all try our best to stay current without breaking the bank to do so. What most of us come to find is that the most economical way to keep a fresh looking home is to choose classic pieces of furniture that never go out of style (even if we have to spend some extra money to get the really good, quality pieces) and rotate paint, fabric, and accessories so that they are more reflective of the current trends. After all, it is much more affordable to change out a curtain than it is an entire room of furniture. So if you consider your classic furniture to be the foundation that remains consistent, you can consider the smaller design touches to be those you can interchange according to what is in fashion.

Part of what we often like to do in order to bring a new perspective to our homes is to move furniture and accessories from room to room. Sometimes just moving a piece from one spot to another can have significant transformative powers – giving the room and the piece itself new life. Grandfather clocks are among those pieces that are so versatile that they will work in any room in a home but bring something different to each. For instance, a grandfather clock in hall may present a grand appearance – a showcase feature to welcome those to the home; a grandfather clock in a library presents a sophisticated face; and a grandfather clock in a formal living room may give off a quiet elegance.

With grandfather clocks you can get more bang for your buck by moving them from room to room; you never know what you are going to get and the results can prove quite amazing!

Don’t Stop With Just One Grandfather Clock, Part I


Grandfather clocks have always been those pieces with which we anchor rooms; perfect in the corner of a dining room, living room, study, library, and even as the focal point in a entranceway. Those who want to make their home décor something truly special often look for those very special pieces that will not only stand on their own but will enhance the overall palette of the home. Grandfather clocks work exceptionally well in this regard; they are able to stand on their own as they are a piece that have unusual height and power; and used within very specific rooms in the home, they are able to complement and elevate the existing home décor.

Because they are considered a bit of an investment, grandfather clocks are generally purchased singularly. Homeowners look for one spot in which a grandfather clock will work the best and they purchase the clock that will fulfill their design goals. The modern grandfather clock lends itself to any home décor, as clock suppliers are able to offer grandfather clocks in traditional styles, contemporary designs, and even unique styles that are constructed from unique materials.

While this purchase will undoubtedly work towards increasing the elegance and sophistication of a home, it is shortsighted on the homeowner’s part to consider a grandfather clock to be only a singular purchase. The fact is that grandfather clocks can be used in several rooms in a home and homeowners should be sure to make note of this fact when making their purchase.

In the next post, we’ll discuss some of the many ways in which multiple grandfather clocks can be used in a home.

One Grandfather Clock, One Purchase


There are those things that we buy in our lifetime that we know we’re going to have to inevitably replace at some point. After all, nothing lasts forever – even if we spent a pretty penny on it and think that it should, in fact, last pretty close to forever. Even furniture – what is typically some of the highest priced pieces that we buy for our homes – wear out at some point. A lifetime of use can put even the sturdiest of furniture pieces in a vulnerable position; they may need to be replaced even if you are not financially ready to replace them.

Then there are some pieces that you would consider to be a lifetime investment; pieces that you buy once and only once – a prized antique, a handcrafted piece of furniture, a lovely piece of art, and, even, a grandfather clock.

Grandfather clocks are not your average clocks; in fact, they are much, much more. Grandfather clocks are family heirlooms; they are the pieces that are meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime in a place of honor in a home where they will not only become the focal piece of the entire room, they will transform the décor and overall level of sophistication in a home.

Those buying grandfather clocks do not do so lightly; there are many things to consider in terms of maker, style, and price. But when a decision is made and the perfect grandfather clock is chosen, those who have made the purchase know that it is something that they will have for a lifetime and maybe even pass on to their children or grandchildren one day.

Give Grandfather Clocks a Place of Honor


Grandfather clocks – for many of us – hold a special place of honor in our hearts; they may have been a permanent fixture in the home of a special loved one and something with which we grew up as children. Whatever the case, often just hearing that chime upon the hour is enough to send us into revelry of a childhood past.

So it’s really unsurprising that so many of us choose to have a grandfather clock in our own home as adults. We are able to pull pieces of our childhood into our present adulthood and meld these two worlds into a home that brings us comfort and joy.

So if a grandfather clock has such a special place in our heart, why shouldn’t it also have a place of honor in our homes? There are many ways in which to use grandfather clocks in a home’s décor but more often than not homeowners put their grandfather clocks in a corner where they can essentially anchor a room.

While it’s true that grandfather clocks do work well in a corner – due mostly to their size – they are large enough and certainly spectacular enough in terms of style to hold their own in a place of honor in a room. Consider, for example, placing a grandfather clock in a entranceway where it can be seen by those who just enter the home, in a family room where family and friends spend the most amount of time, in a dining room where it will best fit with the more formal furniture usually reserved for this room, or in a study/library where it can be lit warmly and admired by all.

Get in the Spirit with Grandfather Clocks


Tackling the decorating of a home can be overwhelming at best and downright terrifying at worst. This is especially compounded when you have just moved into a home and have an endless list of projects ahead of you; projects that you can’t even begin to organize in your head let alone set to work completing. But with some time, some planning, and some careful and steady execution you can quickly (well, maybe not quickly but certainly more easily) define the decorative boundaries of your home and create something that brings your mind’s vision to life.

One of the most wonderful ways in which to decorate a home is with the use of special accessories that mean something to you and that have the ability to really transform a decorative palette and do so affordably. Clocks have always been a great way to put the finishing touches on a room and round out the decorative style that we have set forth. If you can image how much impact a mantel clock or wall clock can have in a room, then you can easily see how impactful a grandfather clock can be in a room and in a home at large.

Grandfather clocks have big personalities and they can easily fill a room in which they sit. They are regal, sophisticated, and possessing of a large decorative punch. And for this reason, homeowners know that they can place a grandfather clock in one of the rooms in their home and easily rely upon it – and it only – to completely transform the space. Grandfather clocks can help us get into the spirit of decorating and really get the ball rolling on our big ideas!

Beautiful and Affordable Grandfather Clocks


Oftentimes we are led to believe that we cannot have high quality, beautiful items without completely breaking the bank (and our budget in the process). So interconnected is price with quality that we often disregard cheaper items thinking that they couldn’t possibly deliver the quality that we desire. Grandfather clocks are the perfect example of this phenomenon. Grandfather clocks are pieces that have always been synonymous with sophistication, style, and elegance. As a result we expect to pay a certain amount for such attributes. After all, grandfather clocks are pieces that are meant to sit in our homes for the duration and perhaps be passed down to our families in the future; they are classics. Why shouldn’t we expect to pay a little more for the privilege of owning a grandfather clock for a lifetime?

The fact of the matter is, however, that grandfather clocks can combine high quality and low price and the Internet has made the process of purchase easier than ever. Online, consumers are able to comparison shop for grandfather clocks – looking at everything from style and size to melody and price. Some of the top grandfather clock suppliers are able to offer their customers a balance of both and shopping online gives customers an added layer of convenience.

Those who are shopping for grandfather clocks through online suppliers will find there are many resources available to them to help them compare and contrast clocks made by some of the most reputable clock manufacturers in the world. Everything from traditional to contemporary grandfather clocks is available online and can be compared and contrasted with regard to pricing. What consumers will be most surprised to learn is that they do not have to sacrifice their budget to get the clock they really want.

For the Love of Grandfather Clocks, Part II


In the last post we discussed the difficulties that can sometimes be presented shopping for a grandfather clock in areas of the country that are lacking in specialty stores. I was on a mission to find my friend the grandfather clock she so wanted for her new home and I was turning to the Internet.

Online I had access to some of the best shopping I could hope to have; grandfather clocks in a variety of different styles were offered by reputable suppliers that built their reputation on providing their customers with access to some of the most well noted clock manufacturers of our time.

I was able to browse through the big leagues of clock making including Howard Miller clocks, Kieninger clocks, and Ridgeway clocks – all in different styles and at different price points; it was truly the easiest thing I had done and I could show my friend those grandfather clocks that I thought would really be what she would want to see in her new living room.

We browsed through traditional grandfather clocks, contemporary grandfather clocks and even those grandfather clocks that are designed to look antique. In the end, my friend actually chose two grandfather clocks – one for her living room and another for her dining room – in similar woods but completely different styles as she was going for a more traditional, formal look in her living room and a more retro vibe in her dining room.

There truly is no better way to shop for grandfather clocks in this day and age than online where you have access to some of the highest quality products on the market. And shopping in this way allows you to take your time, browse the selection, and compare styles and prices before deciding on the grandfather clock that is most likely to give you the room of your dreams.

Grandfather Clocks Help Combine Style & Comfort


I am not a person who is too fond of the formal living room; I often find it to be a rather cold place in an otherwise warm home. People have reserved their most uptight, formal pieces for a room that almost never welcomes any company; these are rooms that are more often regarded from afar than they are truly enjoyed. I vowed when I moved into my own home that I would forgo the formal living room for a comfortable room that welcomed guests to congregate, talk, read, and otherwise relax; not the traditional offerings of the formal living room. But I figure we only get so much square footage in a home; why waste a good portion on it on something that we will never truly use?

I wanted to make my home livable – comfortable in every way – every inch of it. And so my quest for the informal formal living room was set into motion. First and foremost I filled my living room with comfortable, overstuffed furniture – places where a person could curl up and read. To complete the look, I added comfortable throw pillows and blankets. Then I put up attractive but casual shelving and filled it to the brim with books of all kinds. Now I had more of a library thing going than a pretentious living room where one would sip tea. I was onto something here.

The final piece of the puzzle was a grandfather clock. Let me say that I just love grandfather clocks; I think they are equally regal and warm. But as much as I wanted to put a grandfather clock in my living room I was concerned that it would eradicate my goals for the room – making it a stuffy environment rather than something comfortable.

Luckily I found a website where a variety of grandfather clocks were offered for sale – in contemporary and even casual styles that fit the décor of my living room perfectly. With the perfect grandfather clock in place, I have now finished the comfortable and attractive living room that was my dream.

Don’t Let Discount Go Out the Window with Grandfather Clocks


There are those items that we anticipate will simply always be something of a financial investment; so much so that we often don’t bother to seek out more discount prices, or consider any product that we do find at a discount to be less than quality. Grandfather clocks, for instance, have always been associated with higher end products; those that come at a higher price but are built to last for generations to come.

While it’s true that grandfather clocks are often a bit of a financial investment, the truth is that there are many options when it comes to finding grandfather clocks at discount prices. In fact, the Internet has opened a variety of doors to us in terms of finding products of all kinds at lower prices than we have anticipated paying. Grandfather clocks are no exception.

Through high end, quality online retailers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS, those in the market for grandfather clocks in every variety will surely find what it is they seek. The kinds of grandfather clocks that consumers can expect to see in such an online market are those that have been produced by some of the industry’s most well respected manufacturers – such as Howard Miller clocks, Kieninger clocks, and Ridgeway clocks.

Additionally, with such a broad selection, these online clock retailers have provided their customers with the ability to pick out grandfather clocks that suit their style and the décor of their home; this means that whether the customer wants a traditional grandfather clock or something more contemporary, they will surely have luck online.

Best of all, with the overhead of a bricks and mortar store stripped away, online retailers are able to offer their customers more deeply discounted prices on the highest quality grandfather clocks.

Grandfather Clocks Live Up to Their History


Clocks themselves are one of the first human inventions; an invention that has obviously stood the test of time and since evolved to reflect the changing technology as well as the needs of consumers. Grandfather clocks – one of the variations of this invention – were first created in late 1600s, a product of an English clockmaker’s creation of pendulum technology. The first grandfather clocks were created using painstaking detail and the highest quality materials. These materials – along with the time intensity needed to create the grandfather clock – drove the price; and early grandfather clocks were typically created only for public locations.

When grandfather clocks first came to America, they were still used mostly in public arenas; their use in private homes was limited because of price. In fact, only the wealthiest of Americans could afford to have a grandfather clock in their home.

Today, grandfather clocks are certainly much more affordable. High end manufacturers such as Howard Miller and Kieninger continue to create the high quality grandfather clocks that have earned the industry’s reputation through the generations. But these suppliers use high end materials and create unique pieces that are still affordable for the average American home. Balancing this quality with affordability is the challenge of the modern grandfather clock manufacturer. But by making sure that these spectacular pieces are affordable, clock manufacturers can ensure that the average household has access to these time honored pieces.

Connecting these manufacturers with their customers are high end online suppliers. Such suppliers offer great prices, phenomenal selection and the opportunity for all consumers to have access to the clocks they love.

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