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Perfect Wedding Anniversary Present


Many of the grandfather clock discount shoppers who make their way to one of our stores or who call us toll free at 1-800-4CLOCKS, not to mention those who shop for grandfather clocks online, are in search of the ideal wedding gift, perfect surprise anniversary present for their spouse or loved one, or may be looking to get the ideal wedding anniversary present for their parents or grandparents, and in some cases where the parents find a grandfather clock to be the ideal wedding gift or perfect anniversary gift to give to their children or grandchildren.

While giving a wall clock or mantel clock by Howard Miller Clocks or other fine makers, it is certainly different than giving an Apple iPad 3 or a flat screen television, or even fine porcelain china that people may typical register for as part of their wedding planning and choosing items for their wedding bridal registry.  We have been pleasantly surprised to see how many people think that an “old-fashioned” grandfather clock as a wedding present or wedding anniversary gift can truly make a house turn into a home.

Heirloom grandfather clocks frequently have the greatest appeal for those individuals who themselves grew up with a grandfather clock or chiming wall clock or chiming mechanical mantel clock in their home when they were growing up.  This consist theme is shared by many who talk about the memories it brings back, either from their own home growing up, or in some cases from hearing the Whittington or Westminster Chime of the grandfather clock or floor clock bringing back fond childhood memories.

We would love to hear from individuals about the importance of grandfather clocks or grandmother clocks, and the value or dimension it added to their house and home and experiences growing up.

And do not be too surprised when someone asks you for a truly different ideal anniversary present or the perfect anniversary gift or present for their bridal registry if the answer is, of course, a grandfather clock, whether new or antique, or traditional or contemporary.

some of the best grandfather clocks available

Shop Grandfather Clock


When shopping for grandfather clocks, would be shop grandfather clocks consumers have a dizzying array of grandfather clock makers, styles, movement types such as cable-driven vs chain driven vs quartz driven, and before even getting into the grandfather clock brands available such as Howard Miller grandfather clocks, Hermle Grandfather Clock collection, Ridgeway grandfather clocks, and the Museum Clocks&#0153 Grandfather Clock Collection.

At, we pride ourselves in providing only high-quality brands and the best grandfather clocks discounts, with the lowest prices grandfather clocks guaranteed.  We focus not only on providing the best grandfather clocks values, but also only carry grandfather clock makers such as Howard Miller, Museum Clocks&#0153, Ridgeway Clocks, Hermle Floor Clocks and Kieninger grandfather clocks.  Sadly, both internet sites and brick and mortar retail clock stores, especially mass merchandisers, are being flooded with cheap imports that are designed explicitly to look like some of the high-end models, but the materials, construction, workmanship and the quality of the movement leave a tremendous amount to be desired.  Frequently major assembly may be required, surprise, and rather than the heirloom quality with a clock lasting 50-100 plus years, as the clocks we typically sell do with proper care and maintenance, the grandfather clock may for practical purposes may be dead on arrival.  We get so many calls from people who have bought these clocks, which frequently have model names by others makers of clocks that we do sell, asking for an owners manual because they do not know how to get it going, or because they cannot figure out the most basic of operations.

We always encourage our grandfather clock shoppers who are always on the lookout for the best discount grandfather clocks, to call us or visit us and ask us about any questions they might have.  We are happy to be a resource for grandfather clock shoppers near and far, and the fact that we offer Free Shipping, Free In-Home Set-up, and No Sales Tax outside of New York, along with the Low Price Guarantee as explained on our website, there is frequently no reason not to ultimately purchase your choice heirloom grandfather clock from 1-800-4CLOCKS.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

Museum Clocks™ Grandfather Clock Collection

Museum Clocks™ Grandfather Clock Collection

Grandfather Clocks Discount Sale


Whether we are selling Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, Museum Clocks™ Grandfather Clocks, the Ridgeway Grandfather Clock Collection, Hermle Floor Clocks, or Kieninger Grandfather Clocks we always work with our customers to provide the very best in service and value, along with our Low Price Guarantee.  Frequently the clincher for many of our repeat customers especially is that we provide in-home set-up of these grandfather clocks.  So while a smart shopper always takes pleasure in shopping for grandfather clocks on sale or the most aggressive grandfather clock discount, one needs to look also at the total value received.  Many of our clients have had bad prior delivery experiences where grandfather clocks or curio cabinets are left on the curbside, and then the truck is gone and the buyer is left with a large and quite heavy item still in its original container.  At least hope this happens on a day when there is no rain or snow, or even worse, also large puddles which could seep through to the prized grandfather clock or other heirloom furniture.

There is another criterion to look carefully at, especially nowadays, when consider discount grandfather clocks.  Try typing that or other similar phrases such as grandfather clock discounts or discount grandfather clock and you will likely be besieged by photos of grandfather clocks which look great in the photo, but if you are looking for an heirloom grandfather clock, you would want to stay as far away from these clocks as possible.  Not only may they require assembly and be particle board vs solid wood, but the movement is not one that will last very long, or sound any good in comparison to the grandfather clocks with German mechanical movements by Hermle and Kieninger, which are the only types of mechanical grandfather clocks we sell.  While you may think you are saving $1,000 or more today, you are really buying something you are likely to want to or have to throw out in the trash in months if not a year or two at the most.  And you may be sorely disappointed by the added initial time investment which will likely be necessary.  Sadly, with many of these clocks, it is almost like throwing your money down the drain and worse.

So how does one know what type of grandfather clock to buy?  Well, we carry only the makers and brands we feel are of the highest quality and workmanship, and also offer a tremendous value to our customer.  We are willing to patiently take our prospective customers through all of the differences between types of grandfather clocks, such as chain driven vs cable driven grandfather clocks, as well as the different features, and differences and similarities between makers, not to mention some times very relevant grandfather clock history.

We would like to take the opportunity at this time to highlight one of the newer Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, which is part of the Howard Miller 85th Anniversary Collection, and is known as the Howard Miller Leighton Grandfather Clock 611086:

Howard Miller Leighton Grandfather Clock  611-086

Grandfather Clock Perfect Valentines Day Present


We just had a grandfather clocks shopping customer call us last week to say he was looking for a grandfather clock as the ideal Valentines Day gift for his bride.  It was also going to be his gift for their 20th wedding anniversary, whose anniversary date was also fast approaching.

Was the grandfather clock to be a surprise gift or should he consult his spouse?  Perhaps his wife’s mother, he thought out loud.  She would know what the daughter would and wouldn’t like, at least as an excellent second opinion to his own instincts on the subject.  While this individual had tentatively picked out a grandfather clock, he was unsure of the grandfather clock makers, the differences in types of grandfather clock makers, the grandfather clocks movement types, the cases, the woods – just about every aspect.

We talked about Howard Miller grandfather clocks compared to Hermle floor clocks and them many grandfather clock models offered by Ridgeway Clocks, as well as Kieninger Clocks, and our very own Museum Clocks&#0153 Grandfather Clock collection.  We addressed cable driven clock movements vs. chain driven grandfather clocks and tubular chime grandfather clocks, as well as the least expensive quartz or battery operated grandfather clocks.

He knew he wanted  heirloom quality grandfather clock, as well as one which fit with the interior design and furniture in their living room and dining area.  He knew he wanted a gold vs silver, or brass vs nickel or chrome, set of weights and pendulum and bezel and other clock operating elements and decorations.  He wanted something that would be modern and yet classic.  Modern yet traditional if that were possible. And the very highest quality, like one of the antique E Howard Clock Company clock.

And of course he wanted it delivered and unpacked and setup and running in his living room, and for it to be a surprise to his wife as close to if not actually on Valentines Day.  He also wanted to take advantage of our using an authorized technician by at least one of the major clock manufacturers for whom we are Authorized Dealers.  And the container and fillers had to be removed and thrown out as well, with no trace of anything – the grandfather clock should simply appear magically as if it had always lived there!

This wonderful man also mentioned that he and his wife were contemplating moving in a couple of years time. He wondered about how easy or hard it might be to move a grandfather clock once it was all set up.  We pointed to a post we have on both our main 1-800-4CLOCKS website and this grandfather clock blog which explains not only what to do, but as or even more important, what not to do when moving a grandfather clock.  The biggest and most common mistake is to move the grandfather clock with the weights and or the pendulum are still attached.  This can almost immediately break the grandfather clock movement, the suspension spring holding the grandfather clock pendulum in place, and to add insult to injury, lead to breaking the glass in the grandfather clock case as well.  A grandfather clock should never even be moved a few inches this way, much less from one home to another house.

So we know that all of you discount grandfather clock shoppers out there always looking for the best discount grandfather clocks on sale want to know which clock this gentleman purchased.  We will not keep you in suspense any longer.  He purchased the very classic Howard Miller Diana Grandfather Clock model 611-082 611082

Howard Miller Diana Grandfather Clock

Model 611082 611-082

Among the many incredible features of the Howard Miller Diana Grandfather Clock, which because of its size we also classify as the Howard Miller Diana Grandmother Clock, is an illuminated grandfather clock dial, and it has Westminster Chimes and an auto-night shut-off feature option.  The cable-driven mechanical movement is made in Germany by Kieninger Clocks.

Worlds Smallest Nanotech Grandfather Clock


An absolutely amazing article recently in CNN’s Technology Section profiled the world’s smallest working car that is made of single molecules, and responds with movements, such as moving forward, based on the electrical impulses from a nano-grid just beneath it.   When one stops to think about the implication for having an albeit prototype working vehicle in which lo living animal could ride, of course, at this collection of single molecule molecular size, it is simply mind boggling in terms of the far-reaching consequences this technological breakthrough may have on perhaps just about every aspect of our life.  This is said without exaggeration, at least on the part of the author of this blogs post.

Wonderful testing of nano technology can be done with clocks, regardless of the size, but in the style of grandfather clocks, wall clocks, mantle clocks, atomic clocks or as they used to be known as radio-controlled clocks.  Imagine clocks that can accurately tell time that have the shape of, say, a full-size howard miller grandfather clocks model, but is comprised of single molecules and powered by a nano-electric grid.  Imagine the molecular pendulum swinging back and forth on the grandfather clock, and the 3 weights descending on cue.  Whether grandfather clock chimes, such as the Westminster Chime, might be difficult in early stages, over time nothing would be impossible.  It is simply an incredible concept.

And the tools that could be used to fix the nano-grandfather clocks would also be made of a small number of molecules.  For a keywound chiming grandfather clock, one would need enough molecules of enough materials, assuming the design proportions of a clock are constant for smaller scale molecules and models, to enable, for example, a molecular winding key and a molecular chiming rod or bells or strike gong.  One would probably want an amplifier for the chimes, or they likely would not be heard by any current living human ear.

While writing about the application of nanotechnology for grandfather clocks and mantel clocks and wall clocks and atomic clocks, and reproductions of the great clocks and timepiece masterpieces, it is obvious that this technology can usher in a new era of advances which are truly unthinkable today.  The potential benefit to mankind would seem to be as great as the Industrial Revolution, the advent of the personal computer, or the widespread adoption of the internet.  Hopefully we will all live to see the many benefits which it seems, inevitably, will be presented over time.

Perhaps not practical, but we still hope the next prototype will be of a nano grandfather clock, and they we may be consulted in its design and construction.

World’s smallest car fuels nanotech advance

By Matthew Knight, CNN
updated 11:49 AM EST, Mon November 21, 2011

A CGI of the electric-powered nano car created by Dutch researchers

Heirloom Grandfather Clocks


When considering the purchase of a grandfather clock, the single most important criterion for many is that it be an heirloom quality grandfather clock that can be passed along to their children and grandchildren and beyond.  This is not a far fetched goal.  As the author of this blog post sits here, he has a few feet away from him a chiming antique mantel clock that was made in England in the mid-1700s and looks as though it could have been made yesterday.  Even closer is a grandfather clock made by the Waltham Clock and Watch Company, most known for pocket watches but they also made some super high-end quality clocks, made over a hundred years ago and signed on its dial by Tiffany and Company.  This particular clock was special-ordered by none-other than the founder of Coca Cola as a wedding gift for his daughter.  She kept it for her whole life, including keeping it in the lobby of the downtown Atlanta hotel she lived in during the later part of her life.

Even today it is possible to buy grandfather clocks that with proper care and maintenance should last 100 years and possibly much longer.  While we could guarantee it, it would not be a meaningful guarantee for obvious reasons.  The sad reality is that many grandfather clocks sold today may not last more than a few years.  the good news is that all the makers and brands we carry are of the highest quality and construction, and depending upon the type, would fall into the category of the kind of clock that should truly be an heirloom quality grandfather clock that can be passed along through many many generations.

And this is not to say that you still should not seek grandfather clock discounts, and we frequently have many of these grandfather clocks on sale.  Visit one of our 1-800-4CLOCKS store locations and you may even get a better discount.

So who are the makers of these highest quality grandfather clocks?  One is a brand we introduced and will soon be featuring much more prominently on our website and known as Museum Clocks Grandfather Clocks.  Other brands include Howard Miller grandfather clocks, the Ridgeway grandfather clock collection, Hermle grandfather clocks, and Kieninger grandfather clocks. Grandfather clock makers that people still think of today but no longer, at least as we write this, produce grandfather clocks, include Seth Thomas grandfather clocks, Sligh grandfather clocks and Bulova grandfather clocks.  While these grandfather clock collections featured some clocks which were very high quality, for different reasons each of these makers exited the grandfather clocks market.  We would not be at all surprised if one or more of these brands is resurrected in the coming years once again producing grandfather clocks.

Want to know more about the different types of grandfather clock movements and grandfather clocks brands, please let us know.

Museum Grandfather Clocks™ Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clocks Made in America

10.09.11 has always carried only what it considers to be the highest quality grandfather clocks, the large majority of which have high-grade German mechanical movements.  While the cases, while also of the highest quality for their price points, are sometimes not solid wood cases with the same type of wood throughout of the finish in the grandfather clock description.

We know there is an increasing desire, if at can be delivered at good grandfather clocks value price points and discounts, for solid wood clocks, which may have the highest-end German mechanical movements, but also have the cases made in North America.

Before Christmas shopping season with all the attention to grandfather clocks on sale and grandfather clock discounts, we will be introducing two new lines of the highest quality grandfather clocks with solid wood cases of the type of wood described that will be as pleasing to the eye as they are to one’s wallet or purse.

Museum Grandfather Clocks™ will be one of these new lines.  While we have sold clocks under this brand before, these designs with be all new for our label, and will have more choices of the type of solid wood, such as solid cherry, oak or mahogany, in the same exact design.  We also will be able to ship these clocks with 3-4 weeks of a confirmed order being placed, which means on average an additional 1-2 weeks for free delivery and in-home set-up across the Continental USA.   We look forward to being able to share these clocks in general and on our website in the coming days and weeks.

The other main introduction along these lines is the Hermle Grandfather Clock Made in America series, which will also feature solid wood clocks with cases made in North America and Hermle Clock’s fine German movements.  Until we have more specifics on these grandfather clocks, which should be available very soon, that is all we will share for now.

Finally, we are excited about introducing and adding the Americana™ Grandfather Clock Collection to our line.  These grandfather clocks will add another super high quality selection to consider when deciding between the above makers and the more familiar-sounding Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks and Ridgeway Grandfather Clock Collection, as well as Kieninger Grandfather Clocks.  While Bulova and Sligh Grandfather Clock models are no longer made by those respective companies, you will see that we will be offering many but not all of the more popular grandfather clock designs, with comparable quality and worksmanship, in other parts of our complete grandfather line.  That is something that a prospective customer may want to call us about at 1-800-4CLOCKS (1-800-425-6257) to pursue or better understand the grandfather clock design possibilities that may be presently available.

All in all, look for some great new grandfather clock models to be introduced and added to our line in coming weeks and in time for the Christmas Holiday shopping season.

Example of quality of Museum Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather Clocks Information


Helpful clock information about grandfather clock types, whether researching antique grandfather clocks, or trying to get on a great deal and understand which are the best deals, most reliable clock brands, and even understand the basic information of grandfather clock types and features, there are precious few reliable grandfather clock shopping and discount resources to which to look.

At, whether in one of our stores, or a toll-free phone call to us, we spend a lot of time talking with our customers to help them understand the types of grandfather clocks available, different grandfather clock styles, the many optional features of grandfather clocks, not to mention the difference between a Howard Miller grandfather clock and a Hermle Grandfather Clock or Ridgeway Floor Clock, or one of our own Museum Clocks™ Grandfather Clocks.

The choice between a new Ridgeway Grandfather Clock, or one of the newer Americana Grandfather Clocks, or one of the Kieninger Tubular Chime grandfather clocks, and an Antique Grandfather Clock, can be quite daunting.  To whom do you turn?  What are the pros and cons of each type of grandfather clocks?  What about the grandfather clock styles? The quality?  The mechanical grandfather clock movements and the differences between them.  The differences between a grandfather clock and a grandmother clock. The different grandfather clock chimes?  the differences between mechanical grandfather clock movements and quartz-driven grandfather clocks.  It’s a long checklist of questions a smart grandfather clock shopper would be want to be sure to ponder, separate from looking for that special grandfather clock on sale or discount grandfather clocks.

Our clocks blogs are also special resources that we have put many thousands of hours into to help online grandfather clock shoppers.  We encourage you to visit each of our blogs on clocks, as well as our main website which features posts or clock articles we feel may be most likely of interest to grandfather clock shoppers and researchers, and those deciding between a new and antique grandfather clocks.

Any special subjects you might like us to cover?  A special post on Ty Pennington and Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, or Hermle’s upcoming new line of Grandfather Clocks Made in America, or more features on our own Museum™ Grandfather Clock Collection.

We also focus on wall clocks and mantle clocks, by all the highest end makers, including Howard Miller Clocks, Ridgeway Clocks, Hermle Clocks and many more.

Let us know how we can Add Time to Your Life™.

Grandfather Clock Information and Advice

Grandfather Clock History Revisited


The history of grandfather clocks is something we have written a lot about, both in this Blog and on our main website  The grandfather clock, or back in 1650 around the time and in later years was better known as a Floor Clock or Tallcase Clock or Longcase Clock, was first made by abc, based on the principles of xyz, spread throughout Europe, generally from West to East in horological history.  The free-standing weights in a standalone grandfather clock, or Floor Clock, were another identifying feature separating grandfather clocks wall wall clocks and regulators, and mantel clocks, and what many still refer too, incorrectly by the way, as grandfather wall clocks (if the clock hangs on a wall, it is by definition not a grandfather clock or a grandmother clock, even if it still resembles one with its overall look and features).

So when grandfather clock shoppers are scouting about for new grandfather clocks discounts and trying to compare grandfather clocks by brand and features, what are the relevant parts of grandfather clocks history.

It’s really the innovations over the last 20 years that most grandfather clock shoppers, with the exception of those looking only at antique grandfather clocks, will need to understand to contrast and compare.

Here we will highlight some of the key points for focus when doing grandfather clock comparison shopping:

1. Quality – Easily the most important point a clocks shopper may get confused about is whether the grandfather clock brands they are comparing are of comparable quality and worksmanship.  This is especially true over the last decade or two as there has been an increasing tide of cheaply made imports flooding the USA and worldwide grandfather clocks marketplace.  Some of these cheap brands, which not so coincidentally have names that make them sound unusually similar to brands or established makers in general, arrive at the customer’s doorstep if not DOA – dead on arrival – either on life support or requiring much labor on the part of the purchaser to actually put the thing together.  Guess what?  Many of these same brands will have no instruction or assembly manual, and the customer has no idea with whom to follow up.  We know because we get many calls from individuals who have bought these so-called grandfather clocks and are practically begging for help.  Worse yet, many of these purchases have taken place at some of the biggest most well-known and respected department stores — and apparently in many cases, for whatever reason, these customers are not able to get help or refunds there (perhaps it’s because they have already opened the box and started working on it, or too much time has elapsed)?

2.  Buy a well respected brand – the best way by far to ensure that one is purchasing a quality grandfather clock is too stick with known brand names, and ideally also to purchase from stores that actually specialize in grandfather clocks, so that they can be there when questions inevitably arise, and can advise you on the pros and cons of different specific grandfather clock brands, specific Floor Clock models, and different types of grandfather clock movements and the many features which have proliferated in recent decades.

3.  Movements – there are essentially 4 categories of movements for grandfather clocks, in order of popularity and availability –

a. Cable driven mechanical grandfather clock movements – these grandfather clocks are the type that are wound in the dial or face, and generally wound in a circular motion with a winding crank key.  Most all of these movements are 8 days.  Most all nowadays also have three weights and a pendulum in the body of  the clock, and not coincidentally, 3 winding holes in the dial or face above, with winding in each of the holes bringing up each one of the three weights.  Generally the center weight is for time only.

b. Chain driven mechanical grandfather clock movements – while the top quality makers make fewer grandfather clock models with chain-driven grandfather clock movements, these clocks have maintained their popularity for a number of reasons.  The movements tend to be smaller, and the clocks are generally therefore in smaller grandfather clock bases, from a depth, width and even height perspective.  These clocks almost always will have a single grandfather clock chime, generally the Westminster Chime.  They will also have a chime-silence option, and that is usually about the extent of the features on chain driven grandfather clocks.  Many will have a faux (or fake) moondial, meaning it doesn’t revolve and is there purely for decorative purposes.  One of many reasons, aside from the generally lower price points of chain-driven clocks compared to cable-driven clocks, is that so many people have grown up with chain-driven clocks that sentimentality is frequently part of the buying equation.  Additionally, most grandfather clocks corporate gifts or promotional or retirement gifts are of the chain-driven grandfather clock variety.  That is simply a fact.

c.  Quartz-driven or battery operated grandfather clocks are relatively new, but many have been sold, and some are an excellent value.  There are pros and cons to a quartz grandfather clock.  The advantages can, but do not always necessarily include, a much lower price, volume control, auto-night shut-off, less depth, easy set-up, and no need to wind the grandfather clock (let the batteries do the work).  The disadvantages include a shorter movement life, less quality in the sound of any chime or chimes (because one is listening to a recording sound chip on a quartz grandfather clock instead of a real mechanical grandfather clock movement being struck with hammers with the others), and the fact that any somewhat serious clock collector would likely not view any quartz movement clock as a real and collectible clock.

d. Tubular chime grandfather clocks – we hesitate to even include this amazing type of grandfather clock, because generally only those who really know grandfather clocks and are connoisseurs of them, not to mention also having fairly deep pockets, would generally either even know what they are or be in a position to purchase one.  They are generally quite expensive, and even most clock shops do not know how to repair or necessarily even service a grandfather clock of this type.  Tubular chimes grandfather clocks have been around for well over a century, and most have either 5, or more usually 9, tubular chimes, which look like pipes, and are of varying sizes, and they hang int eh back of the case just behind the pendulum.  They usually but not always have cable-driven vs. chain-driven movements.  They usually play a choice of chimes, including Westminster, Whitington and St Michaels, and some play the Canterbury Chimes.  The BIG difference, other than price, is that these clocks have a truly rich and LOUD sound that can be heard far and wide within a house or home.  It is a deep sounding grandfather clock chime!

e.  Newer features – newer features NOT found on antique grandfather clocks, and introduced more recently and referenced in the appropriate context above, include automatic night shutoff options, illuminated grandfather clock dials, illuminated interiors of the grandfather clock when the door is glass, more chime options including the Beethoven Ave Maria grandfather clock chime and the Schubert Ode to Joy Chime, battery or quartz driven grandfather clock movements,  crystal pendulums, curio grandfather clocks, corner grandfather clocks, working moonphase or moondials on the grandfather clocks (there are some antique grandfather clocks with this feature), autowind mechanical grandfather clocks, 21st century and late 19th century contemporary case designs for grandfather clocks, atomic time or radio-controlled grandfather clocks, and other features that we are sure our grandfather clock blog readers will want to point out.

Howard Miller J. H. Miller II Grandfather Clock
List: $25,650.00

J H Miller II Howard Miller Tubular Chime Grandfather Clock 611-031  611031

Grandfather Clocks on eBay


When purchasing a grandfather clock or grandmother clock, especially when looking online vs. an an bricks and mortar Retail location, one faces a dizzying array of choices.  Some people start by searching on Google, Yahoo or Bing.  Others use comparison shopping websites.  And many many shoppers start their grandfather clocks discount shopping, or grandfather clocks on sale.

Is eBay a good place to look for brand new Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks or floor clocks by other makers?  It can be, but just like shopping online, one has to be extremely careful.  We ourselves at have an eBay Store which you can visit at  We feature pretty much the entire Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Collection, including Howard Miller Presidential Grandfather Clocks and many Limited Edition grandfather clocks, including tubular chimes grandfather clocks, cable driven triple chime and Westminster chime mechanical clocks, and several chain-driven grandfather clocks.  Quartz, or battery-driven grandfather clocks, are also available, and are almost all at lower discounted price points.

One has a choice of many grandfather clock features, including auto-night shut-off, chime-silence option, volume control (on quartz grandfather clocks only), working rotating moon dials, subsidiary seconds dials, single, almost always Westminster, vs. triple chime grandfather clocks.  A few even have the choice of the Schubert Ave Maria and Beethoven Ode to Joy chimes.  Very few, but some, mechanical grandfather clocks, offer that option.

There are clear risks of buying on eBay, of which one must be keenly aware.  Many of our customers either call us up or shop on our main website after they first find out about us on eBay.  As one of Howard Miller Clocks largest Authorized Dealers, with a Better Business Bureau Rating to date of A, and with much positive feedback on eBay already.  Many sellers of new grandfather clocks are not authorized as dealers for the clocks they sell, such as Howard miller, or Hermle Grandfather Clocks or the Ridgeway grandfather clock collection.  If one buys a grandfather clock from a dealer who is not authorized, any warranty is automatically null and void.  Many shady operators sell well below the most competitive pricing available from Authorized dealers, and may not be dealing in legitimate merchandise, and the seller may be a fraud altogether.

Another risk is that many Authorized Dealers will sell floor models and pass them off as 100% brand new.  So you may end up getting a grandfather clock that has been sitting in a grandfather clock showroom for 2-4 years, having been touched by hundreds or thousands of people, have multiple years of wear and tear on the grandfather clock movement, and finally, may no longer be covered under manufacturer’s warranty (many decent clock dealers are completely unaware of this.

Pre-owned or used grandfather clocks carry with them the risk of developing a “money pit”, poring good money after bad to get, with the potential for many used grandfather clocks.  Many of the same risks exist for antique grandfather clocks, but that is really a wholly different clock purchase proposition.

Finally, while eBay can be a good and safe place to purchase clocks, if you are dealing with a reputable company, like us at 1-800-4CLOCKS, you may be able to get the best deal by visiting one of our stores or simply calling.  We are also very happy to educate the customer about the different types of grandfather clocks, including brands, movements, features, chimes and much more.  Shipping grandfather clocks overseas also creates special challenges.

Howard Miller Tubular Chime Grandfather Clock J H Miller II 611-030 611030

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