Grandfather clocks

Grandfather Clocks Create a Focal Point


Adding appropriate decorative elements to a home can be challenging for some homeowners and so they will often turn to decorating resources to help them figure it all out. There are certainly a variety of design choices available for those interested in learning how to pull a room together; but what most professional designers agree upon is the need to have a focal point in a room – something that draws the eye and creates a cohesive design. And in many cases a grandfather clock is just the element to achieve this.

Grandfather clocks are known for their stature as much as anything else – averaging a height of six feet, grandfather clocks can anchor a room and provide a sophisticated focal point. When you think about, there are very few pieces of furniture that combine functionality and form quite like the grandfather clock. It is not just a method for telling time, and it is much more than just a clock. Keeping a grandfather clock is like keeping the traditions of classic timekeeping alive – in a style that works best for your home.

Found through reputable suppliers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS, grandfather clocks are designed and created in a variety of styles including contemporary, antique style, traditional, country, and even ultra modern. Placed in a corner of a room, a grandfather clock will create a stunning anchor for any room design and draw visitors’ eyes to this sophisticated piece of art.

Mark an Entranceway with Grandfather Clocks


The entrance of a home is important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it affords visitors their first overall impression of a home and an idea of what’s to come. Those who take care in outfitting a home’s entrance will be rewarded with a warm and welcoming spirit that visitors and family alike can appreciate the moment they enter the home.

One of the ways that homeowners are turning their attention to their entranceway is through the addition of a grandfather clock – a classic, regal addition to a home and a sophisticated addition to an entrance hallway. Grandfather clocks are designed in an extensive array of styles so that homeowners can immediately denote the overall design of their home – the sleek lines of a contemporary grandfather clock can tell of a contemporary styled home, the rustic lines of a traditional grandfather clock can welcome visitors to a country-inspired home; the choices are endless.

Aside from its design, the grandfather clock also offers its sheer size in marking an entrance hallway. By anchoring a grandfather clock just inside the hallway – if you have the room to do so- homeowners are able to offer their visitors a stunning initial visual upon entering the home.

Additionally, the chime of a grandfather clock – and the melodies that often denote the hour – offer a welcoming song to visitors and homeowners eager to find their way back home after a long day at work.

Quality Counts with Grandfather Clocks


Grandfather clocks were once only referred to as longcase clocks – their name changing as a result of a song penned in their honor. But in reality, the name of the grandfather clock is extremely appropriate for its position in the world of clock making. Before the design of smaller, portable clocks – such as mantel clocks, wall clocks, and atomic clocks – there was the grandfather clock and it seniority is indicated appropriately by its name.

In the beginning stages of its design, the grandfather clock was largely unaffordable for the average household; only the wealthiest in society had the honor of having a grandfather clock grace the halls of their home. But as time went on and grandfather clocks began to be manufactured more affordably, they in turn became more affordable for the average homeowner. The best among them were able to offer affordable prices without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the clock.

Today’s reputable clockmakers – such as Howard Miller clocks, Kieninger clocks, and Ridgeway clocks – are able to offer that same commitment; a commitment to provide consumers with affordable grandfather clocks; but grandfather clocks that have no lessening in quality.

Consumers shopping for grandfather clocks will discover that these clocks are more than just traditional timekeepers; they are solidly constructed, sophisticatedly designed pieces that are meant to be honored in a home. To this end, quality counts and consumers who shop through reputable suppliers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS will never be disappointed.

The Song of the Grandfather Clock


There are many reasons that people choose to bring a grandfather clock into their home. This style of timekeeping embodies a tradition that has stood for generations. In such times, when even the task of telling time has been simplified and added to a computer screen, a grandfather clock retains the grandeur and elegance of another time. Whether they are paying homage to the elaborate roots of time telling or they are anchoring a room with this solid sentry, those who have a grandfather clock in their home know its charm and its beauty. And they also know its song.

Upon their initial design, grandfather clocks struck the top of the hour only. But when quarter hour chimes were added to grandfather clock designs in the early part of the 20th century, the grandfather clock song became more complex. Today, most modern grandfather clocks hold three separate weights in their case – one for the striking the hour, one for striking the quarter hour, and the pendulum which keeps track of the time.

Upon the hour, most modern grandfather clocks have the ability to play a melody; in fact a great many of them sound what is known as Westminster Chimes, although there are options for other chime melodies should the buyer prefer. With the addition of the quarter chimes, a grandfather clock will play a quarter of its melody at a quarter to the hour and at a quarter past the hour. Additionally, at half past the hour, the grandfather clock will appropriately play half of its melody; before playing the whole melody upon the hour.

The song of the grandfather clock elevates what is already a beautifully designed piece of furniture to a stately and elegant showpiece; calling attention to itself on the hour and filling the home with beautiful music

The Elegance of Yesteryear with Grandfather Clocks


Technology has moved us along at a rate of speed with which most of us simply cannot keep pace. The changes are distinguishable throughout our daily routine and most noticeable in our increasing dependence on the computer. Many of may have seen beautiful old writing desks in the homes of our parents or grandparents; today we sit with laptops poised in front of us. There are examples just like this everywhere we turn. But just as fast as things change, there are some things with which we simply cannot part; those things that speak to us of a slower time, such as the grandfather clock.

Just the way in which the grandfather clock keeps track of time is indicative of the methodical, slower pace of days gone by; today we are more apt to glance at our computer screens or our cell phones for a current time. But the gentle tick tock of the grandfather clock pendulum forces us to adapt a more deliberate rhythm.

Those who choose to bring a grandfather clock into their home are doing more than simply choosing a way in which to tell time. Grandfather clocks are classic pieces of furniture in their own right; designed by such renowned clock designers as Howard Miller clocks, Kieninger clocks, and Ridgeway clocks, grandfather clocks are created in an array of styles – contemporary, antique inspired, country, and more – to fit the design and décor of any home.

But no matter their design, grandfather clocks will always be an elegant addition to any home and a way to infuse our modern surroundings with the grandeur of the past.

Caring for Grandfather Clocks


The grandfather clock is something very different from the portable mantel clocks that grace the shelf above our fireplace or the wall clocks that hang in our kitchen or living room. A grandfather clock is a piece of solid furniture; that which anchors a room, reflects the homeowner’s own personal style, and elevates the décor to something grand and finished.

Because of its internal system, and its height, the grandfather clock requires periodic care to ensure that it is working at its optimum level. But in caring for your grandfather clock you are ensuring that it will last as long as it was designed to last – which could be hundreds of years as it is handed down through your family.

Grandfather clock owners should always follow specific cleaning instruction set forth by the clock’s manufacturer. It is generally advised that the handling of the weights and pendulum be done by a professional, as any movement or damage caused in the cleaning process can impact the clock’s timekeeping abilities. Exterior cleaning can be done by the owner with a soft cloth and non-chemical cleaners.

Owning a grandfather clock is an investment your home – as well as an investment in the future. By caring for them properly you are doing all you can to protect your investment.

Unusual Grandfather Clocks


Surely when most people think of grandfather clocks they think of the stately traditional clocks with ornate hoods and grand chimes that melodically report the hour. There are, of course, traditionally designed grandfather clocks that can still be purchased today – created in an antique style befitting a home hundreds of years ago. But for those who prefer more modern designs, there are grandfather clocks that are just as suited to their personal preferences.

Comprehensive clock suppliers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS are committed to providing their customers with an extensive selection of quality clocks of all kinds. Grandfather clocks – designed by such renowned clockmakers as Howard Miller clocks, Kieninger clocks, and Ridgeway clocks can be found at 1-800-4CLOCKS where a variety of designs can be found to suit every taste; even the unusual.

While there is always the option of the traditionally designed grandfather clock – constructed of different types of wood and with ornate hood carvings, there are also more modern designs; grandfather clocks designed to look like a lamppost, grandfather clocks that include water features, and grandfather clocks made of more modern materials such as ironstone, copper, slate, and more.

Grandfather clocks are for every home, no matter what its overall style and décor. From traditional to modern, grandfather clocks can bring a touch of elegance to any home.

A Grandfather Clock as a Family Heirloom


Every family has treasured items that they hope will be passed down from generation to generation; not to mention treasured items that have already been passed down and are now residing in your home. Certainly jewelry, dishes, and even albums and photographs are cherished keepsakes that often make their way through the family lineage. But treasured pieces of furniture – including a grandfather clock that may have been made specifically for the family decades ago – can also find their way from home to home as a testament to the family’s history.

In fact, there are few furniture pieces more suitable to this kind of handing down through the generations as grandfather clocks. For one, they are a financial investment just like any well made piece of furniture. Additionally, the mechanisms of a grandfather clock tend to hold up quite well through the years. More importantly, the style in which the grandfather clock was created is clearly indicative of the style of the period of time in which it was purchased.

But above all else, the passing down of something as beautiful as a grandfather clock connects generations of families; what could be more special than having a grandfather clock in your home that also sat in the home of your great, great grandparents?

While there are certainly families that may not have been lucky enough to have a grandfather clock passed to them, there is no time like the present to collect a family heirloom. Through reputable vendors such as 1-800-4CLOCKS, consumers can find the grandfather clock that reflects their personality and style; and by making an affordable investment now, they can be assured that they will have something of meaning and value to pass down to their children.

Contemporary Grandfather Clocks: New Twist on an Old Favorite


Surely when most of us conjure up the image of grandfather clocks we think of the intricately carved clock casings reflective of antique design. After all, grandfather clocks were the first clocks welcomed into early American homes. And many of the grandfather clock designs of today are indicative of those early designs; ornately carved hoods and cases, and an overall traditional feel.

But the grandfather clock has seen many modern manifestations thanks to the experienced grandfather clockmakers of this time including Howard Miller clocks, Kieninger clocks, and Ridgeway clocks; clock manufacturers that can be found on such websites at 1-800-4CLOCKS.

Today’s contemporary grandfather clock designs offer consumers lighter woods, sleek lines, squarer bodies, and a host of creative styles that fit best in the modern home. In fact, consumers may be surprised to find truly different grandfather clock designs that they may not have even considered – such as those that feature less traditional materials such as brushed brass, veneers, metals, and stone. In today’s world, anything that a consumer can envision – or may not have even thought to envision – is being produced by some of the best clockmakers in the industry.

Grandfather clocks are so beloved because of their traditional place in the home; but keeping to tradition does not mean that you have to succumb to the designs of the past. By exploring some of the modern designs of grandfather clocks consumers can straddle the divide between past and present and keep time in the most stylish way possible.

Grandfather Clocks Count on Pendulum Technology


Today there are clocks of every kind available through a number of reputable vendors such as 1-800-4CLOCKS; and as modern consumers most of us rely on the more modern technology available through such pieces as atomic clocks. But pendulum technology is still quite popular and is seen in everything from wall clocks to grandfather clocks.

More often than not we connect pendulum technology with the grandfather clock, simply because of the sheer size of the clock, as well as the sound of the large swinging pendulum. A pendulum – as utilized in a grandfather clock relies on its own weight to swing from side to side; and the swing of the pendulum becomes part of the hum of a home.

The pendulum clock was invented in the mid-1600s but its popularity remains strong even today. The pendulum in a grandfather clock is held in the clock’s casing; which inspired the grandfather clock’s original name – the longcase clock. The pendulum inside the case of the clock swings to keep time and many grandfather clocks will even chime or play music upon the hour.

Pendulums, as utilized by grandfather clocks, can be quite accurate; but it’s absolutely essential that the clock is level and kept still, as any movement whatsoever can affect the swinging of the pendulum, and ultimately the accuracy of the time.

We may have more modern – and certainly more accurate methods for keeping time, but the grandfather clock will always have a place in our hearts, as much for its showmanship inside our homes as its history for keeping time.

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