Grandfather clocks

Grandfather Clocks Transform a Small Space


Homeowners with smaller living spaces face their own challenges in terms of décor. Furniture that may have fit perfectly in a larger room may easily overwhelm a smaller space. Further, everything from paint to wall art must be carefully considered in a small home, as there is a smaller margin between tasteful and overdone.

While many people may think that grandfather clocks will surely overwhelm a small space, the truth is that grandfather clocks put into a well chosen room can actually anchor an awkward space. Because of its height, a grandfather clock must be put into a room with high enough ceilings to handle the stature of the clock. But beyond that there several things to consider when it comes to making a home for a grandfather clock in a smaller space:

* A grandfather clock in a small square dining room could fit nicely in the corner and give the room an elegant feel; just be sure that the clock does not stick out too far from the corner to impede people walking through or diners pulling out their chairs.

* A grandfather clock in a combination living/family room can give the room a cohesive design. Just be sure to choose a grandfather clock that is in the design family that you wish to foster. A contemporary grandfather clock in a room in which you wish to promote a more country design will not work and will only serve to appear disjointed. But a grandfather clock that is created in a country style will help to pull the whole room together.

Grandfather Clock Artwork


The beauty of a grandfather clock can be – and often is – handed down through the generations, as much for its size as its overall design. Consumers can tell the time through the use of any kind of clocks – certainly smaller clocks such as wall clocks and mantel clocks – so why do they choose grandfather clocks? What makes grandfather clocks still so popular?

The answer is simple. Grandfather clocks are more than just a way to tell the time. They are pieces of furniture – furniture that can complement the design of a room and create a focal point around which family and friends can gather. A grandfather clock in a dining room can create a family atmosphere; a grandfather clock in a living room can elevate the design of a room to a more sophisticated level; and a grandfather clock in a family room can pull together the overall design of a room and finish it off appropriately. And part of the way that a grandfather clock can accomplish this is through its unique designs – as evidenced by the artwork.

Under the hood of a grandfather clock is the clock face where the numbers and hands of a clock indicate the time of day. But also included there in many cases is unique artwork that can denote a time period in history, a whimsical tale, or simple and sophisticated shapes and scrolls.

The artwork found on the face of a grandfather clock does as much to determine the overall style of a clock than anything else. For consumers choosing between grandfather clocks, the existence of artwork as well as the materials used and the lines of the clock will go a long way towards helping making a decision – especially when the clock is in mind for a particular room with a particular design.

Grandfather Clocks Count When it Comes to Redecorating


Home redecoration and renovation is something that seems to ebb and flow with the seasons. Of course when it’s winter, and the cold air and harsher weather is upon us, such projects slow down considerably and even stop altogether. But come spring and summer when there are longer days and more time on our hands, we look to freshen up our living spaces as best we can. This might mean a coat of paint or the addition of an entire room. Or it could just mean the addition of a few pieces of furniture or accessories to transform a room or an entire home.

When it comes to picking out furniture in the process of redecorating, many people may skip over a very significant piece that could utterly change the style and tone of a room; something that acts as both furniture and accessory – the grandfather clock. The grandfather clock has been in homes for generations, melodically alerting inhabitants and visitors of the time but also acting as a statuesque and regal anchor in any room. So beloved are grandfather clocks that they are handed down from generation to generation in many families. And because the craftsmanship of grandfather clocks is so renowned their mechanisms often still work without question generations after they were purchased.

A grandfather clock can be the perfect addition to a home redecorating project. They can add height to the room – as they average around six feet tall; they can add music to a home – as they chime in the hour and can be made to play a particular melody; and they give families years of enjoyment – as grandfather clocks have become much beloved heirlooms in many families.

Grandfather Clocks in the Lobby of a Restaurant


Restaurant owners certainly have their work cut out for them in terms of staying competitive. Of course, first and foremost the food must be good – consistently good enough that customers return again and again; and the meals must be in line, pricewise, with what people would expect to pay for that particular type of cuisine. Beyond the food – which is of course most important – a successful restaurant must guarantee consistent, professional and courteous service. If the service is poor, customers will not come back; it’s that plain and simple. Additionally, the atmosphere of a restaurant is vitally important. Customers want to feel that that there was attention given to detail and that the owners had a vision. Customers assume that this attention to detail will extend to the food as well and they anticipate a good experience the second they walk in the door.

Because décor is so important in the overall image of a restaurant, it is important to think carefully when designing a restaurant’s interior. Some restaurant owners, recognizing this importance, are turning to a tried and true element of sophisticated décor – the grandfather clock.

Grandfather clocks have always had an air of elegance about them – standing regally in the homes of families for generations. But this sophistication and elegance that they so easily lend to a home can also be lent to a non-residential property as well. Grandfather clocks that are placed in a grand lobby of a restaurant welcome visitors with melody and familiarity – giving the area the warmth and intimacy of someone’s living room; certainly a nice way to prepare customers for a lovely meal ahead.

Grandfather Clocks Bridge the Generation Gap


There are very few things that are able to span time – that are ageless and timeless and can just easily as appeal to those in one generation as they do in another generation. Grandfather clocks are one such item; a timeless piece of furniture that displays craftsmanship as well as the ability to operate on a functional level. For many of us the grandfather clock has stood in homes of relatives through the years; a clear and present reminder of all that encompasses home. So it’s unsurprising that the grandfather clock continues to occupy that same space from one generation to the next.

If you are someone for whom a grandfather clock was not in their family homes growing up, there is no time like the present to create a family heirloom that will serve one generation just as loyally as it did the previous generation. Reputable clock dealers that specialize in offering the finest grandfather clocks for sale can be found online today where there are grandfather clocks of every make and model.

Consumers can find grandfather clocks that range from everything from traditional and antique-inspired designs to more contemporary models that will fit easily into modern style homes. There is no need to scour flea markets and antique shops when the modern versions of timeless favorites can be found online for reasonable prices.

The tradition of grandfather clocks can begin now for any family that wishes to make them a mainstay in their home and the homes of family members for years to come.

Easy Shopping for Grandfather Clocks


Shopping is today what shopping was never before – a convenient activity that can take place just as easily from the living room couch as it can between the racks of a local retail store. The Internet has completely altered the way in which we go about finding the goods and services that we need and want; by simply logging on to our favorite websites we have access to anything we could ever dream of – at the prices that are right for us.

The Internet is so comprehensive that it offers access to those products that we may have never realized existed outside of a specialty store; products such as grandfather clocks.

Clock of every make, model, and style can now be found online through reputable dealers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS. And grandfather clocks are no exception. Through online resources consumers are able to pick from between a variety of high-quality clocks – designed to suit the overall décor of a home. Even more contemporary style homes can do well with the addition of a grandfather clock; contemporary style grandfather clocks –with their sleek lines, and non-traditional materials – offer alternatives to more conventional grandfather clock designs.

But traditional design enthusiasts that wish to maintain the integrity of the time-honored grandfather clock style will find a bevy of models from which to choose – in different woods and displaying an array of intricate carvings, elaborate artwork, and, of course, the melodic grandfather clock song that marks the passing of time.

Online consumers can simply choose the makes, model, and designer of the grandfather clocks that work best for their particular home and the clock will be shipped right to their door. With the Internet at our disposal even the most high-end products can be ours for the taking.

Kieninger Grandfather Clocks: A Tradition for Over Ninety-Five Years


When most of us think of grandfather clocks we think of a timekeeping device that is steeped in tradition; the ornately carved hoods, statuesque bodies, and melodic chimes of these grand pieces. So it’s no surprise that some of the most notably modern clockmakers who specialize in grandfather clocks have a long and celebrated history themselves. The Kieninger Clock Factory – one of the high quality brands offered through 1-800-4CLOCKS – has been in the clock making business for over ninety-five years, having perfected the various details that set them apart from the competition.

Founded in 1912 by Joseph Kieninger, the Kieninger Clock Factory is headquartered in Germany where it continues to produce some of the finest grandfather clocks in the world. Today, the Kieninger Clock Factory is owned by another giant in clock making – the Howard Miller Clock Company.

The reputation of the Kieninger Clock Factory is one of high quality and strident standards in clock making; the principles upon which the modern grandfather clock was born. Today, authorized dealers of such families of clocks are able to provide their customers with the highest quality products available in the industry. And for those interested in preserving the historical quality of grandfather clocks the ability to have such clock making greats available to them – greats such as Howard Miller and Kieninger – is priceless.

Giving a Grandfather Clock as a Wedding Present


Weddings are a time of celebration – an opportunity for friends and family to gather around a new couple and support them in this special time during their lives. Of course, attending a wedding means presenting the newly married couple with a gift that symbolizes their union and adequately reflects their style and personality. In modern times it has become something of a tradition to give money for the wedding gift, but now people are once again turning back to the old tradition of giving an actual gift – finding it to be a more personal way to mark a wedding. And by presenting the couple with a gift that will be in their home, the gift giver hopes that the couple will think of them each time they use or enjoy the gift.

So it’s no surprise that in terms of presenting an elaborate, romantic, and truly unique gift that will last a lifetime that gift givers are turning to the grandfather clock.

The grandfather clock – with its statuesque presence, intricate carving and artwork, and unique style – can be a wonderful gift to celebrate the start of a new life. Just as a marriage is meant to last a lifetime, so is a grandfather clock. In fact, families are often known to pass such pieces down from one generation to the next. So it stands to reason that the children of this bride and groom may one day be enjoying the grandfather clock that you so lovingly chose for them. But buyer beware – be sure to choose a grandfather clock that is line with the couple’s personality and style – or better yet, tell them what you wish to purchase for them and let them choose it themselves. They will think of you whenever the bells chime and will enjoy it for a lifetime.

Grandfather Clocks are Meant to Be Shared


There are those elements in our home that are meant to support an overall design theme and then there are those pieces that are meant to be shared with all those who enter the home. Grandfather clocks are just such pieces; beautiful, statuesque pieces of furniture – rather than just solely functional pieces. But beyond that, grandfather clocks – with their stylish exterior and melodic song are pieces that are meant to be shared and discussed with visitors.

And there is much to discuss when it comes to grandfather clocks – their history, their style, the reason that you choose that particular artwork on the face or that particular carving on the hood, the melody of the clock and why it was chosen. Such are the reasons why grandfather clocks are displayed prominently in homes rather than being hidden in rooms that are generally unseen. For those looking to really showcase their grandfather clock, there are many desirable spots in the home, including:

*In an entranceway. There is nothing more welcoming for visitors to your home than the sight and sound of a stately grandfather clock. Not only does the music of the grandfather clock add warmth to the space, but its grand stature adds an air of elegance.

*In a dining room. A dining room is where friends and family gather for meals in a slightly more formal atmosphere. A grandfather clock contributes nicely to this area as something sophisticated – yet inviting.

*In a library or living room. Some of the more formal rooms in the home – a living room or a library if you are lucky enough to have one – are slightly more polished in their décor. A grandfather clock, while never stuffy, blends well in this environment while still softening the area with its melodic song.

Affordable Grandfather Clocks


Grandfather clocks – once called longcase clocks – were once generally unaffordable for the average household; in fact, when they first began being made by hand only the wealthiest of families could afford to have one in their private home. More often than not grandfather clocks were made for public spots where they could be enjoyed by an entire community.

Yet as grandfather clocks began to be mass produced they came down in price. Today, while a grandfather clock is still an investment, they are generally affordable for the average household. There are many options when it comes to grandfather clocks; ways for consumers to find affordable pieces for their home. And the Internet has made those options available to everyone.

Through online retailers, consumers have more options than ever to find discounted grandfather clocks – high quality grandfather clocks made by reputable clockmakers with all the historically renowned attention to detail, but at affordable prices. Clock manufacturers – those that have been in the industry for generations and continually strive to provide their customers with the highest quality products – can now be found online where consumers can do their due diligence in research and price comparisons. And through online suppliers, consumers have access to many of these high end clock manufacturers and the grandfather clocks they produce – in one spot.

Grandfather clocks are meant to last for a lifetime and consumers should understand that there is a certain financial investment that comes along with a purchase such as this. After all, grandfather clocks do more than simply alert you to the time through their melodic chimes. Grandfather clocks become a part of your home, and more than that – a part of your family. And finding affordable grandfather clocks is now something that everyone can easily do.

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