Grandfather clocks

Starting Over with Grandfather Clocks


Housing prices continue to skyrocket – along with fuel prices, food prices, and the general cost of living. It is simply becoming more and more difficult – next to impossible really – for average American homeowners to make ends meet, even with two salaries. Falling significantly short at the end of every month, many homeowners decide that now is the time to downsize. It is a trend that is sweeping the country; homeowners of all types – single, with families, empty-nesters, etc. – are looking to simplify their lives and make things more affordable and much more comfortable; moving into a smaller, less expensive home is one way to accomplish this.

Of course, with the downsizing of a home comes the downsizing of the “stuff” that goes in the home; and so, homeowners find themselves selling bulky furniture and accessories and looking for ways pare down their belongings so they fit more appropriately in their new living space. This may require the purging of the old and the purchasing of the new – fewer items that are smaller in scale and much easier to care for in the new home. Grandfather clocks – while they may seem the exact opposite of what downsizing homeowners would want for their new space – are actually they perfect accompaniment in a smaller home.

When you consider that homeowners are looking to rid their life of extra material goods and simplify their living space, a grandfather clock makes perfect sense. It is obviously functional – alerting the homeowners to the time. But beyond this function, grandfather clocks are able to pack a big punch in a very contained piece of furniture. In one grandfather clock, homeowners achieve style, drama, and sophistication. And because grandfather clocks are so tall – they add drama to the room without taking up significant physical space.

Grandfather Clocks are the New Family Heirloom


Family heirlooms are those cherished items that we pass from one generation to the next as a way to connect family member to family member regardless of the time during which they live. Grandfather clocks, while a functional and decorative piece in many homes, are also a way to connect the generations; grandchildren who have a grandfather clock that was once in the home of their grandparents are able to stay connected to the memories of their childhood and honor their grandparents at the same time.

There are many families, however, that are just beginning their tradition of passing along family heirlooms and they are beginning with grandfather clocks. Luckily, grandfather clocks can be found through highly reputable dealers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS where consumers can choose from among a number of different style and designs of grandfather clocks – those that will best fit in their homes and foster the overall décor desired by the homeowner including:

*Contemporary grandfather clocks – perfect for those who have a home designed with modern furnishings or for those who have just built a new home.

*Traditional grandfather clocks – Best suited for those who have older homes or have chosen to decorate with more traditional furnishings.

*Antique inspired grandfather clocks – For those who love antiques and collect them for use in their home, antique styled grandfather clocks offer antique style with contemporary technology.

By purchasing a grandfather clock today, homeowners are able to begin the tradition of passing along a family heirloom in the future.

Grandfather Clocks Connect Childhood with Adulthood


There are many things that are important to us in childhood; things that we may remember as we get older and think of fondly. There are even certain things that we have in our homes as children that we seek – either consciously or subconsciously – to have in our homes as adults. It is a way to connect the past with the present and give our homes the comfortable feeling we experienced as children; that feeling of home that we may not be able to identify but that makes us feel safe nonetheless.

Grandfather clocks, while they may not be the first thing to come to mind in terms of celebrating our childhood in our adult homes, are one of the pieces that can effortlessly achieve just that goal. There are many of us who grew up with the chime of a grandfather clock in our homes – sitting in the entranceway inside a front door welcoming family and visitors, anchoring the corner of a dining room or living room, or adding drama and sophistication to a library or study.

Luckily, there are many different ways to shop for grandfather clocks in the modern world; the Internet, especially, has offered a variety of methods for finding those clocks that will infuse our adult homes with the spirit of our childhood. And by ordering through reputable dealers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS, consumers can find hat special grandfather clock that will offer the decorative elements to transform a home – at affordable prices.

Grandfather Clocks Mean Home


There was a grandfather clock that sat in the corner of my parents’ home for as far back as I could remember. As a child, the clock seemed enormous to me – seeming to reach almost to the ceiling. Its carved hood resembled eyebrows; its illustration beneath it shining like eyes. It did not frighten me; in fact, at night as I lay in bed I listened for its chime – the chime I heard on many Christmas Eves as I waited for Santa, the chime I heard the night before school began each fall, the chime I even heard the night before my wedding.

Such is the way with grandfather clocks – as they become something more than just a way to tell time in your home; something far greater than a piece of furniture that takes up space. Anyone who has ever owned a grandfather clock – or had one in their home as they were growing up – will attest to the fact that the grandfather clock is a part of the family; something that is always solid, always there; a piece of home no matter where you move.

In fact, when my parents moved from their home after twenty-five years and we diligently boxed up all their belongings only to unpack them in their new home, it was not until the grandfather clock arrived and we heard it chime for the first time that everything felt okay. That melody meant we were home – no matter how unfamiliar the four walls around us felt at the time.

Grandfather Clocks Add Height and Sophistication to a Room


Smaller rooms are often disregarded in terms of décor; the reason being, of course, is that homeowners are wary to add too much to the room and overwhelm it with design elements. However, as many of us have now learned from the myriad do-it-yourself design shows on our televisions, there are ways to appropriately decorate a room without overwhelming that room with “stuff.” With some well chosen pieces and a color palette that lends itself to the overall décor, a room of any size can be transformed into a beautiful space.

Grandfather clocks are known for their size and their presence and are therefore often relegated to larger rooms or entranceways with high ceilings. Standing at least six feet tall, grandfather clocks are certainly imposing in size and it makes sense that consumers would assume that they need the ceiling height to accommodate them.

However by placing a grandfather clock in a room – even a smaller room – homeowners can actually “raise the roof” so to speak – drawing the eye of those visiting the room skyward and increasing the size of the room by optical allusion.

For this reason, homeowners are finding that they are able to place grandfather clocks in a number of locations including:

*In dining rooms. While often the smaller of the rooms in the home, dining rooms are often the perfect location for grandfather clocks. With the addition of a dining room table, and perhaps a buffet, a dining room can often easily handle the size of a grandfather clock. Additionally, a grandfather clock in this location adds sophistication to a room that is often decorated in a more formal palette.

*In living rooms or family rooms. Either of these rooms in the home could be appropriate to house grandfather clocks. The clocks themselves balance the formality of tradition with the casualness of family gatherings – much like the rooms themselves.

*In even smaller rooms such as libraries, studies, and offices. While these may seem too small to handle a grandfather clock, they may actually be quite appropriate. Grandfather clocks in these rooms can add greatly to the intimate and elegant surroundings.

Grandfather Clocks Slow Time


We live in a modern world of constant movement. Between the Internet and cell phones most of us are hardly inaccessible for more than five minutes at a time. And in response to this environment that is “always on,” deadlines are shortened, meetings are held by videoconferencing within a matter of moments, and emails are expected to be responded to day or night.

In this world of continual flow, it’s nice to come across those items of yesteryear that remind us of a slower time – when we were able to relax and take it all in rather than rushing on to the next event. Grandfather clocks embody this slower generation; a grand, majestic testimony to a gentler time. And so it’s no wonder that so many people – most armed with a memory of a grandfather clock from their childhoods – choose to put a grandfather clock of their own in their own home.

Grandfather clocks are most notably distinguished by their grand height – six feet and over – and their pendulum technology housed behind glass doors. But what appeals to people’s hearts is the spirit of the grandfather clock – its carved hood, intricate artwork, melodic song, and regal stature; denoting a time when things were made with loving care and handcrafted workmanship.

Having a grandfather clock will not slow the passing of time. But will surely remind us to take the time to enjoy the finer things in life.

Grandfather Clocks for a Unique Inheritance


There are those things within families that are often lovingly handed down one generation to the next; cherished items that are passed down with great care. Grandfather clocks – those pieces that have often taken up residence in the homes of families for centuries – are often items that are handed down as family keepsakes. For those families that have not had the elegance of a grandfather clock in their midst, but would love to begin the tradition, there’s no greater time like the present.

Modern clock dealers offer a large variety of grandfather clock designs; everything from contemporary to traditional designs and everything in between. For those embarking on their first purchase of a grandfather clock it helps greatly to work with a knowledgeable and experienced vendor that knows the clockmaking industry and offers clocks made by high-end manufacturers that have a commitment to quality.

Suppliers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS take their role between consumers and clockmaker very seriously. They strive to connect those who are in search of their first grandfather clock family heirloom with clocks made by such renowned clockmakers as Howard Miller clocks and Kieninger clocks.

Grandfather clocks have a unique personality all their own – each one is different, defined by the overall style and the clockmaker’s attention to detail. Prospective buyers will do well to work with clock suppliers with a reputation in the industry for providing high quality products at affordable prices. Before they know it they will be in possession of the next piece of their family history – a unique heirloom that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

The Top Names of Grandfather Clocks


Brand names are something which we normally assign to such things as clothes, furniture, and even cookware; such names typically denote a certain level of quality that consumers have come to expect. Believe it or not, the power of brand name also extends to such purchases as grandfather clocks – grand pieces that are already synonymous with quality; but in the clock making industry there those designers that are especially associated with high quality grandfather clocks.

Clockmakers such as Howard Miller clocks, Kieninger clocks, and Ridgeway clocks are all highly reputable names in an industry that already sets a high bar for quality products. Those in search of a grandfather clock through online suppliers should look for those companies that offer access to such renowned brands at affordable prices.

Suppliers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS offer their customers the ability to shop for grandfather clocks of all styles and designs. Traditional grandfather clocks, contemporary grandfather clocks, even those that are antique inspired or include the use of unusual materials – grandfather clocks of all varieties can be found through such suppliers.

Better still, consumers who are looking for a grandfather clock that will stand the test of time and remain in their family for generations can look to the tried and true clockmakers of the modern world through suppliers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS. Grandfather clocks purchased with these brand names carry with them an assurance of quality and longevity they are not likely to find anywhere else. A high quality grandfather clock can last a lifetime; find your grandfather clock with ease and convenience through online clock suppliers.

Grandfather Clocks Add Sophistication


Sometimes even the smallest packages pack the biggest punch. Grandfather clocks, while not considered small by any means, are certainly a small piece of the overall design puzzle in a home. We often look to the larger elements to set the tone in a home – paint, flooring, artwork, and, of course, furniture. But sometimes with just the addition of a grandfather clock home décor can be solidified and certainly more cohesive.

Grandfather clocks have sat in our homes for generations – drawing our families in with melody and standing sentry in rooms of all kinds – entranceways and libraries to studies and family rooms. No matter where a grandfather clock is placed in the home it instantly becomes a focal point, offering residents of the home – as well as visitors – a warm and welcoming song and a touchstone to the past.

More than anything, grandfather clocks are able to infuse a room with elegance and sophistication, no matter what other design elements are happening in the room. Luckily such sophistication is easy to come by, especially with the powers of the Internet at our disposal. Through vast online resources such as 1-800-4CLOCKS, consumers can find a variety of grandfather clock styles from which to choose – everything from traditional to contemporary grandfather clocks are now available online.

But no matter what style grandfather clock is chosen, consumers can know without a doubt that the clock itself will do much to awaken a room and add a sophisticated feeling to the home in general.

Grandfather Clocks Can be Shared by Families


There are many things around which families gather – not the least of which are their traditions. But traditions do not always have to be events; they can also be things. Grandfather clocks are often associated with traditional family pieces; in fact, many grandfather clocks are handed down throughout generations of families – a touchstone to a time gone by. For those who grew up with a grandfather clock in their family they may very well have seen one standing sentry in their grandparents’ home or in the home of their parents or older family members.

Having grown up with a grandfather clock, homeowners may look to replicate their childhood home by including pieces of furniture in their own décor that mean the most to them. A grandfather clock can certainly be taken from an older family member who wishes to hand a family heirloom down to the next generation. But it is also not necessary to wait for a family member to give or bequeath an existing grandfather clock to them; instead, they can find a modern version of a grandfather clock that they once loved through suppliers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS.

Reputable clock suppliers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS offer consumers options when it comes to finding clocks that will work in their home. No longer is it necessary to visit high-end specialty stores in search of the perfect clock; neither is it necessary to resort to cheaply made clocks often found in large discount home supply stores. Rather, consumers can find affordable, well made grandfather clocks through suppliers that carry products made by renowned clockmakers such as Howard Hill grandfather clocks and Kieninger grandfather clocks.

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