Grandfather clocks

Grandfather Clocks Keep Watch in a Sitting Area


There are many rooms in a home that keep us wondering what we should do with them. While the builders certainly had something in mind when they constructed the house- creating nooks and crannies that would add character to the home and extra places for families and friends to gather, often these rooms are too small or awkward to really outfit as we would like to do. But with the help of certain special pieces we can create a comfortable room that – while it does not serve a prime purpose – is a lovely, decorated room that welcomes visitors warmly.

Grandfather clocks have often been used in this regard; added to rooms in order to give them height, drama, sophistication, elegance, charm, or warmth. With just the inclusion of this one piece, homeowners are able to capitalize on the multi-dimensional offerings of the grandfather clock.

The fact is that grandfather clocks embody many things to many different people; and by positioning them in rooms that are design challenged on some level, they can easily pull the room together in a cohesive design that is defined by the homeowner.

Grandfather clocks in a sitting area are actually the perfect design accompaniment: they add height to a room that is typically smaller than other rooms in the home, they add character and drama to a room that can often be plain, they add warmth to a room that typically cannot handle a lot of furniture, and they add melody and music to a room where people gather together as family and friends.

Grandfather Clocks in High Ceiling Rooms


High ceilings are generally something that many homeowners wish to have in their own living space as they give the room – and the home in general – a wide-open, airy feeling and add depth to the space. But what is often a selling feature in a home – or the feature that people choose when building new construction – sometimes becomes an issue when it comes to actually filling the space. With such high ceilings, very few things seem to fit the room appropriately and often those things that are chosen look out of scale.

Grandfather clocks, however, are actually one piece that will fill a space quite nicely in a room with high ceilings. In fact, grandfather clocks, at their typical height of six feet, actually fit more appropriately in rooms with higher ceilings. With a well chosen grandfather clock in a room with vaulted or high ceilings, there instantaneously becomes a focal point in the room and a center around which to fill in décor.

Some of the more typical rooms where grandfather clocks would fit best include:

* Entranceways. Oftentimes, the entranceways just inside a front door feature high ceilings and plenty of foyer space. This becomes an issue for homeowners that want there to be a focal point when you enter the home but don’t want to clutter the space with small items. A grandfather clock fills the space without overwhelming it.

* Dining rooms. Those dining rooms with high ceilings can easily lean towards feeling cavernous rather than having the intimate feel that inspire people to converse over meals. A grandfather clock helps to lower the eye and pull the room together.

* Living rooms. Those spaces that are meant to be more formal can oftentimes wind up feeling cold. A grandfather clock in a living room helps to soften the space while still fitting with the sophisticated décor that is often reserved for such a room.

“Antique” Grandfather Clocks


The antique lovers among us go to great lengths to find those perfect pieces that will fit seamlessly into our home; the pieces for which there is a story, on which wear and tear symbolize character, and which reflect the pride of handcraftsmanship that is often missing in today’s products. For antique hunters, there is always another shop to visit, flea market to prowl, and estate sale to attend; all in the effort to create a home that lovingly displays these cherished pieces.

Of course, not every piece needs to be genuinely antique in order to work in the home. Grandfather clocks, which are wonderful pieces that are passed down from generation to generation, may be found in antique stores and estate sales, but very often they are kept within families and difficult to find. Additionally, some consumers would rather not take on the responsibility of maintaining an antique grandfather clock.

Instead, there is the option to purchase newly manufactured grandfather clocks from reputable clock suppliers that offer antique inspired designs. Through such suppliers, consumers will be able to find grandfather clocks that fit the bill in terms of style and fit easily into the home amidst antique pieces.

Modern grandfather clock manufacturers such as Howard Miller clocks and Kieninger clocks offer beautifully crafted clocks that have the elegance and sophistication of antiques in the body of a modern clock.

Better still, homeowners will have grandfather clocks that will last a lifetime and that can be passed onto their own family someday.

Grandfather Clocks for Father’s Day


With Father’s Day upon us we will all soon be scrambling to come up with the perfect gift for our fathers and grandfathers that will accurately reflect our feelings for them. It’s hard to convey love through a tie, but we are often forced back to the same old gifts of years’ past simply because we are tapped for ideas.

This Father’s Day, why not consider something different; a gift that has personality and presence and will be cherished for a lifetime? Grandfather clocks are not often thought of as gifts, but the truth is that they are the perfect gifts, especially if you are intimately familiar with the recipient’s home and know of the perfect spot for such a treasure.

Grandfather clocks are so wonderful as much because of their unique personalities as anything else. Each clock is different; as reflected in the wood – or other materials used to create the clock, the artwork or illustration, the melody, and the carvings. People choose their grandfather clock because it speaks to them in some way; because it is reflective of their own personalities. And for the same reasons they will choose a grandfather clock for someone they love; because it reflects their personality and is a tribute to them in some way.

Let it be known that grandfather clocks are not a small purchase and should be done with great care. But if you feel that your father would welcome such a clock into his home and look upon it with affection for years to come, this may be the perfect Father’s Day gift yet!

Grandfather Clocks in Vacation Homes


There are those of us who are lucky enough to own a home and then those of us who are lucky enough to own a home in which we reside and a home in which we vacation. A vacation home is very similar to our primary residence in that it should reflect those things that are most important to us; and we make sure that we are able to communicate this through our décor. Just as we put significant effort into decorating our homes, so do we put equal effort into decorating our vacation homes. This is the space where we can truly let our imaginations run wild and where our greatest design desires can be played out on a blank canvas.

Grandfather clocks – while thought of as more traditional elements used in classic homes – can be a wonderful addition to a vacation home. With the use of grandfather clocks in hallways, entranceways, dining rooms, family rooms, and even in enclosed outdoor rooms, a vacation home goes from being a transient, temporary space to a home that has the lived in, much loved feel of a primary residence.

When looking for the perfect accessories for a vacation home, consider the purchase of a grandfather clock that reflects the design you have set forth for this special retreat. Not all grandfather clocks must have traditional designs. Today’s clock manufacturers create a variety of grandfather clocks in more contemporary – and even unusual – styles; perfect for the vacation home.

Grandfather Clocks Provide Lovely Décor for a Home Business


There are a great many of us who are choosing to work from home these days; the economy, the price of gas, and the corporate world’s desire to keep their overhead down, have all combined to allow us the perfect timing for opening our laptops and getting to work – without having to leave our homes to do it.

Of course part of the challenge inherent in a work from home situation is defining our own boundaries both physically and mentally. In most cases, by defining a physical space where we are to complete our work, the mental boundaries follow; we are able to eventually transition from home to work and back again simply by where we are located in our home. For most people, this division means the creation of a home office – a place that is both comfortable and effective for getting work done. The work part is normally quite simple – armed with a desk, a computer, some filing cabinets, and a phone system, we are generally able to tackle what lies ahead.

But in terms of making it a comfortable space as well, we are often stuck. The challenge, of course, is that a home office is an extension of the home’s décor and so anything that we choose to include in the office must be within the lines of the overall home design. Grandfather clocks are quite appropriate in such a space because their design can be chosen to go along with the rest of the home, without taking over the design of the home office.

Further, because grandfather clocks are so sophisticated, they make for the perfect accompaniment in any type of office setting; and their height allows them to be a focal point in the room without taking up much floor space.

Grandfather clocks provide a home office with the comfort, elegance, and sophistication most work from home employees or business owners seek.

Grandfather Clocks Bring History to Life


There are many ways to infuse a modern home with unique style and personality; and one of the ways to accomplish this is through the use of historical materials that add some depth and character to the home. There is nothing more wonderful than walking into a home that has many layers; around every corner there is something new to explore – pieces that reflect the personality of the homeowners and each of which have their own story to tell. Conversely, there is nothing more depressing than an absolutely stunning home that has no warmth to its design – no personality of its own.

Homeowners that want to really give their home some substance, do so through the use of unique and creative materials, including objects that hold some interest in history. Grandfather clocks, for instance, are pieces that are used in modern home design, as well as in homes throughout the generations. Initially, grandfather clocks were handmade designs that were expensive to produce; only the wealthiest homes were able to afford a grandfather clock. And the personality of each clock differed in terms of the illustration or artwork used above the face of the clock, the wood from which the clock was made, the carvings on the hood, and so forth.

Today, it is much easier and more convenient to find grandfather clocks that will work well in our homes; and certainly more affordable. But in addition to bringing their own sense of sophistication to a home’s décor, they are reminiscent of a time gone by in history and, subsequently, a conversation piece for all who enter the home.

A Grandfather Clock Purchase after a Remodel


Remodeling a home has become the ultimate pastime in this country; a process through which we are led with the help of television shows, magazines, and endless supplies of Internet information dedicated to just this task. The home makeover has become the goal to which we aspire and the objective to which we throw all of our resources; we paint walls, change furniture, hang wall art, and generally change the way our home décor flows in order to create a space that is more reflective our personalities.

After a remodel – after the walls have been painted the chosen colors, the crown molding put in place, the cabinets hung in the kitchen – we often seek out those pieces that will best coordinate with our new design. Grandfather clocks are one of the most visually stunning pieces we can put in our homes; their height adds drama and sophistication to a room – packing a punch that will dramatically transform a home.

Following a renovation, homeowners can seek out those grandfather clocks that complement the new décor of the home. Through reputable online clock suppliers, homeowners looking to further their new décor will find:

* Traditional grandfather clocks that speak of years’ past; darker woods, an ornately carved hood, illustrations or artwork above the face of the clock, and the melodic chime that we remember from our childhoods.

* Contemporary grandfather clocks that combine the design of the traditional clock with more contemporary materials – wrought iron, metals, stone, etc. – that work appropriately in modern homes.

Starting Over with Grandfather Clocks


Housing prices continue to skyrocket – along with fuel prices, food prices, and the general cost of living. It is simply becoming more and more difficult – next to impossible really – for average American homeowners to make ends meet, even with two salaries. Falling significantly short at the end of every month, many homeowners decide that now is the time to downsize. It is a trend that is sweeping the country; homeowners of all types – single, with families, empty-nesters, etc. – are looking to simplify their lives and make things more affordable and much more comfortable; moving into a smaller, less expensive home is one way to accomplish this.

Of course, with the downsizing of a home comes the downsizing of the “stuff” that goes in the home; and so, homeowners find themselves selling bulky furniture and accessories and looking for ways pare down their belongings so they fit more appropriately in their new living space. This may require the purging of the old and the purchasing of the new – fewer items that are smaller in scale and much easier to care for in the new home. Grandfather clocks – while they may seem the exact opposite of what downsizing homeowners would want for their new space – are actually they perfect accompaniment in a smaller home.

When you consider that homeowners are looking to rid their life of extra material goods and simplify their living space, a grandfather clock makes perfect sense. It is obviously functional – alerting the homeowners to the time. But beyond this function, grandfather clocks are able to pack a big punch in a very contained piece of furniture. In one grandfather clock, homeowners achieve style, drama, and sophistication. And because grandfather clocks are so tall – they add drama to the room without taking up significant physical space.

Grandfather Clocks are the New Family Heirloom


Family heirlooms are those cherished items that we pass from one generation to the next as a way to connect family member to family member regardless of the time during which they live. Grandfather clocks, while a functional and decorative piece in many homes, are also a way to connect the generations; grandchildren who have a grandfather clock that was once in the home of their grandparents are able to stay connected to the memories of their childhood and honor their grandparents at the same time.

There are many families, however, that are just beginning their tradition of passing along family heirlooms and they are beginning with grandfather clocks. Luckily, grandfather clocks can be found through highly reputable dealers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS where consumers can choose from among a number of different style and designs of grandfather clocks – those that will best fit in their homes and foster the overall décor desired by the homeowner including:

*Contemporary grandfather clocks – perfect for those who have a home designed with modern furnishings or for those who have just built a new home.

*Traditional grandfather clocks – Best suited for those who have older homes or have chosen to decorate with more traditional furnishings.

*Antique inspired grandfather clocks – For those who love antiques and collect them for use in their home, antique styled grandfather clocks offer antique style with contemporary technology.

By purchasing a grandfather clock today, homeowners are able to begin the tradition of passing along a family heirloom in the future.

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