Grandfather clocks

The Love for a Grandfather Clock


Did you ever love an inanimate object so much that it may as well be human? A stuffed animal when you were a child, perhaps? A favorite blanket? Well, that’s how I felt about the grandfather clock that was in my grandparents’ house. My grandparents lived on a huge piece of property in Maine in a log cabin that my grandfather had built with his own two hands. It’s safe to say that it was my favorite place in the whole world as a child and I still have the fondest of memories of the summers I spent there, barefoot among the blueberries.

But for anyone who has spent any significant time in Maine they can attest to the fact that it is dark at night. Not just ordinary dark. Dark, dark. Black dark. The kind of dark that feels like a blanket and almost convinces you that you have gone blind sometime in the middle of the night. As a child, I was terrified of the dark, and as I usually slept in the foldout couch in my grandparents’ living room, I was not lacking for darkness. And so, my grandparents would leave the light on in the grandfather clock; that is to say, the light inside the hood of the clock that would illuminate its face and punctuate its artwork with an otherworldly glow.

Needless to say that this grandfather clock and I became very good friends. I would talk to him at night and he would stare at me unblinking before playing me a gentle tune at the top of the hour. That grandfather clock always felt like my own personal sentry that was standing guard over me through the night. I just loved it so.

Unfortunately, in the later years, after my grandparents’ death the clock was sold in an estate sale. I was too young at the time to take ownership of it and it broke my heart. And so I did the next best thing by making a grandfather clock – of very similar design – my very first purchase when I bought my first home. After all, it would not have been the same without it.

Grandfather Clocks Stand Up to Time


There are those pieces that we purchase in our lifetime that we know will last until we are old and gray. In fact, we anticipate giving said pieces to our children after our passing, considering them to be more than just things that we enjoyed but family heirlooms that will far outlast their purchase.

Grandfather clocks are just such pieces; built to stand the test of time and serve our purposes as well as the purposes of future generations to which they will be passed. Some families already have a grandfather clock in their midst – having had one passed down to them from an older generation. But for those of us who would like to get the tradition started now for our own families, there is nothing stopping us from finding the grandfather clock of our dreams online where there are many styles available to us.

Through online suppliers, consumers are able to seek out those grandfather clocks that suit their home’s style – everything from traditional and classic to contemporary and modern. In this day and age, there is literally nothing that we cannot find when it comes to grandfather clock styles. High end clock manufacturers such as Howard Miller and Kieninger are sure to supply their customers with the high quality grandfather clocks they expect but in styles they may be unaware existed.

Once purchased, grandfather clocks will hold up well under a variety of circumstances – adding a high level of sophistication and elegance to the homes they grace; and, more importantly, offering that same level of elegance to the homes of future members of the family.

Give Grandfather Clocks a Place of Honor


Grandfather clocks – for many of us – hold a special place of honor in our hearts; they may have been a permanent fixture in the home of a special loved one and something with which we grew up as children. Whatever the case, often just hearing that chime upon the hour is enough to send us into revelry of a childhood past.

So it’s really unsurprising that so many of us choose to have a grandfather clock in our own home as adults. We are able to pull pieces of our childhood into our present adulthood and meld these two worlds into a home that brings us comfort and joy.

So if a grandfather clock has such a special place in our heart, why shouldn’t it also have a place of honor in our homes? There are many ways in which to use grandfather clocks in a home’s décor but more often than not homeowners put their grandfather clocks in a corner where they can essentially anchor a room.

While it’s true that grandfather clocks do work well in a corner – due mostly to their size – they are large enough and certainly spectacular enough in terms of style to hold their own in a place of honor in a room. Consider, for example, placing a grandfather clock in a entranceway where it can be seen by those who just enter the home, in a family room where family and friends spend the most amount of time, in a dining room where it will best fit with the more formal furniture usually reserved for this room, or in a study/library where it can be lit warmly and admired by all.

Use Grandfather Clocks in a Period Home


For some homeowners, new construction is the only way to go; allowing them to move into a home that is completely fresh and new – each element chosen especially by the homeowners throughout the construction process. For others, this type of home is lacking in character; they prefer to buy a home that has stood for many years – perhaps even restoring that home to the time period in which it was originally built.

Buying a period home, as anyone who has done it will tell you, is a big commitment and generally (unless the work has been done by previous owners) comes with the requirement of significant time and big money. But when it’s done right – when the molding and the flooring and all the details are restored to something that may have been used during the time when the home was first built, the result can be magic.

When the actual construction work is done the real love is in the details that are placed throughout the home. In general, homeowners will try to include those pieces that look at home in terms of decorative styles of this particular era.

One of the pieces that can be quite spectacular in this regard is grandfather clocks, as these were pieces that were just as likely to be seen in a home generations past as they are today. Certainly antique grandfather clocks can be beautiful but modern replicas allow us to enjoy the glamour and sophistication of grandfather clocks while still having the modern technology on which we can count.

Grandfather Clocks: For Young & Old


Grandfather clocks often seem to have the reputation of being somewhat antiquated pieces of furniture; those pieces that are reserved for the older generation and are more often than not found in the homes of elderly relatives. The younger generation may fail to make the connection between the grandfather clocks of yesterday and those grandfather clocks of today that encompass more contemporary design principles. But the fact of the matter is that the grandfather clock is just as viable a design choice for the younger generation as it is for the older generation.

Grandfather clocks, in fact, are one of those pieces that have successfully evolved over time – continually being updated to appeal to a younger, more modern audience. Clock design professionals such as Howard Miller clocks, Kieninger clocks, and Ridgeway clocks have all made a concerted effort – and have found success in doing so – in making sure their clock designs are reflective of what their buying audience wants at the time, without sacrificing the underlying integrity of the grandfather clock.

This means that the modern consumer can logon on to an online supplier of grandfather clocks and certainly find traditional grandfather clock designs that perhaps fit in more classic older homes – or those homes that are looking to utilize a traditional design; but they can just as easily find more contemporary grandfather clock designs that are reflective of modern design principles and will fit seamlessly into more contemporary homes. Ultimately no matter your age or the design concept of your home, there is a grandfather clock that will surely help you meet your design goals and, more importantly, make you very happy.

For the Love of Grandfather Clocks, Part II


In the last post we discussed the difficulties that can sometimes be presented shopping for a grandfather clock in areas of the country that are lacking in specialty stores. I was on a mission to find my friend the grandfather clock she so wanted for her new home and I was turning to the Internet.

Online I had access to some of the best shopping I could hope to have; grandfather clocks in a variety of different styles were offered by reputable suppliers that built their reputation on providing their customers with access to some of the most well noted clock manufacturers of our time.

I was able to browse through the big leagues of clock making including Howard Miller clocks, Kieninger clocks, and Ridgeway clocks – all in different styles and at different price points; it was truly the easiest thing I had done and I could show my friend those grandfather clocks that I thought would really be what she would want to see in her new living room.

We browsed through traditional grandfather clocks, contemporary grandfather clocks and even those grandfather clocks that are designed to look antique. In the end, my friend actually chose two grandfather clocks – one for her living room and another for her dining room – in similar woods but completely different styles as she was going for a more traditional, formal look in her living room and a more retro vibe in her dining room.

There truly is no better way to shop for grandfather clocks in this day and age than online where you have access to some of the highest quality products on the market. And shopping in this way allows you to take your time, browse the selection, and compare styles and prices before deciding on the grandfather clock that is most likely to give you the room of your dreams.

Grandfather Clocks That I Have Loved


My family has always loved grandfather clocks; I remember quite clearly there being a grandfather clock in every one of my family member’s homes – from my grandparents’ house to my own parents’ house. So a part of my childhood were grandfather clocks, that I could not conceive of starting my own home without having a clock that was all mine.

There are still a variety of grandfather clocks from which to choose – just as there was when my parents chose a grandfather clock to place in their living room. But today’s manufacturers are giving their modern customers more contemporary choices in terms of materials and styles. And the popularity of the Internet has spilled over into the world of clock retailers. There are a host of high-end suppliers that make their clocks available to the modern consumer online where they can browse through the product selection by style, manufacturer, and even price.

That makes shopping for grandfather clocks today easier than ever. So when I was ready to move into my first home I knew exactly what I was looking for in terms of a grandfather clock and exactly where to go to find it. I went online to the supplier that I had found, browsed through the contemporary selections of grandfather clocks (I wanted something that paid homage to the traditional grandfather clock style but still held its own amidst my more modern décor), found the grandfather clock that I wanted at the price that I could afford and purchased it within a matter of moments.

The clock of my dreams was shipped right to my door and now I am honoring family history by having a grandfather clock in my very own home.

Grandfather Clocks or Grandmother Clocks: Make a Room Sing


Clocks have long been used in rooms around the world to serve a purpose and create a mood. Grandfather clocks have historically been the most notable of such clocks – expensive pieces that were once only able to be purchased by the wealthiest of homes. As time went on, however, grandfather clocks became more affordable and homes everywhere were making them a staple in their décor.

Today, grandfather clocks are affordable pieces that can be found online through comprehensive suppliers – suppliers that are dedicated to providing high quality pieces at competitive prices. Such grandfather clocks are able to stand on their own and make a statement in any room and in any home, regardless of their style. From traditional to contemporary, a home of any kind will be well served by the proper placement of a grandfather clock.

One of the things that make a grandfather clock so popular is its size – standing at least 6 feet tall, grandfather clocks have power and presence. This allows a grandfather clock to pack a real punch in terms of visual impact in a room. But what if you like the look of a grandfather clock but feel that its size is just a little too much for the room you have in mind? Enter the grandmother clock.

A grandmother clock is similarly styled clock to the traditional grandfather clock but in a smaller size. This decrease in size allows homeowners to place them in smaller spaces without worrying that it will take over the room. Rather, grandmother clocks – as well as grandfather clocks – can just as easily be a complementing accessory as they can a star attraction in any room.

Introduce Children to Grandfather Clocks


A child’s memory can last a lifetime; especially if that memory involves family or something that was special to the child. Some adults even have memories of being an infant – so impacted were they by a specific moment in their life. And often, even if we are not able to remember in detail a specific event, we can remember a tune, a smell, or an object of being familiar of our past. How many of us have walked into a room and gotten a whiff of something that was so close to our grandmother’s perfume that we are instantly whisked back in time? Or heard a tune on the radio that reminds us of our father and mother dancing at a particular event? The same can be said of objects that may have sat in our family homes.

I have a very particular memory of a piece of art that hung in my grandparents’ apartment in New York City. I was no older than three years old at the time but I can tell you every detail of that painting, where it hung in the room, and even how it made me feel.

Grandfather clocks often have that effect on adults, as they are familiar to them as something special from their childhoods. This is because grandfather clocks have been popular through the generations; you are just as likely to run into them in a home today as you would be in a home forty or even fifty years ago.

Perhaps this is the reason that so many people choose to place a grandfather clock in their home today – so that it can become a memory for their own children or grandchildren. Grandfather clocks can quickly take their place in a home and become an instant memory for kids – an object that reminds them of home and family!

Grandfather Clocks: Never Out of Style


So much of what passes for décor in the modern world are simply trendy styles that, while they are popular today, will just as quickly be considered passé. Such is the fine line that home decorators must acknowledge when setting out to outfit their home. Unless they have the money to change home design every couple of years it is best to go with something that is more classic in nature; traditional designs are hard pressed to ever go out of style.

To this end, it makes sense to choose more neutral paint tones that are likely to go with a variety of furniture styles, as well as choose classic furniture pieces that will always be in style regardless of the trends that come and go. Instead, the place where trendy style should be infused is in the smaller things; those that can be replaced easily and affordably whenever there is a new style to exhibit.

Beyond furniture, there are certain pieces that are also considered “classic” and able to maintain their integrity regardless of the time period in which they are being used and the trends popular at the time – including grandfather clocks.

Grandfather clocks – because they have been around so long, having first been designed in the late 1600s – are always going to have a classic appeal; which means they can be used in a variety of settings and never go about of style, regardless of the trends that may be displayed around them.

Luckily, grandfather clocks can be purchased through online resources where a variety of styles can be browsed through and purchased directly, courtesy of the Internet.

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