Grandfather clocks

Prestigious Prize Ticks Toward a New Credibility


The Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix has been criticized in the past for perceived favoritism of certain brands, but its 2011 selection appears to have convinced even the skeptics.

Timepieces Made Specially for the Facebook Crowd


The scion of an old Swiss watchmaking family sells his watches online and markets them through Facebook and Twitter, a novelty in the mostly exclusive world of independent watchmakers.

Lots of Novelties Heading to Geneva Show


Swiss watch companies just finished a banner year, but they will offer a number of new inventions to help keep interest high as the global economy remains uncertain.

Year of the Dragon Is the Time to Strike


Fearful of a downturn in the Chinese economy, makers of luxury watches are hoping to profit from the new year and its auspicious animal symbol.

Independents Do It Their Own Way


An easy-to-overlook community of independent watchmakers operates in the shadows of the business, far from the klieg lights that shine on their name-brand competitors.

Chinese Wealth Shows in Higher Watch Auction Prices


Interest in wristwatches and other mechanical arts as historical objects has pushed the prices higher, and new wealth in China has stoked the rise.

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