From August 2011

Stunning Home Libraries

Whether it holds a few shelves of favorite reads or floor-to-ceiling first editions, a home library is a window into the mind—and style—of its owner. We’ve rounded up more than a dozen book-filled rooms from the pages of AD that are s...

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Grandfather Clock History Revisited

The history of grandfather clocks is something we have written a lot about, both in this Blog and on our main website  The grandfather clock, or back in 1650 around the time and in later years was better known as a Floor Clock or Tallcase Clock or Longcase Clock, was first made by abc, …

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World’s New Largest Clock

Earlier this month, Saudi Arabia, in the Holy City of Mecca, has introduced the newest largest tower clock in the world, larger even than England’s 4 sided Big Ben Tower Clock in London’s Parliament.  It’s introduction was timed to coincide with the Muslim Holy Fasting Month of Ramadan.  You may be expecting a grandfather clock …

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