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German Cuckoo Clocks


We think we are being crystal clear both when describing our mechanical grandfather clocks as well as our German cuckoo clocks made by Schneider Clocks.  All of our mechanical grandfather clocks that we sell at and in our Stores have German made mechanical movements, whether we are talking about Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, the Hermle Grandfather Clock Collection or Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks.  We try to make this very clear in the product description for each individual grandfather clock.  The same is true for our mechanical cuckoo clocks, whether of the 1 Day or 8 Day mechanical movement variety.

We were therefore a bit surprised to receive the following very sincere and certainly legitimate inquiry from a prospective cuckoo clock customer with the following question, and with our answer following just below (all personal identifying information has been redacted to prevent the privacy of our customers, as we always do zealously.

From: Abraham Lincoln
Sent: Saturday, January 29, 2011 1:33 AM
Subject: schn-8TMT-1072-9 cuckoo clock


Will you please send me some more specific information about this clock? Specifically, I’m looking for a list of materials which outline the construction of this clock. As well, do you sell wooden weights for this unit? Is it a stock item? I understand that this clock will come with an authenticity certificate- please confirm that this is correct.

Thank you! Subject to satisfactory answers, I am very interested.

Our response follows:

Hi Abraham (Lincoln) –

I believe we have solid answers to all of your questions on this clock. See below.

schneider-8TMT-1072-9 cuckoo clock

Cuckoo Clock <- [Links to clock on our website]
List: $2,403.00

SALE: $1,441.80

Cuckoo Clock <- [Links to clock on our website] List: $2,403.00 SALE: $1,441.80 The materials used in the construction of the clock are all solid wood grown in Germany and indigenous to the Black Forest, and more specifically known as Linden wood. The case is made of this solid wood, including even the cuckoo bird, dancers, fisherman and animals. The dial and hands are made of solid wood as well. The clock is guaranteed to be an authentic and genuine Schneider Cuckoo Clock, and does come with a Certificate of Authenticity stating as such, including its Black Forest German origin. This model is currently in stock in our US warehouse. Unless specified otherwise, the clock normally ships with cast iron weights. Hand-carved wooden weights are available as an alternative (and are currently in stock), for a total addition cost of US$150 (total “upgrade cost” for the 3 wooden weights as an alternative). To give you the best idea of the shape of the wooden vs. metal weights, take a look at the weights on this clock -> . The color would be better coordinated with your clock choice above (and the picture isn’t the greatest quality either … sorry about that!), but you can definitely get a good sense of the wooden weights by looking at these.

At your convenience, let us know your thoughts!

Warm regards,
Customer Service

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