Grandfather clocks

Mystery Grandfather Clock, on a Sandbar


Perhaps you have read over the last day or two about a Baby Grand Piano that was mysteriously found floating but grounded on a sandbar in Key Biscayne Bay in Florida.

Now would not it have been as cool or more so if a grandfather clock or grandmother clock were found sitting on that same sandbar, or perhaps, and I am getting inspired here, having multiple grandfather clocks each on its own tiny raft, and providing the time and chimes and gongs to passing boats and passerby’s. Maybe sometime soon, and remember you read it here first. I can see a cluster of grandfather clocks such as a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock, one of the Ridgeway grandfather clock collection choices, an autowind Hermle Floor Clock, and, after all, at least 1 time and tide clock, an atomic wall clock suitably mounted, and 1 nautical ships bell clock.

Interesting thing about taking credit for a creative idea, whether a piano in the middle of a Bay, or almost anything. Interestingly, a baby grand piano is very much the same type of item a person who buys a grandfather clock might also own, or considering owning. Same holds true for a person buying grandfather clocks being a similar demographic to piano shoppers (some stores, of which this writer knows of none currently in existence, carried on their floor both grandfather clocks and pianos in their showrooms). Once the piano caper, as I will call it, started to get a lot of national publicity, see piano not a grandfather clock by clicking here , others started claiming credit for it as their idea.  It was not.  Finally, a 16 year old boy, who at least now if not before is calling himself an artist, said he placed it out there as a statement of his creativity.  He hopes it will help him get into a college of his choice.

While it most probably will work, a grandfather clock on a sandbar would have made him an absolute shoe-in at any institution of higher learning.

Timepieces Go From Thin to Thinner


The first show of the season in Europe displays a newly trimmed down set of watches.

Big Brands and Freeloaders Jostle for Attention at the Geneva Watch Salon


The invitation-only salon bills itself as the landmark gathering for the fine watch sector. But other companies not in the salon’s fold were angling for a piece of the action.

Howard Miller Floor Clock Collection


The terms Floor Clocks is essentially synonymous with grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks.  Longcase clocks, as they are also known, have a free standing case, with rectangular shaped waist, almost always in wood, with a swinging pendulum and one to three weights.  The chiming mechanical grandfather clocks play Westminster chimes most frequently.  Floor clocks with triple chimes most frequently also have a choice of the Whittington Chimes or the St Michael’s Chimes.  In recent years, Howard Miller has introduced mechanical grandfather cl0cks that also play the Beethoven Ave Maria and Schubert Ode to Joy Chimes in addition to the Westminster Chimes, also known as the Big Ben Chimes.

Grandmother Clocks, simply put, are simply shorter versions of grandfather clocks, which may also include signature designs such as being thinner.  Yet grandfather clock height, with the dividing line we generally use being eighty inches, in where one may cross the height line between grandmother and grandfather clocks.  It is worthy of note that many other experts may use different height, or even trait, definitions of the distinctions between Floor Clocks known as grandmother clocks and grandfather clocks.

Granddaughter Clocks, which are generally much much smaller, maybe two to four inches in height, have also been popular at different points in clock and horological history.  At the time of this writing, it is really only antique granddaughter clocks that one is likely to find for sale.  None of the major high-end grandfather clock makers, including Hermle Clocks, Ridgeway Clocks, Bulova Clocks, and Howard Miller Clocks offer granddaughter clocks for  sale.

It is worth noting here that 1-800-4CLOCKS introduced successfully Grandson Clocks™ a couple of years ago.  In some ways these may be similar to miniature grandfather clocks, but are generally larger than most all of those miniature floor clocks.

Which term do you prefer?  One of the above?  How about Hall Clocks, also used by many high-end makers including Herschede Grandfather Clocks, or Tall Case Clocks, a term used particularly in England and to a lesser extent in Western Europe in general.  Let us know your thoughts.

A Living Museum of Watchmaking


Against all odds, Minerva survives the industry’s ups and downs in the village where it began.

A Driving Passion Influences Design


The influence of fast cars on watches has often been most obvious in dial design, with, for example, the incorporation of subdials suggesting the speed counters on racecar dashboards.

Tourbillon Returns, Defying Economic Gravity


One sign that the industry is confident about the nascent economic recovery is the unabashed pride that many makers are taking in touting their newest tourbillons again.

Antique Pocket Watches Back in Vogue


“Buyers of antique pocket watches are mostly from Taiwan, China or the Middle East,” said Aurel Bacs, international head of watches at Christie’s.

Cartier Looks for Recognition in Watchmaking


The jeweler, having set up a watchmaking operation in Switzerland in 2001, released a new model last year and is unveiling another this week as it seeks to burnish its watch credentials.

Louis Vuitton Takes the Plunge in Basel


Louis Vuitton, will take part for the first time , this year, in the Baselworld watch fair. It will take over a canal boat and dock it in front of Les Trois Rois, the hotel on the Rhine, a short walk from the Baselworld bustle.

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