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Moving Grandfather Clock Gift Story


Here below is an actual letter we at received from a grandfather clocks customer who recently purchased a really nice cable-driven Howard Miller grandfather clock for his Father as a very special gift.  Read it, enjoy, and think.

I wanted to thank you for all of your help with placing my order. I received the clock yesterday and as you said, setting it up was pretty easy. Even easier than I expected it to be. I should also let you know that your delivery service was great. They arrived exactly when they said they would, which gave me time to get everything set up before my dad got home from work.

When my dad got home from work I presented the clock to him and he was overwhelmed. Tearing up, he told me that he had abandoned his dream of ever owning one because of all life’s other financial demands.   He was simply stunned.

But what really showed how special it was is how much he knew about the clock without even looking at the manual. He immediately identified it as a Howard-Miller. When the clock gonged on the hour, he immediately identified it as the “Big Ben Gong”.   He knew the difference between the the three chimes and even began telling me about their origins. He looked inside the casing and was able to explain to me how the moon dial worked, which gears and weights operated the chimes and the gong and the clock mechanism itself, and even knew why and how to wind it.

I knew he’d always wanted one, but I never knew just how much this man loved clocks.

So thank you again for your help. I offer my best wishes that your family and business stay healthy and thrive this Christmas and in the new year to come.

Merry Christmas,
Name withheld

P.S.  Attached is a picture.  Sorry it came out a bit blurry.

Custom Grandfather Clock


We at get many requests for varying forms of customization of grandfather clocks.  Some are easy, such as adding a engraved brass plaque strategically placed on the grandfather clock.  Others are much more involved, with customers wanting to use corporate logos on dials, or even of the pendulum of the grandfather clocks.

We must always be careful that whatever trademark of a logo, whether it be of a cartoon character, university, corporation, major baseball league or NFL or PGA, that we either have the requisite permissions and/or that we are not violating any trademark or copyright laws when we produce custom grandfather clocks.  The same holds true when we are making customized wall clocks, custom office clocks, atomic clocks, or mantel clocks.  The same rules apply as for a custom grandfather clock.

As most readers would imagine, individuals can be quite creative when coming up with ideas for customized grandfather clocks.  Pictures of loved ones on the dial, a sketch of an individual on the pendulum bob, wedding anniversary pictures — the perfect wedding anniversary gift — pictures of the bride and groom to be, or shortly afterward with an actual wedding photo can be the ideal wedding gift.  Then there are grandfather clocks with cartoon characters, company logos, individual names, and many other variations.  Grandfather clocks with customized sounds or voices, or even custom clock chimes, is a request we get quite often.  We may one day be able to meet this market need, but not as of yet.

Many organizations use the customization of grandfather clocks or mantle clocks in particular as recognition awards, sales achievement gifts, years of service award, retirement gifts, corporate party gifts, incentive awards, and for promotional incentives or specialty gift prizes.

How creative can you be in the design of a one of a kind grandfather clock?  Grandfather clocks are a gift that can be treasured by generations, and an interesting of effective customization could help in making the floor clock or grandmother clock even more of an heirloom quality special piece of furniture than it ever otherwise could be.  Tell that one to your interior decorator or when consulting with your interior designer on your home decor.

Grandfather Clocks Deals


Well, on some of our popular models of Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks and a Hermle Grandfather Clock, we have lowered our prices yet again.  We are trying very hard to get into offering the Holiday Discount experience with grandfather clocks on sale and the equivalent of grandfather clock Deals of the Day.  They may change from day to day and time to time.

Take a special look at our Specials and Hot Deals part of our website at and see the grandfather clocks section and some special wall clock pricing on a great Hermle regulator wall clock.

It’s worth keeping a special eye out on our new Rhythm Clocks, as well as wall clocks and mantel clocks of all types.  Our mantle clocks run the gamut from the highest end mechanical chiming models to quartz chiming and quartz time models. A lot is also happening in the Atomic Clocks or RC Radio Controlled Clocks marketplace, and we are also finding a great demand for office clocks, as well as custom wall clocks which can be used by corporations, universities, and many other types of organizations including hospitals and even Assisted Living facilities.

Keep an eye out, and keep in touch with us for all your new clocks needs.

An iPod Watch Project Explodes Online


A project to turn an iPod Nano into a wristwatch has attracted over $540,000 in funding online through Kickstarter.

Grandfather Clock Showroom


How many grandfather clocks do you display in your showroom?  Will I see the complete line of Howard Miller grandfather clocks and Ridgeway grandfather clocks when I visit one of your stores or locations?

These are questions we get very frequently.  Some want to see the entire line of the Howard Miller Presidential Grandfather clocks such as the Eisenhower grandfather clock, the Reagan grandfather clock, or the Taylor grandfather clock, which are the most popular floor clocks.  Others want to see the JH Miller Howard Miller Grandfather Clock or the tubular chime JH Miller II Howard Miller Floor Clock.  May just want to look and compare the woods and quality of different clocks and grandfather clocks by brand and by type.  Some just want to hear the Westminster Chimes, or hear the chiming of the Schubert Ave Maria Chimes or the Beethoven Ode to Joy chimes that are on the Howard Miller Eisenhower II Grandfather Clock or the Howard Miller Clayton or Howard Miller Stewart grandfather clocks.  Hermle grandfather clocks and the Ridgeway grandfather clock selection are also eagerly sought to be viewed by clocks shoppers.

No matter whether it is a limited edition grandfather clock, a contemporary grandfather clock, one of the classic traditional grandfather clocks, or even our antique grandfather clocks, customers frequently naturally want to touch and hear and feel these clocks before they make grandfather clock purchases of thousands of dollars.  This is true whether one is offering the best grandfather clocks on sale or deepest grandfather clock discounts.  Or whether they are interested in grandfather clocks or grandmother clocks.

And beware the exchange policies of many grandfather clock retailers.  The most savvy consumers who actually read the fine print will find that the “no hassle” money back guarantee is actually void once the grandfather clock’s container is opened.  And even if no restocking fees are charged, watch out for the Return Shipping Fees for which the customer on his or her own will sometimes be responsible.  This can easily amount in many instances to around $1,000 plus or minus a few hundred dollars.  All the more reason to want to see before you buy.

Herein lies the rub!  The challenge many grandfather clock shoppers will face is that the grandfather clock showroom as it used to exist, and with the location frequency that used to make them prevalent throughout the country, is very sadly mostly an artifact of the past.  The economics of retail real estate and clocks manufacturing and retail sales, not to mention rising and falling consumer demand for clocks of different kinds, has led to almost an evaporation of the grandfather clocks showroom as it used to exist.  An example is Fortunoff, which years ago had grandfather clocks in their Manhattan Fifth Avenue location along with wall clocks and mantle clocks.  Years passed, and grandfather clocks were nowhere to be found at the Manhattan location, but could be found in the Woodbury Commons Shopping Mall a drive away.  The Fortunoff no longer carried even wall clocks and mantel clocks in the Manhattan Flagship location.  And then a few years later they filed for bankruptcy twice, the second time, at least for now, seemingly putting them out of business for good.

Now while clocks were a very small part of Fortunoff’s revenue and profit, their history does correlate with that of many clock dealers.  At our Grand Central Station Store, we always aimed to have 3-4 grandfather clocks on display.  And I believe we had the largest display in Manhattan, with 3-4 grandfather clocks.  That by itself says a lot!

So what is a serious thoughtful grandfather clocks shopper supposed to do?  It can be a vexing and difficult question.  We work with grandfather and grandmother clock shoppers to help make sure they understand what the best alternatives are, and address their questions and concerns as best we can.

While we believe we do a very good job in making that happen for our grandfather and wall and mantle clocks customers, there is absolutely no doubt that the times, they are a changing.

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