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Grandfather Clocks 50% Off One Time Special Promotion


Until these specific and wonderful Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks and Hermle Grandfather Clock Models run out or year-end, whichever comes first, we are offering discounts on these select models of up to 50% and more off of the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

We have 3 models of grandfather clocks that fall in to this category, 2 Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks and 1 Hermle Grandfather Clock.  All are cable driven grandfather clocks which are popular and higher-end grandfather clocks amongst the highest-end floor clocks.  The Hermle grandfather clock was made 100% in Germany, including both the case and the German Hermle mechanical weight-driven movement.  The 2 Howard Miller grandfather clocks are both designed by Ty Pennington of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and general home decor and home and interior decorating and home and office design fame.  These elegant contemporary grandfather clocks also have German weight driven cable driven movements, made by Kieninger, and the cases are Made in the USA at Howard Miller’s Michigan Factory. Some of these clocks might well also be considered grandmother clocks, and are always known as floor clocks.

These are the three grandfather clocks and grandfather clock discounts you may want to take a very special look at:

Howard Miller Joslin Grandfather Clock 611-156 611156

Howard Miller Joslin Grandfather Clock 611-156 611156

Hermle Grandfather Clock Model 01166-Q20461

Hermle Grandfather Clock Model 01166-Q20461

Howard Miller Harvest Moon Grandfather Clock 611-146 611146

Howard Miller Harvest Moon Grandfather Clock 611-146 611146

These are three grandfather clock specials that will not come likely come along again anytime soon.  It is somewhat ironic that this post is being put up just after Black Friday came to an end and Cyber Monday is ending.  But if you are the sort of grandfather clocks shopper who is looking for grandfather clocks on sale, and looking for coupon codes for, these are the best deals you are likely to see both now and for some time to follow.

Cheap Grandfather Clocks


Especially during this time of year, with Black Friday having just passed, and Cyber Monday rapidly approaching, many customers have grandfather clocks discounts and bargains at the top of their mind.  They only want to shop when they see Grandfather Clocks Sale.

One grandfather clocks website the author of this blog post recently visited proudly proclaimed “… grandfather clocks can never be too cheap and will always give your home a classy, nostalgic and dependable look.”  While we agree with the bigger picture sentiment that a grandfather clock can certainly enhance the appearance of any home, there are many cheap grandfather clocks out there that if one purchases, one is essentially purchasing a pricey headache and not at all a good grandfather clock.

Let us revisit the dictionary definition of cheap, and look at whether it might mean inexpensive grandfather clocks, or cheap grandfather clocks:


adjective, -er, -est, adverb, noun



costing very little; relatively low in price; inexpensive: a cheap dress.

costing little labor or trouble: Words are cheap.

charging low prices: a very cheap store.

of little account; of small value; mean; shoddy: cheap conduct; cheap workmanship.

Definition 4, from is particularly apropos of what needs to be kept in mind

We had a post recently about the finest grandfather clocks and grandfather clock brands and makers, and what to look out for when considering the purchase of a high quality grandfather clock.  While we will not say there is no place for inexpensive grandfather clocks, most all grandfather clock shoppers are going in with eyes wide closed.  They will pay hundreds of dollars for a grandfather clock that looks nice, but they likely have no idea what trade-offs they have just made by being an ignorant consumer.

The chimes will almost always be of an inferior quality to any of the grandfather clocks brands we sell, which include Howard Miller grandfather clocks, Hermle grandfather clocks, and Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks, among others.  The cases will likely have plastic and particle board wood, when there is even wood.  Many require major assemble.  We also get all too many calls from individuals who have purchased grandfather clocks from leading retailers and mass merchandisers, only to find out that their new grandfather clock does not even have an instruction booklet, and there is no way to figure out or contact the manufacturer.  Many of  names of these bargain grandfather clocks have been quite cleverly names so they appear to be models made by the most respected manufacturers.  And these companies are clever enough to name a grandfather clock after, say, a high-end mechanical chiming wall clock so that they can claim they have not even caused customer confusion.  Having said that, we have seen some of our clock dealer competitors who carry these really cheap brands alongside the better brands, with similar model names, and this must create confusion for their own customers.

The bottom line for grandfather clocks shoppers is that while you may get a cheap grandfather clock, choose wisely or else you may get one that does not work from the get go, or one that is poorly made and will likely break down beyond repair, plastic parts and all, in a short period of time.

Save a few bucks today, and live with a grandfather clocks or grandmother clock or floor clock until it falls apart or breaks down.

We highly recommend asking questions of grandfather clocks experts, and make certain you know what you are getting, whatever that is.  Choosing a quartz grandfather clock, or a cable driven chiming mechanical grandfather clock, for example, is a choice that should be made by an informed grandfather clocks shopper.

Buying junk at a great price, when you are looking for more than junk, is akin to simply throwing your money away.

18th-Century Clockmaker Inspires Today’s Work


It was Antide Janvier’s mechanism that François-Paul Journe adapted for the “Chronomètre à Résonance” wristwatches that he began making 10 years ago, relying on the natural phenomenon of resonance for accuracy.

Swiss Brands Start Turning to Latin America


The excitement over Asia has obscured the growing potential of Latin America.

How a Childhood Accident Led to the Unbreakable Watch


In 1983 a young engineer at Casio Computer was determined to develop an unbreakable watch. He ultimately created one of the world’s biggest watch successes.

Following the Moon’s Rhythms


A 30-year Muslim calendar is the basis for a clock that is “a scientific observatory.”

Japanese Lacquer Technique Is Applied to Watches


Vacheron Constantin, Van Cleef & Arpels and Chopard have all teamed up with Japanese maki-e masters to release limited-edition watches.

Finest Grandfather Clocks and Floor Clocks


When shopping for grandfather clocks, how are people able to tell not only good values on specific clocks, but also whether the floor clocks they are consider are truly of good quality.  A basic grandfather clocks shopping thresh-hold question should be, in our view, whether people, once they know and have researched clock options, would truly consider the grandfather clock to be of heirloom quality.

Making the determination that a particular floor clock, or even brand of grandfather clock,  is one of the finest kinds of grandfather clocks available, is quite difficult for people who are new to shopping in this niche.  Being a smart grandfather clock shopper can be extremely difficult, especially as more and more of the low cost imitations flood the marketplace.  And guess what, the cheap imitations frequently look a lot like the high quality grandfather clocks in the photos advertising them.

Some of the inevitable surprises or risks of surprises when not shopping as an informed or educated customer include having to assemble clocks, having grandfather clocks with inferior movements, cases that may have plastic, or plywood at best.  The sad reality is that many of the so-called grandfather clocks sold today, including some at major department stores, can be legitimately classified as standing pieces of junk.  We get calls daily from customers wanted to know how to operate, or how to put together, their new xyz grandfather clocks.  Interestingly, many of them are given names that are quite misleading because they are named after specific models of well regarded grandfather clocks.  But the same name is where the relationship ends.  When we suggest these unfortunate consumers contact the manufacturer or the retailer who sold the clock to them, or consult the instruction manual included with the grandfather clock, we are almost always met with the responses that there was no instruction manual and that the retailer they purchased the grandfather clock from has no further information available.

So how can a grandfather clock or grandmother clock shopper be smart about getting a great quality floor clock while still getting a great discount, including grandfather clocks on sale, before they plunge in and make the big purchase?  Like most things in life, doing ones homework pays off in so many ways.  Consult people who know the differences between the major brands and who can explain the different types of grandfather clocks, such as quartz driven movements vs. cable driven grandfather clock movements vs. chain driven grandfather clocks.  The best place is a grandfather clocks specialty shop, like, where the people in their stores will take the time to explain these and other differences.

Differences between grandfather brands is also key to making the right purchase decision.  Understanding Howard Miller Clocks and Hermle Clocks and Ridgeway Clocks, as examples, is key to beginning to understand the potential differences and similarities with, say, a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock and a Hermle Floor Clock.

An educated consumer is the best shopper.

Grandfather Clocks Christmas


With Black Friday approaching in just a few days, and many retailers including furniture stores and grandfather clock shops alike have been having so-called early Black Friday sales, we at 1-800-4CLOCKS are sticking to our year-round grandfather clock discounts and grandfather clocks on sale pricing strategy where we aim to offer the lowest price available all the time, and every time of the year.  Add great customer service with the sale of grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, and wall clocks, it is our goal to surprise and delight the customer year round, absolutely including the period from Thanksgiving and through Christmas.

As many weddings take place during this upcoming seasonal Holiday period marking Thanksgiving and Christmas, we continue to also see many grandfather clocks shoppers who our using our Stores and website as a kind of bridal registry, for that perfect wedding gift, most frequently given as a present from the parents of the bride or groom to be.

Many grandfather clock shoppers are taking their time, not only of courses comparing prices, but also trying to understand, and taking the time and effort to make sure they do understand, the differences between different types of grandfather clocks, such as cable driven grandfather clocks vs. chain driven grandfather clocks, as well as difference both between brand such as Howard Miller Clocks and Hermle Clocks and Ridgeway Clocks, as well as differences between different clock models within and between various brands and types of clocks.  The major advantage of shopping with us is that we take the time both to educate the customer on the basics, as well as to get down to the very nitty gritty details many well informed customers and smart shoppers want to understand before making a final decision.

It is probably our single greatest advantage in being able to add value as a specialty store staffed by grandfather clock experts, as well as experts in all types of clocks including mantle clocks and wall clocks.  Go to a major Department Store or Mass Merchandiser or even  a furniture store and ask any semi-sophisticated question about a grandfather clock they may have available for sale, and the odds are overwhelming the answer you get, while perhaps not silence, may actually be of negative value because of their lack of expertise in this area.

We welcome inquiries from grandfather clock and grandmother clock shoppers, as well as people on the hunt for atomic clocks, wall clocks, and mantel clocks.  Whether a mechanical grandfather clock by Howard Miller Clocks, or a quartz chiming Floor Clock by Hermle, or a quartz wall clock by Ridgeway Clocks, we will be here to discuss all your questions.

And not unimportant, we also love what we do, and are quite enthusiastic about most all types of quality clocks.

Grandfather Clock with Atomic Timekeeping


We got a call from a customer today who was looking for a chiming grandfather clock that also had atomic time.  Do we have such a grandfather clock?  No.  Do we wish we did?  Absolutely.

Not one to be deterred, this same customer asked if we had a chiming wall clock with radio controlled or atomic time.  After pausing for a moment, I realized we not only do not carry such a wall clock, but we have never seen such a clock, or standalone clock movement which could be fitted with a case, ever with our vast experience and deep knowledge base.

An atomic grandfather clock with chimes, or an atomic chiming wall clock, both sound to us as something that could be a solid seller.  There would be the issue of keeping the chimes in exact sequence with the timing of the clock, but isn’t that what clockwork is all about anyway.

Seiko Clocks are you listening?  Howard Miller Clocks, what do you think?  LaCrosse Technology and Infinity Instruments, how would you feel about adding such items to your lineup.  Perhaps Seth Thomas Clocks can make these a gangbusters hit and help revive the clock industry to its previous glory days when it was the preeminent manufacturer in the USA.  Hermle Clocks, what do you think? Rhythm Clocks and Bulova clocks would also be logical manufacturers of such innovative products.

The next question is if only one could be developed, should one go for the grandfather clock or the wall clock with chiming and atomic time?  What are your thoughts?  We would be very interested in knowing your points of view.

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