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Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks Selection


As most online grandfather clock shoppers know, Howard Miller is both the largest maker of grandfather clocks, not only in the USA but also worldwide, and offers the greatest selection of grandfather clock choices.

The Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks selection offers many choices, including some very high-end Howard Miller Limited Edition Models (including the JH Miller Grandfather Clock and JH Miller II Grandfather Clock), the Howard Miller Presidential Grandfather Clocks series (including the Howard Miller Reagan Grandfather Clock, the Howard Miller Taylor Grandfather Clock, and the Howard Miller Eisenhower Grandfather Clock).

The Howard Miller Ambassador Collection includes model  611-062 Howard Miller Foreman Grandfather Clock, the model 611-046 Howard Miller Lindsey Grandfather Clock, the model 611-048 Howard Miller Nicolette Grandfather Clock,  and the model  611-132 Howard Miller Stratford Grandfather Clock.

The Limited Edition, Presidential, and Ambassador Collection grandfather clocks by Howard Miller Clocks are all great selections.  And there are many more floor clocks selections including Howard Miller cable-driven grandfather clocks, Howard Miller chain-driven grandfather clocks, and quartz or battery driven grandfather clocks by Howard Miller Clocks.

Among the Howard Miller Cable Driven grandfather clocks, there are many choices, including triple chime grandfather clocks, working moondials or moonphase dials, clocks with automatic night-time shutoff, illuminated grandfather clock dials, illuminated cabinets also known as the waist which houses the pendulum  and the weights, and many case choices in different woods and with different carvings, wood inlays, balancing feet below the bottom of the clock case to enable the Howard Miller grandfather clocks to be more easily balanced, and features unique to specific clocks.

Here is a selection of the Howard Miller Limited Edition Grandfather Clocks:

Here is a selection of the Howard Miller Presidential Grandfather Clocks:

Here is a selection of the Howard Miller Ambassador Grandfather Clocks:

Here is a selection of the Howard Miller Chain Driven Grandfather Clocks:

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Bulova Exiting Grandfather Clocks Business


Bulova Clocks, known informally both as the Bulova Clock Company and Bulova Watch Company, has pretty much exited the grandfather clocks marketplace. We are deeply disappointed with Bulova’s decision to stop manufacturing these high quality gorgeous grandfather clocks.

Bulova took over the designs of the Sligh Grandfather Clock Company, also known as Sligh Furniture, when Sligh itself decided to exit the grandfather clock marketplace several years ago. Sligh had a great reputation in the business, and Bulova carried on with the same quality and worksmanship in the making of these Floor Clocks, with the same German mechanical movements made by Hermle and with the cases being made in Canada.

There still are other makers of grandfather clocks with many many offerings of super high quality grandfather clocks, including Howard Miller Clocks, the Hermle Grandfather Clock Collection, Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks, and Kieninger Clocks. All of these high-end mechanical grandfather or tall case or longcase clocks have mechanical movements that are German, and have solid wood cases of excellent quality. They offer both cable driven and chain driven weight driven grandfather clocks. At a lower price point, they also offer quartz or battery operated grandfather clocks.

We hope another grandfather clock maker will take over many of the design, and perhaps even use the same manufacturing facility-plant in Canada to keep making these great clocks. It is worth noting that Sligh had made some clocks many years ago which were wonderful reproductions of other classic clocks. While that may be wishful thinking, perhaps these much older designs could also be brought back to life.

We will continue to be an Authorized Dealer for Bulova Mantel Clocks and Bulova Wall Clocks. As we will for Bulova wristwatches and Accutron watches and Wittnauer wrist watches and Caravellenwrist-watches as well.

Our assumption is that Bulova, with a history more in wristwatches and watches than clocks, wants to focus more on its core competency in wrist-watches.

Bulova, it is not too late, and we hope you will change your mind and stay in the grandfather clock business for many years ahead.

Bulova Villa Grandfather Clock Model G0801

Bulova Villa Grandfather Clock Model G0801

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