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Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks Selection


As most online grandfather clock shoppers know, Howard Miller is both the largest maker of grandfather clocks, not only in the USA but also worldwide, and offers the greatest selection of grandfather clock choices.

The Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks selection offers many choices, including some very high-end Howard Miller Limited Edition Models (including the JH Miller Grandfather Clock and JH Miller II Grandfather Clock), the Howard Miller Presidential Grandfather Clocks series (including the Howard Miller Reagan Grandfather Clock, the Howard Miller Taylor Grandfather Clock, and the Howard Miller Eisenhower Grandfather Clock).

The Howard Miller Ambassador Collection includes model  611-062 Howard Miller Foreman Grandfather Clock, the model 611-046 Howard Miller Lindsey Grandfather Clock, the model 611-048 Howard Miller Nicolette Grandfather Clock,  and the model  611-132 Howard Miller Stratford Grandfather Clock.

The Limited Edition, Presidential, and Ambassador Collection grandfather clocks by Howard Miller Clocks are all great selections.  And there are many more floor clocks selections including Howard Miller cable-driven grandfather clocks, Howard Miller chain-driven grandfather clocks, and quartz or battery driven grandfather clocks by Howard Miller Clocks.

Among the Howard Miller Cable Driven grandfather clocks, there are many choices, including triple chime grandfather clocks, working moondials or moonphase dials, clocks with automatic night-time shutoff, illuminated grandfather clock dials, illuminated cabinets also known as the waist which houses the pendulum  and the weights, and many case choices in different woods and with different carvings, wood inlays, balancing feet below the bottom of the clock case to enable the Howard Miller grandfather clocks to be more easily balanced, and features unique to specific clocks.

Here is a selection of the Howard Miller Limited Edition Grandfather Clocks:

Here is a selection of the Howard Miller Presidential Grandfather Clocks:

Here is a selection of the Howard Miller Ambassador Grandfather Clocks:

Here is a selection of the Howard Miller Chain Driven Grandfather Clocks:

Thank you for reading our Blog, and we look forward to your continued input and interest.

Bulova Exiting Grandfather Clocks Business


Bulova Clocks, known informally both as the Bulova Clock Company and Bulova Watch Company, has pretty much exited the grandfather clocks marketplace. We are deeply disappointed with Bulova’s decision to stop manufacturing these high quality gorgeous grandfather clocks.

Bulova took over the designs of the Sligh Grandfather Clock Company, also known as Sligh Furniture, when Sligh itself decided to exit the grandfather clock marketplace several years ago. Sligh had a great reputation in the business, and Bulova carried on with the same quality and worksmanship in the making of these Floor Clocks, with the same German mechanical movements made by Hermle and with the cases being made in Canada.

There still are other makers of grandfather clocks with many many offerings of super high quality grandfather clocks, including Howard Miller Clocks, the Hermle Grandfather Clock Collection, Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks, and Kieninger Clocks. All of these high-end mechanical grandfather or tall case or longcase clocks have mechanical movements that are German, and have solid wood cases of excellent quality. They offer both cable driven and chain driven weight driven grandfather clocks. At a lower price point, they also offer quartz or battery operated grandfather clocks.

We hope another grandfather clock maker will take over many of the design, and perhaps even use the same manufacturing facility-plant in Canada to keep making these great clocks. It is worth noting that Sligh had made some clocks many years ago which were wonderful reproductions of other classic clocks. While that may be wishful thinking, perhaps these much older designs could also be brought back to life.

We will continue to be an Authorized Dealer for Bulova Mantel Clocks and Bulova Wall Clocks. As we will for Bulova wristwatches and Accutron watches and Wittnauer wrist watches and Caravellenwrist-watches as well.

Our assumption is that Bulova, with a history more in wristwatches and watches than clocks, wants to focus more on its core competency in wrist-watches.

Bulova, it is not too late, and we hope you will change your mind and stay in the grandfather clock business for many years ahead.

Bulova Villa Grandfather Clock Model G0801

Bulova Villa Grandfather Clock Model G0801

J Howard Miller Herman Miller Howard Miller


Many people in the grandfather clocks world and the office furniture wold know full well know full well the histories and achievements of both Herman Miller and Howard Miller.  Herman Miller was the father of Howard Miller, and Howard Miller left the Herman Miller Furniture company in the 1920s, I believe, to start up the Howard Miller Clocks Company, which to this day remains the largest manufacturer of grandfather clocks in the world.  Howard Miller clocks also makes great wall clocks, mantle clocks, desktop clocks, atomic clocks, alarm clocks and more.

So who is J Howard Miller, a name that one will often coming across when doing research on Herman Miller and Howard Miller.

J Howard Miller is a noted artist who lived from 1918 to 2004, who was known for many of his works, but probably best known for his artwork during World War II, some of which became iconic images from and for the war.  At that time, Westinghouse was one of many very important suppliers to the military, and one mission it was tagged with was to come up with a series of posters by the National War Production Board.    J Howard Miller got the assignment.

Below are 2 works of art that will likely look familiar to anyone who either lived through WWII or who has studied the period in any depth.  J Howard Miller painted this work while working for Westinghouse, which was a major supplier to the USA Armed Forces.  This iconic image came to be associated with Rosie the Riveter, even though it was Norman Rockwell whose artwork actually led to the Rosie the Riveter term coming into use.

Frequently referred to as Rosie the Riveter

Frequently referred to as Rosie the Riveter

Another of J Howard Miller’s works will also look familiar to those who have lived through or studied World War II.  Here is that one:

J Howard Miller WWII Art Showing Womens Commitment and Strength

J Howard Miller WWII Art Showing Womens Commitment and Strength

We wish we knew more about the art work, many of which are still sold as posters today, that J Howard Miller created and that certainly inspired millions of men and women working at home and abroad defending and supporting the US and its allies in the war.

Here is one question we are not sure of the answer to.  Is J Howard Miller related to Howard Miller and Herman Miller?  Did he ever have anything to do the the grandfather clocks and wall clocks and mantel clocks business at Howard Miller Clocks?  We have not found any direct references linking the lineage of these people.  It is worth noting that Howard Miller’s most expensive 2 grandfather clocks are known as the JH Miller Grandfather Clock I and JH Miller Grandfather Clock II.  Perhaps a pure coincidence.  Maybe not.  Anyone who knows for sure one way or the other is encouraged to let us know, and to supply definitive source documentation.  Come to think of it, the Howard Miller Clock Company is still run by a direct descendant of Howard Miller. We hope to find out, and soon, one way or the other.

Like Clockwork Grandfather Clocks


As an admirer of precision grandfather clocks, including astro-regulators, I was struck that on the day after the world’s newest longest tunnel, beneath the Swiss Alps, a picture similar to the one below in The New York Times, with the caption, Like Clockwork.  This amazing mechanical marvel was photographed as the tunnel broke through on the other end, with the Miners celebrating after a giant drilling machine completed the world’s longest tunnel beneath the Swiss Alps this past Friday.

The photo below should be credited to Fabrice Coffrini/Agence France-Presse, and Getty Images.

Worlds Longest Tunnel beneath Swiss Alps Reuters

Clocks of all kinds are mechanical miracles, and were in most ways the earliest precision mechanical instruments presaging the industrial revolution that has helped propel us forward to where we are today with technology driven products and capabilities.

Wall clocks, mantel clocks, mantle clocks, grandmother clocks and grandfather clocks both antique and new share some of the common heritage that led mankind to be able to invent such a tunnel digging machine that is truly magnificent, and no doubt has many working wheels and springs and even motors which have been used through the ages of clocks.

Would this not make a magnificent design for a clock, or even a wristwatch?  The similarities in shape, structure and design cannot be overlooked.

We would encourage clock makers like Howard Miller Clocks and Hermle Clocks and the Ridgeway Clock company to consider incorporating a design like this into either a wall clock or mantel clocks.

Largest Grandfather Clock Company in the World


Do you know who the largest maker of grandfather clocks is in the world?  It is Howard Miller Clocks, based in Zeeland, Michigan.  Howard Miller has been the leader in the high-end grandfather clock marketplace for at least a generation.

The term favored by Howard Miller Clock company for grandfather clocks is Floor Clocks.  Other names for these same freestanding, pendulum enclosed weight driven clocks include tall-case clocks, longcase clocks, and also hall clocks.  Shorter versions of these same clocks are known as grandmother clocks.  The two most commons designs, at least for traditional grandfather clocks, are with a Swans Neck, known also as a Split Pediment top, with a finial in the middle of the top, or a bonnet which is more of a rounded top, frequently with intricately carved designs in and around the bonnet.

Howard Miller has all these clocks and more.  Contemporary grandfather clocks are a staple of the Howard Miller Clock Collection.  The core components of the definition of grandfather clocks on sale are have not changed, and have almost always including gonging or chiming on the hour and half-hour, and in many cases, and more and more so over time, with chimes becoming ever more present,

Howard Miller offers grandfather clocks with the basic Westminster Chime, as is used in the London Parliament Building complex including Westminster Abbey, and also also triple chime grandfather clocks that most typical include also the Whittington Chimes and the Saint Michaels Chimes.  Beethoven’s Ode to Joy and Schubert’s Ave Maria have also been added as chimes in addition to the Westminster on many grandfather clock models.

Just like in centuries past, grandfather clocks are made either as cable driven grandfather clocks or chain driven grandfather clocks.  Today’s high-end mechanical grandfather clocks most all have 8 day movements which are German made.  It used to be that there were two distinct types of movements, whose with 8 Day Movements, and those with 30 Hour Movements which were generally made for are targeted to the hired help of those wealthy enough to afford any floor clock in the first place.  Other buyers we presume were those looking for grandfather clock discounts and were more open to different types of grandfather clocks for sale.

Interestingly, if William Clement, who is largely credited with creating, or some might say inventing, in 1670 the grandfather clock form still used today in traditional grandfather clocks, saw today’s grandfather clocks, he would likely be in awe but perhaps not that surprised.

Here are some examples of Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

Howard Miller Taylor Grandfather Clock 610-648 610648

Example of Traditional Grandfather Clock from Howard Miller’s Presidential Collection –

Howard Miller Taylor Grandfather Clock 610-648 610648

Howard Miller Urban Floor III Grandfather Clock 660125 660-125

Howard Miller Urban Floor III Grandfather Clock 660125 660-125

Grandfather Clocks in Every Pot


While this may sound absurd simply on the face of it, please read on (and then feel free to still think this idea is absurd). Everybody knows the USA economy, not to mention the global economy is in the doldrums, putting it kindly.

Now, and please think out of the box, do you know how peaceful and relaxing having a grandfather clock in your home actually is. We have always hypothesized, and truly believe (and no, FDA, or FTC) we are not making medical claims for grandfather clocks not suggesting that it can treat or cure any disease (thanks to our lawyer for that insertion!).

So, let’s assuming that having a grandfather clock in your home may not only increase your life expectancy, but will also increase the productivity, health, happiness, and even reduce the cost of needed medical help for some in the years to come. There is simply something so naturally soothing about the sound of a grandfather clock. More often than not, it brings families together, is a tradition for many, and would be a great new tradition for some.

Given that we believe the vast majority of the grandfather clocks we sell are of superior heirloom quality, these benefits can be passed down from generation to generation.

If only the platform a grandfather clock in every home had been a cornerstone of the health care overhaul, we might today have a united House and Senate. Then again, perhaps not.

From a jobs creation standpoint, ramping up to produce a grandfather clock for every home, or perhaps a mantle clock, or even mantel clocks, in homes that may not have room for a grandfather clock.

Think of the both the job creation possibilities, and the current understandable anxiety by consumers being reduced by this move.

President Obama, we know you like grandfather clocks, having one in the Oval office and one in your other working White House office, so you must know from where we are coming. Mr. President, just to save you the both the time and fear of a grandfather clocks stimulus and potential rejection on our part, we are prepared if not to take on the new role as Chief Economic Adviser, to minimally be the Chief Adviser for Job Creation, and one which we insist would need to be a cabinet level appointment.

My grandfather clocks and I will be waiting by my phone for your call. Just please do not wait too long to cal. Senator Bonheur we believe is angling for a competing grandfather clocks Bill which will mandate the color of the grandfather clocks to be his spray tan color (let us know where you get it done, as they certainly do a good job) of, according to President Obama, a fellow person of color, but that his color is not one found in nature.

So, get to work, and bring down unemployment, and be sure the grandfather clocks distribution is not handled by FEMA (only a suggestion).

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