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Howard Miller JH Miller II Limited Edition


The Howard Miller JH Miller II Limited Edition grandfather clock is one of the most exceptional grandfather clocks available in the marketplace today, anywhere!

Not only is the movement a Kieninger German made triple chime movement, but the grandfather clock’s movement is what is known as a tubular chime movement.  Most grandfather clocks shoppers, even sophisticated ones, do not know what a tubular chime grandfather clock is, or how it is different.  Instead of striking on chime rods, each of the nine hammers strike on a tube, in essence a pipe, of a different length.  Because each tube or pipe is a different length, it plays a different note.  Tubular chime grandfather clocks have a distinctly different sound than most all of the other grandfather clocks on the market today.  The sounder is deeper, richer, and will resonate throughout a home much more so than any other new clock made by any other of the top manufacturer’s of grandfather clocks today.

If one wants and can afford the highest-end grandfather clock that is not only tremendously gorgeous (more on this later), but also will be heard throughout a home, and have a deeply resonant warm rich tonal quality, this is a grandfather clock to be seriously considered.  It is absolutely an heirloom quality grandfather clock.  Here is a very small picture of it which links to the clock on our website:

Howard Miller J. H. Miller II Grandfather Clock Model 611-031 (611031) <- [Links to clock on our website]

If one looks at the larger picture on our website, one can see more clearly the 9 tubes upon which the 9 hammers will play either the Westminster Chimes, St Michaels Chimes, or Whittington Chimes, depending upon which one of the available three you select.

This clock is also a LIMITED EDITION clock for the life of the run (not per year, like some limited edition grandfather clocks), with a relatively small number being made in total, so grandfather clocks collectors might want to give special thought to this one.

The case is also spectacular and as just as teaser — you can read all about it on our website – this grandfather clock features sixteen different species of hardwoods and veneers. These are Cherry, Crotch Figured Mahogany, Russian Walnut Burl, Movingue, Maple, Ebony, Padauk, Silver Gum, Black Cherry, Magnolia, Beech, Avodire, Anegre, Pearwood, English Sycamore, and Boxwood. Some of these species are very rare.

If one want this grandfather clock with the amazing woodwork and with the relatively speaking more common, and less loud, “regular” super high quality German-made Kieninger triple chime movement which strikes the notes on chime rods, one can purchase the exact same case with this more traditional movement.

That clock is known as the Howard Miller JH Miller II Limited Edition clock, and is also being produced in a Limited Edition over the life of the clock.  If you want the best of the best without the tubular chimes, this is a grandfather clock you may want to seriously contemplate:

Howard Miller J. H. Miller Grandfather Clock Model 611-030 (611030) <- [Links to clock on our website]

This clock is also an absolute heirloom quality Limited Edition grandfather clock that would be sure to be enjoyed by many generations!  Both of these grandfather clocks are worth a special look if one is looking to purchase the best grandfather clock money can buy, and it fits within your grandfather clock budget.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks on Sale


1 Day Sale on Grandfather Clocks!  Free Shipping for Grandfather Clocks TODAY ONLY!  Lowest Grandfather Clock Prices you will find anywhere!  Get a free gift if you buy a grandfather clock from us today!

What all of the above types of come-ons from many large and small grandfather clock retailers alike have in common is that they are NOT what they appear.  Read the fine-print or watch the websites over time, as we have while looking at our competition (naturally :) ), and you will see that the grandfather clocks discounts being offered are really just their everyday sale clocks prices, and they are trying simply to get the customer to buy on impulse.

At, we have everyday low prices – see our Low Price Guarantee posted on our website – and always have free shipping and in many cases also have free in-home set-up (for Grandfather Clocks $1,000 or more) — and we don’t play games.

Speaking of games, some retailers will sell floor samples or returned items as thought they are new, without ever telling the customer.  That is a practice we have and never will undertake.  Also, prospective customers need to be certain that they are dealing with Authorized Dealers for the brand they are purchasing, or the warranty may not be valid.  Purchasers of Howard Miller Clocks have to be especially vigilant in this area as there are many websites selling Howard Miller Clocks of all types (grandfather, wall, mantle, atomic, etc.) that are NOT authorized dealers.

Another aspect to pay attention to, especially if purchasing grandfather clocks off the floor of the showroom, is whether the clock will still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.  We believe a lot of the clock shops, even those whom are authorized dealers and acting in good faith, may not know that manufacturer’s warranties, with lengths varying by manufacturer, may well have expired before the clock even left the showroom, depending upon the date the clock was manufactured.  A 4 year grandfather clock warranty expiration from the date of actual manufacture is not uncommon for some of the major clockmakers.  And finally, the “lowest price available online” for the grandfather clock may not in fact in many cases be the lowest advertised priced, if one does their homework (at 1-800-4clocks, we always keep an eye on all our competitors’ pricing).  Finally, one needs to evaluate the value of the entire package – curbside delivery, even if not described that way by the salesperson or website, can be just the beginning or your grandfather clocks shopping nightmare.

So the bottom line – don’t be fooled by the “offer expires at midnight tonight, so buy now, so you don’t forget” type of grandfather clocks sales.  Take your time, ask questions (we love it when customers call us with questions or wanting to understand differences between grandfather clocks brands or grandfather clock movements, clock chimes, pros and cons of new vs. antique grandfather clocks, grandfather clock features, or likely clock longevity if the grandfather clock is wanted partly for heirloom quality, or grandfather clock cases and types of wood questions.

A customer who does his or her grandfather clocks comparison shopping homework and understands the grandfather clock choices they are making, and why, is ultimately going to be a much more satisfied and happy grandfather clocks customer.

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