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Grandfather Clocks for Sale


Every day we are asked if we have any special grandfather clocks for sale. Our answer to this clocks question is almost always that we aim to have the lowest prices available anywhere for the leading makers of grandfather clocks. We look at the websites of Authorized Dealers for the brands we carry, and try to be sure we are being as competitive as possible with no one offering better grandfather clocks discounts or grandfather clock sales, even on individual grandfather clock models.

One need to be careful when purchasing a grandfather clock that you a buying from an Authorized Dealer for that particular brand. If you are not, the warranty will not be valid, period. Also, there are other shopping variables, for lack of a better term, that a customer needs to be aware. A very basic one is how many times has the specific grandfather clock that you are purchasing been shipped? Each time a grandfather clock ships, the potential for clocks shipping damage increases exponentially. We know of some instances where a brand new in the container major brand grandfather clock may have already been shipped 4 or more times before it goes to its ultimate customer.

Another factor to be on the lookout for is the actual age of the specific grandfather clock you a purchasing. Certain of the very best manufacturers will not honor a warranty, even if the grandfather clock is in a container that has never been opened, if the clock was made more than a certain number of years ago, with 4 years being a not uncommon cut-off point. While that may sound therefore like it is an irrelevant issue because 4 years is a long time, many grandfather clocks will sit on showroom floors or in a clock shop’s backroom or storage for longer than that. A grandfather clock customer wants to make certain they are covered for grandfather clocks warranty purposes.

An additional circumstance of which to be aware is when a grandfather clocks shop is selling a floor model, sometime also known as a grandfather clock floor sample. Some grandfather clock shops take much better care of their floor models or floor samples than other clocks shops. And there is nothing wrong with purchasing a grandfather clock floor model, which could also be referred to as a floor clock floor sample (can you say that 10 times fast), as long as the customer knows all the facts before the purchase. Some floor sample grandfather clocks may have been wound a lot, some may have been better taken care of than others, and some may have scratches or dents, or even missing parts, and perhaps a lot of dust, at least before it is cleaned off, hopefully, before it goes to the home of the new owner.

The only concern for a customer might be, or should be we think, when a grandfather clock floor sample is sold as a brand new grandfather clock or floor clock. Keep in mind whether the manufacturer’s warranty will still be valid, the potential wear and tear on the clock, the risks associated with the grandfather clock having shipped multiple times, and the condition of the grandfather clocks when they finally arrive in your home or office for setup and display in your room of choice.

We also sell antique grandfather clocks, and we need to emphasize that having a grandfather clock on display is not necessarily a bad thing.

A customer should, very simply, be aware of what is and what is not a factor in the grandfather clock discounts. And by the way, all of this applies to grandmother clocks as well, which are really only differentiated by their shorter height.

Other considerations should also come into play when considering grandfather clock discounts, which is what is included with the purchase. We think a big plus is buying from a Grandfather Clocks Specialty Store that actually knows something about grandfather clocks, and the brands, such as Howard Miller Clocks and Ridgeway Clocks and Hermle Clocks, and can really talk knowledgeably about different brands, makes, models, features, problems, and the pros and cons between specific grandfather clocks. We are happy to educate any prospective customer who wants it, and many who do end up buying a different make or model after better understanding the differences. Also included in the grandfather clock discounts is what kind of delivery and set-up are offered, which is not at all as simple as many people think when they ask if “white glove service” is provided. That term has between somewhat meaningless or something of a misnomer, as it can include or exclude so many factors which would be of importance to customers if they were better informed as to whether particular elements were included with the grandfather clock delivery or not.

Discounts and Sale Prices on grandfather clocks are great, and we always aim to offer the best. But as or more important is to know what you are or are not getting for your grandfather clock discount price.

Dear Mr Howard Miller


As an Authorized Dealer for Howard Miller Clocks, and especially as one with a toll-free number, we get many many calls from customers, frequently claiming they they think they are calling Howard Miller, when it’s quite obvious in many circumstances simply a preference to call a toll-free number when looking for Howard Miller Clocks information about xyz. Usually the giveaway to us, after asking “Is this Howard Miller?”, is when the very next question is “Well, then, do you have a toll-free telephone number for them?”. For anyone out there who is wondering, Howard Miller does NOT currently have a toll-free number to service existing or past customers.

So we were more than a little surprised when a new customer sent us a personal check made out to 1-800-4CLOCKS for the purchase of one a Howard Miller clock, also included a letter addressed to Dear Mr. Miller. While it was less than one in 10,000, it was still a surprise that someone we had spoken with, and who new us a, and had discussed various grandfather clocks not only by Howard Miller but also by other grandfather makers, would then go ahead and make this mistake. The person was also told we were an Authorized Dealer for Howard Miller, not only floor clocks but grandmother clocks, mantel and wall and atomic clocks too.

Not to mention that Mr. Howard Miller, who founded the Howard Miller Clock Company, after leaving Herman Miller Furniture (the Company his father, Herman Miller, had founded), died some number of years ago. The Miller name does however live on at Howard Miller, as Buzz Miller, a son of Howard Miller, is the current CEO of Howard Miller, which is nowadays making both clocks of all types and is making a full court press into the residential furniture marketplace.

Howard Miller JH Miller II Limited Edition


The Howard Miller JH Miller II Limited Edition grandfather clock is one of the most exceptional grandfather clocks available in the marketplace today, anywhere!

Not only is the movement a Kieninger German made triple chime movement, but the grandfather clock’s movement is what is known as a tubular chime movement.  Most grandfather clocks shoppers, even sophisticated ones, do not know what a tubular chime grandfather clock is, or how it is different.  Instead of striking on chime rods, each of the nine hammers strike on a tube, in essence a pipe, of a different length.  Because each tube or pipe is a different length, it plays a different note.  Tubular chime grandfather clocks have a distinctly different sound than most all of the other grandfather clocks on the market today.  The sounder is deeper, richer, and will resonate throughout a home much more so than any other new clock made by any other of the top manufacturer’s of grandfather clocks today.

If one wants and can afford the highest-end grandfather clock that is not only tremendously gorgeous (more on this later), but also will be heard throughout a home, and have a deeply resonant warm rich tonal quality, this is a grandfather clock to be seriously considered.  It is absolutely an heirloom quality grandfather clock.  Here is a very small picture of it which links to the clock on our website:

Howard Miller J. H. Miller II Grandfather Clock Model 611-031 (611031) <- [Links to clock on our website]

If one looks at the larger picture on our website, one can see more clearly the 9 tubes upon which the 9 hammers will play either the Westminster Chimes, St Michaels Chimes, or Whittington Chimes, depending upon which one of the available three you select.

This clock is also a LIMITED EDITION clock for the life of the run (not per year, like some limited edition grandfather clocks), with a relatively small number being made in total, so grandfather clocks collectors might want to give special thought to this one.

The case is also spectacular and as just as teaser — you can read all about it on our website – this grandfather clock features sixteen different species of hardwoods and veneers. These are Cherry, Crotch Figured Mahogany, Russian Walnut Burl, Movingue, Maple, Ebony, Padauk, Silver Gum, Black Cherry, Magnolia, Beech, Avodire, Anegre, Pearwood, English Sycamore, and Boxwood. Some of these species are very rare.

If one want this grandfather clock with the amazing woodwork and with the relatively speaking more common, and less loud, “regular” super high quality German-made Kieninger triple chime movement which strikes the notes on chime rods, one can purchase the exact same case with this more traditional movement.

That clock is known as the Howard Miller JH Miller II Limited Edition clock, and is also being produced in a Limited Edition over the life of the clock.  If you want the best of the best without the tubular chimes, this is a grandfather clock you may want to seriously contemplate:

Howard Miller J. H. Miller Grandfather Clock Model 611-030 (611030) <- [Links to clock on our website]

This clock is also an absolute heirloom quality Limited Edition grandfather clock that would be sure to be enjoyed by many generations!  Both of these grandfather clocks are worth a special look if one is looking to purchase the best grandfather clock money can buy, and it fits within your grandfather clock budget.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks on Sale


1 Day Sale on Grandfather Clocks!  Free Shipping for Grandfather Clocks TODAY ONLY!  Lowest Grandfather Clock Prices you will find anywhere!  Get a free gift if you buy a grandfather clock from us today!

What all of the above types of come-ons from many large and small grandfather clock retailers alike have in common is that they are NOT what they appear.  Read the fine-print or watch the websites over time, as we have while looking at our competition (naturally :) ), and you will see that the grandfather clocks discounts being offered are really just their everyday sale clocks prices, and they are trying simply to get the customer to buy on impulse.

At, we have everyday low prices – see our Low Price Guarantee posted on our website – and always have free shipping and in many cases also have free in-home set-up (for Grandfather Clocks $1,000 or more) — and we don’t play games.

Speaking of games, some retailers will sell floor samples or returned items as thought they are new, without ever telling the customer.  That is a practice we have and never will undertake.  Also, prospective customers need to be certain that they are dealing with Authorized Dealers for the brand they are purchasing, or the warranty may not be valid.  Purchasers of Howard Miller Clocks have to be especially vigilant in this area as there are many websites selling Howard Miller Clocks of all types (grandfather, wall, mantle, atomic, etc.) that are NOT authorized dealers.

Another aspect to pay attention to, especially if purchasing grandfather clocks off the floor of the showroom, is whether the clock will still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.  We believe a lot of the clock shops, even those whom are authorized dealers and acting in good faith, may not know that manufacturer’s warranties, with lengths varying by manufacturer, may well have expired before the clock even left the showroom, depending upon the date the clock was manufactured.  A 4 year grandfather clock warranty expiration from the date of actual manufacture is not uncommon for some of the major clockmakers.  And finally, the “lowest price available online” for the grandfather clock may not in fact in many cases be the lowest advertised priced, if one does their homework (at 1-800-4clocks, we always keep an eye on all our competitors’ pricing).  Finally, one needs to evaluate the value of the entire package – curbside delivery, even if not described that way by the salesperson or website, can be just the beginning or your grandfather clocks shopping nightmare.

So the bottom line – don’t be fooled by the “offer expires at midnight tonight, so buy now, so you don’t forget” type of grandfather clocks sales.  Take your time, ask questions (we love it when customers call us with questions or wanting to understand differences between grandfather clocks brands or grandfather clock movements, clock chimes, pros and cons of new vs. antique grandfather clocks, grandfather clock features, or likely clock longevity if the grandfather clock is wanted partly for heirloom quality, or grandfather clock cases and types of wood questions.

A customer who does his or her grandfather clocks comparison shopping homework and understands the grandfather clock choices they are making, and why, is ultimately going to be a much more satisfied and happy grandfather clocks customer.

Howard Miller Floor Clocks


Floor Clocks are more or less synonymous with grandfather clocks.  Howard Miller Clocks, for many years, as have other major clockmakers, preferred the term floor clocks to grandfather clocks.  If one looks at the catalogs of major makers like Hermle Clocks, Ridgeway Clocks, Howard Miller, and others, Floor Clocks are the preferred term for free-standing clocks.

The basic definition of a grandfather clock or a floor clock or longcase, or tall-case clocks, are standalone weight-driven clocks, which also have a pendulum, frequently with a round brass pendulum bob.  Some grandfather clocks may not have weights if they are spring driven.  Also, the doors to the grandfather clock covering where the pendulum and weights are housed, may have a glass door or a solid opaque wood door.

Grandfather Clocks with one weight are almost always time only.  A grandfather clock or floor clock with two weights are generally time and strike.  A very small percentage of these made in the early 1900s, and in more recent years, may have chimes as well.  In general, most all Floor Clocks or Grandfather Clocks with three weights also have chimes, such as the Westminster Chime, Whittington Chime, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy or Schubert’s Ave Maria Chime.

Depending upon the clock and the chime, it may strike quarterly or hourly.  Mechanical Westminster Chimes almost always chime quarterly, with progressively more of the chime played on each quarter hour, and the full chime played on the hour, and then striking for the number of times to tell the hour it is, such as 8 times for 8 o’clock.

A grandmother clock, which we usually define as one being approximately 8- inches in height or shorter, is also a Flor clock.  Even smaller are Granddaughter Clocks, generally 60 inches or shorter, and last year actually introduced a new kind of clock called a Grandson Clock™.  It is important to note that clock experts will not agree on the precise criteria for defining a grandfather clock or grandmother clock etc. in one category vs. another.  With ten experts, expect 15 opinions, at least!

The history of Floor Clocks and Grandfather clocks are essentially identical, being introduced in approximately 1650 in Britain and Western Europe.  The early grandfather clocks in the 1700s and 1800s frequently came in 2 distinct categories, among the many other variations between them, regarding the length of time that the grandfather clock will run on one winding.  Today, as well as throughout grandfather clocks history, 8 Day mechanical movements were the norm for high-end clocks, whether chain-driven or cable-driven floor clocks.  It used to be that many now antique grandfather clocks had 30 hour movements.  These were generally purchased by wealthy individuals for the live in help, so they could have their own grandfather clocks, but were not quite as good, for obvious reasons.  Today, when evaluating an antique grandfather clock, an informed buyer would want to know whether the mechanical floor clock movement was a 30 hour movement or an 8 day movement.

Digital atomic grandfather clocks or floor clocks?  We sure hope we are able to offer one or many styles to customers some time very soon.

Hope this history and the definition of grandfather clocks and the definition of floor clocks was and will continue to be a useful resource.


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Grandfather Clock Kept as Oval Office Redesigned


According to a recent article in The New York Times, President Obama’s Oval Office, from which he addressed the nation on Tuesday night about the important new milestone in Iraq, has gotten a makeover.

Two constants in the White House Oval office are the desk, and much more important of course, the grandfather clock, as can be seen in the picture below:

article by Sheryl Gay Stolberg, photo by Doug Mills, New York Times, August 21, 2010

article by Sheryl Gay Stolberg, photo by Doug Mills, New York Times, August 21, 2010

According to the Times article, the new design is more neutral hues of brown and taupe, and less of the gold and yellow tones which adorned the room when President George W. Bush was in the White House.  Also now gone is the sunburst rug which had been designed by former First Lady Laura Bush, and of which the then President was said to be so fond of, and was in sync with his continuing expression of optimism.

The makeover was not done at taxpayer expense.

Who made this grandfather clock, which stands int he Oval Office, and is at least 1 of 2 grandfather clocks still displayed in office areas used by President Barack Obama. From the article on the Oval Office: [courtesy of K. Nixon]
“A large case clock, commonly called a grandfather clock, built in Boston by John and Thomas Seymour, c. 1795-1805, stands in the northeast portion of the room.”

You may also be interested in seeing other posts we have made in this very grandfather clocks blog, regarding grandfather clocks at The White House. Many of the readers of this blog may know of the Howard Miller Presidential Collection of grandfather clocks, and despite their amazing aura, quality, and majesty, are not related to any existing grandfather clock in the White House, but which isn’t to say they were now somehow inspired by the current models of the Howard Miller Reagan Grandfather Clock, the 2 models of the Howard Miller Eisenhower Grandfather Clocks, the stunning Taylor grandfather clock (which bears the closest physical resemblance to current grandfather clocks in the White House, and the Howard Miller Truman Grandfather clock. Other Howard Miller Presidential Collection grandfather clocks have been retired by Howard Miller, and include the Gerald Ford Grandfather Clock, the Kennedy Grandfather Clock, and the Hayes Presidential Grandfather Clock.

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