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Howard Miller Ty Pennington Grandfather Clocks


Ty Pennington, whom was born as Gary Tygert Bruton Pennington, has recently released a whole new line of clocks and furniture with the Howard Miller Clocks company. While well known by much of America as the host of the ABC TV Show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, he is known in the United Kingdom as well for his television show Ty’s Great British Adventure, which Airs on UKTV.  He first found fame in the TV Reality Show Trading Spaces on the TLC network.

With Howard Miller Clocks, Ty Pennington has designed not only a great line of grandfather clocks, but also wall clocks, and very large or oversize wall clocks known as gallery clocks.  Some of the grandfather clocks are of a size that is small enough that they could also be considered grandmother clocks or grandmother floor clocks.  One of the clocks which we are classifying as a grandfather clock is actually a standing floor clock with a waterfall known as the Cascade Model and shown just below:

Howard Miller Cascade Waterfall Floor Clock 615-058
Howard Miller Cascade Waterfall Grandfather Clock by Ty Pennington, Model 615-058 615058

We are hopeful that Ty Pennington may soon design some mantle clocks.  Ty Pennington inspired mantel clocks could be a great seller, and Ty, we hope you are out there reading this and will make this happen, please.

One of our favorite more traditional Howard Miller grandfather clocks designed by Ty Pennington is the Joslin Grandfather Clock Shown below:

Howard Miller Joslin Grandfather Clock Model 611-156

Howard Miller Joslin Grandfather Clock by Ty Pennington, Model 611-156 611156

We at 1-800-4CLOCKS are very excited about the partnership between Ty Penington and Howard Miller, and what it has and will mean for many lines of Howard Millers products already in the marketplace and on their way, we’re sure.

Howard Miller Thomas Tompion Mantle Clock


Thomas Tompion, an exceptionally well regarded clocksmith and watchsmith  and contributor to the field of horology, he was a British clocks and watch maker who lived in England during the 1600s through his death in the early 1700s.

His influence is still felt today, and the early bracket mantel clocks he helped to pioneer became the gold standard for British Bracket Clocks and mantle clocks for centuries to follow.   Tompion’s excellence was based on the sound design of his productions as well as the high quality of the materials used. This together with the outstanding skills of the workmen he employed gave him an unrivaled reputation throughout the known world.

His clock apprentices included George Allett, Edward Banger, Henry Carlowe, Daniel Delander, Ricard Ems, Ambrose Gardner, Obadiah Gardner, William Graham (nephew of George Graham), George Harrison, Whitestone Littlemore, Jerimiah Martin, Charles Molins, William Mourlay, Charles Murray, Robert Pattison, William Sherwood, Richard Street, Charles Sypson, William Thompson, James Tunn and Thomas White many of whom became important clockmakers in their own right.  Everything from grandfather clocks to miniature clocks.

Tompion’s clocks and watches command extremely high prices when they come up for auction, which is relatively rarely. Clocks made honoring Thomas Tompion’s legacy, quality and worksmanship have been reproduced by several makers over the years, including but certainly but not limited to Ridgeway Clocks and the Howard Miller Clocks Company.

Howard Miller Thomas Tompion Mantle Clock <odel 612-436 [212-436]

Howard Miller Thomas Tompion Mantle Clock

Howard Miller Thomas Tompion Tabletop Clock 612-436_612436.jpg

In 1711, Tompion joined in partnership with the famous innovator George Graham (known especially for the Graham Deadbeat Escapement, still used today in fine grandather clocks and mantle clocks and wall clocks), who later developed the spring escapement further after Tompion’s death.

The Howard Miller Thomas Tompion Mantle Mantel Clock, by Howard Miller Clocks, has a German made Kieninger triple-chime movement (playing Westminster, Whittington & St Michaels chimes), and is in an absolutely stunning case, with the keywound clock’s mechanism visible from each side of the clock

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