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In the days of now antique grandfather clocks over 100 years ago, the vast majority of grandfather clocks were time and strike.  The grandfather clocks would gong on each hour for the number of hours (e.g. 4 for 4 o’clock), and once on each half -hour.

Precious few grandfather clocks also played chimes, e.g. the grandfather clock westminster chimes which requires five notes, or perhaps the well-known bim-bam chime, which plays a ting-tang two note chime on every half-hour and on each hour for the number of hours.  Some very special antique clocks, such as one we now have for sale that was made in the 1700s in France, has a string that one can pull and the grandmother clock will then gong first for the hour with the number of hours, and then on 2 notes to signify each quarter hour.  This grandmother clock, or small grandfather clock, has what has since become known as a repeater function, which is prized both in clocks of all vintages, as well as in pocket watches.

Modern day grandfather clocks, at least the higher-end ones, come generally with at least one chime, with the westminster chime being the most popular.  They also come with with choices of chimes and grandfather clock sounds including the whittington chime, the saint michaels chime, the ave maria chime, and the ode to joy chime.  many of these grandfather clock sounds can be heard on our website at

Special features nowadays can include auto-night shutoff features with the chime stopping at 10pm and starting up at 7am, for example, or with quartz grandfather clocks, even volume control of the grandfather clocks sound.

These same features can be found frequently on howard miller mantle clocks, ridgeway wall clocks, and hermle mantel clocks.

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When looking for high quality grandfather clocks and good grandfather clock discounts, many customers are unsure as to where to turn to get a good or great discount.  Also, many grandfather clock shoppers don’t know the difference between the different types of grandfather clock brands, nor do they know which brands are best.  Grandfather clocks features can cause a conundrum much of the time as well for grandfather clock shoppers.

At, we take the time to talk to customers about all of the above, in a very low pressure way, so that they feel they can make an informed and intelligent choice about their floor clocks or gift-giving selections.  At the same time, with our everyday low price guarantee, consumers and organizations can be sure they are getting a good deal.  We also throw in a lot of extras to make the sale both an even better deal and to make delivery and set-up and initial and future operation of grandmother clocks and grandfather clocks as easy as possible.  We want customers to come back time and time again, which many do, and to recommend us to their friends and family, which many also do.

One sad development in recent years, which we see accelerating likely both because of the current economic state and the giant Far East factory production, is a flooding of the marketplace with inferior grandfather clocks.  Some of these clocks are carried and sold by large, well known, and highly regarded chains of department stores and specialty stores (we can’t name names for concern of being sued).  Some of these sub-standard grandfather clocks have model names that are the same model names of clocks made by high-end manufacturers, and the names make them “sound” like well-known long-established brands.

Sadly, we get many calls from customers about their XYZ grandfather clock, and we know right away they have purchased a clunker.  The clocks have no paperwork, nothing about whom to contact if there is a problem, no hint at where they were made, etc.  In a word, these customers are, excuse the term, screwed.  And there is nothing we can do to help them with their “lemon” except to suggest they buy a quality grandfather clocks next time — something we know they don’t want to hear, at least no right then.  A grandfather clocks word to the wise.

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