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Hospital Wall Clocks Atomic Wall Clocks


We have seen a surge in demand for wall clocks by hospitals.  Interestingly, many of these heath care facilities have asked us to customize a specific clock to their needs.  Sometimes the wall cocks are used in just about every patient room in the hospital, and sometimes they are used for very special purposes.

We have been pleased that we have been able to meet this growing need, including a growing interest in and demand for atomic wall clocks.  We have also learned about some hospital procedures that we were frankly unaware of,  including the fact that there are units staffed by individuals in hospitals whose functions include documenting the exact time and place of a patient’s death.  Not too surprisingly, these units have wanted to have atomic wall clocks, which were bolted to moving carts, so that they could record the time of death with great precision and less room for any challenge by any third party for whatever reason.

One type of wall clock NOT popular with hospitals, which is not surprising, are wall clocks which include the weather or indoor temperature.  The hospitals don’t want to hand a piece of information that may in many instances be used as a source of a request — e.g. can you lower the temperature of this room, or can you raise the temperature of this room, the wall clock says it is 50 degrees, or whatever, in here.

Below are examples of two atomic wall clocks that have been extremely popular with hospitals over the last couple of years:

Howard Miller Murrow Wall ClockHoward Miller Murrow Wall Clock Model 625-259 Atomic Wall Clock

Howard Miller Techtime III Wall Clock Howard Miller Techtime III Wall Clock 625-429 Atomic Wall Clock

We are waiting for a large order from hospitals of grandfather clocks, such as Howard Miller grandfather clocks, or Ridgeway grandfather clocks, but so far it has yet to materialize.

Wall Grandfather Clocks – Wall Clocks Redux


Have you ever heard of a Grandfather Wall Clock? Or a Wall Grandfather Clock?  Well, many of our customers have, and they are almost always not referring to grandfather clocks but rather to large wall clocks with a pendulum and weights.

Many of those we work with have wondered if there is some mythological clocks beast which they had never encountered by name.  But it does make sense.  When one thinks of some of the defining characteristics of grandfather clocks, it is that they are big, chime, and frequently have weights that show through glass — not unlike many of the Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks or Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks or Hermle Floor Clocks (also known as Hermle grandfather clocks), among many others, including antique grandfather clocks, hat we sell routinely.

We have always thought of one of the defining characteristics of a grandfather clock or a grandmother clock as one that is free-standing and unless a miniature, of a certain height for a grandmother or grandfather clock.

Wall clocks need not apply.

Ridgeway Vanderbilt Biltmore Grandfather Clock R2538

Ridgeway Vanderbilt Biltmore Grandfather Clock R2538

Howard Miller Stevenson Wall Clock 620-262

Howard Miller Stevenson Wall Clock 620-262 – NOT a grandfather clock

Grandfather Clocks Health Care


Do you think there is a possible health related link between having a soothing sounding grandfather clock — or mantle clock or wall clock for that matter — with its regular tick tock sound and chimes, and the health of its owner or family members?

This grandfather clocks health care link is one we have had a theory about for some time.  We have run it by several physicians over the years, none of whom, interestingly, have dismissed this as an outlandish theory.  We’ve tried to search the medical literature to see if any hospital or medical school or individual or group of physicians might have in fact done such a study, but so far, at least, we have come up empty.  It would seem to us to be newsworthy even if it were established that there was no link between owning a chiming ticking clock and living longer.  Could the medical doctors who indulged us perhaps simply have been looking for grandfather clocks discounts?

Maybe we can get one of the grandfather clocks manufacturers to underwrite a study.  That fact should be disclosed, at least in our opinion, even though many times such relationships are omitted.

How about the Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks Study of Clocks Adding Time to Your Life (or Not)?  Or what about the Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks Wall Clocks Mantle Clocks Study on the link between clock ownership — assuming  you are keeping them wound — and longevity?

It could really add some additional meaning to our Registered Trademark to buy clocks to “Add Time to Your Life®”.

Any doctors or hospitals or physicians out there who want to join with us to do a clocks study — on the effect on longevity of grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, wall clocks, and others, chiming and not — please let us know!

Grandfather Clocks in Your Home Office


So you are living one American Dream, either just starting to work out of your own home, or you’ve been at it for some time and hopefully have something exciting to show for it.

Don’t forget the right decor for your Home Office.  Having the right workspace, with the appropriate furnishings, can make all the difference in the world for both having a productive workplace and for projecting the “right” image for your organization.

What about a grandfather clock for your home office decor?  Perhaps not the first thing on most people’s list, but, especially, if you are lucky enough to have a separate entryway for your business, a stately grandfather clock can be just the thing to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to an office environment.  A grandfather clocks purchase can also be a great way to spend some of those hard-earned tax refund dollars.  Or perhaps a grandmother clock.

OK, maybe you are not ready to start with a grandfather clock to get the best decor for you.  What about a Wall Clock, or a larger wall clock known as a Gallery Wall Clock.  These wall clocks add elegance and sophistication to an organization, and for lack of a better word, can really make a room look classy.  Classy is a well-known term used by interior decorators and interior designers :) .

Mantel clocks or tabletop or desktop clocks are another option to consider.  You might want to get one customized with your organizational logo on it — how would that be for making the right impression for current or prospective clients.  Mantle clocks and shelf clocks can also be customized and given as corporate gifts to current and prospective clients.  Studies show that individuals still, with PC clocks and all, look at clocks on their desks and walls at least 40 times a day.  that is 40 advertising exposure opportunities per day per current and prospective client.  A great marketing investment.

Atomic clocks, including atomic wall clocks and atomic mantel and weather clocks are also worthy of consideration.  As many know, these clocks get their atomic (formerly known as radio controlled) signal from the US Atomic Clock in Fort Collins, Colorado.  These great clocks are accurate, theoretically at least, to one-billionth of a second per year, at least!  Any argument about quitting time or what time is it really, and you will know have an authority that will be almost impossible to reckon with.  Many large offices install atomic clocks throughout their offices so that the last minutes of every day are not “played” guessing what time it is, and not wanting to leave “too early”, or pointing fingers at others.  These atomic clocks are truly productivity enhancers.

Still, we come back to the grandfather clocks possibility as the way to make THE statement for your new OR improved Home Office.

Let us know your thoughts!

Grandfather Clocks Doomsday Clock


In the news one every so often reads about the famous, or might we say notorious, Doomsday Clock.  The Doomsday Clock concept was developed by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists shortly after the United States dropped its A bombs on Japan in 1947.  Though the word is not used, the Doomsday Clock suggests how close we are coming to armageddon — not in a biblical or religious way, but rather in a humans survival sense.

Should we have a Grandfather Clocks Doomsday Clock?  While there is little doubt it would be a best selling clock, it would not even require a working movement, only an hour hand and a minute hand that can be moved back and forth.  While it’s nice to think we may go back to a time before 11pm on the Doomsday Clock, we do not know how realistic such a change in the time risk climate would be.  While it would be absolutely wonderful if it happened in our lifetime, the writer of this post is highly doubtful.  And in the worst case scenario where the Doomsday Clock is moved forward to midnight, well, let’s just say we doubt anyone would be complaining if there Doomsday grandfather Clock did not chime the hours in that instance.

The concept timepiece, in its most recent adjustment, was moved back one minute, yet is still perilously close, at six minutes to midnight.  The changes to the clock are no doubt somewhat subjective, and based on the assessment by the Group of the overall state of world affairs.  This year the Doomsday Clock took global warming into account.

And no, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists bears no correlation or time connection to atomic wall clocks or atomic mantel clocks — nothing to do with atomic clocks or radio controlled clocks, period.

The organization behind the Doomsday Clock is on record as hoping for a nuclear free world, as we understand it.  Other factors affecting the world’s security and not only humanity bot world life as we know it are also taken into account.  Perhaps a foolproof nuclear arms shield would be one big step in the right direction.  Multilateral voluntary disarmament, particularly as new players seems to be emerging annually, seems less likely to be possible or enforceable — just our opinion.

Anyone out there want us to introduce the Doomsday Grandfather Clock.  We will monitor the reply of our many devoted grandfather clocks enthusiasts, but somehow we doubt this will be a grandfather clocks best seller.

We most certainly hope not.

Moonphase Grandfather Clocks


The writer of this blog post has always been a sucker for a clock with a moonphase dial, sometimes also referred to as moondials, whether moonphase grandfather clocks, moonphase mantel clock or bracket clock, or moonphase wall clock.  And watches too!

With antique clocks, dials with a moonphase were especially prized, and were found most often, when they were found, on grandfather clocks or floor clocks.  The lunar cycle is 29 1/2 days, which is one full revolution of the moondial on the moonphase clock.  When there is a full moon outside, the clock is supposed to show a full moon at the top center of the moonphase dial.  It will take another 29 1/2 days to be in the exact same position again.  In the olden days, these days were actually used by farmers to help to know when to plant crops.  They were also of use for people traversing the oceans, although a movement that would work on a clock with enough reliability was invented later and also had multiple uses for navigation and charting voyages.

In more recent years, moondials are seen on many types of clocks.  They are also on wristwatches too, as well as some antique pocket watches. Many clocks, particular in the relatively lower price ranges, and generally with all chain-driven mechanical grandfather clocks, the moonphase dials are faux dials (the nice, and French, word for fake), and are stationary and do not move.  hey are for decorative purposes only.  Most higher-end cable driven grandfather clocks, particular by makers such as Howard Miller Clocks, Hermle Clocks, and Ridgeway Clocks, have working moonphase moondials on their grandfather clocks.

A working moonphase dial on a new or antique grandfather clock is a great feature, if one can afford a clock in that generally somewhat higher grandfather clocks price range.  Keep an eye out for grandfather clock discounts and individual grandfather clocks for sale that have this feature.  You very likely will not be disappointed, whether a grandfather clocks enthusiast or not.

Howard Miller Stewart Grandfather Clock Model 610-948

Howard Miller Stewart Grandfather Clock Model 610-948 with working moonphase dial

Housewarming Gifts and Home Warming Presents


Increasingly we are seeing a trend towards people, usually very close relatives, buying really high quality grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks as housewarming gifts or homewarming gifts either for their loved ones, such as children getting married, a special anniversary, parents relocating, or simply as gifts to themselves when moving to anew home or a second home.

The gift of a grandfather clock can be highly personalized and a wonderfully creative gift idea.  Grandfather clocks have become almost traditional gifts both for couples themselves as well as present for loved ones on special wedding anniversaries or milestone birthdays when looking for the perfect birthday present or perfect wedding anniversary present.

We see the gifting of grandfather clocks becoming a new housewarming tradition, and many of our customers are also calling it a homewarming gift – a term to which we have taken a liking.

Personalized plaques commemorating special dates and occasions are just one way to make a grandfather clock or a grandmother clock be meaningful housewarming gifts to people.  Frequently, picking out a traditional grandfather clock design or contemporary grandfather clock that may be reminiscent of a clock that one of the gift recipients grew up with can be an important element in choosing a specific clock.  Many people will choice either a chain driven mechanical clock or a cable driven mechanical clock because it was the type they grew up with and made them feel most comfortable.

We find that the most popular makers of grandfather clocks for housewarming gifts are Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, Hermle Floor Clocks, and the Ridgeway Grandfather Clock collection.  Howard Miller clocks, Ridgeway Clocks, and Hermle clocks, in addition to Bulova Clocks and others we sell are also very popular as less expensive but still very much appreciated housewarming gifts.  Grandfather clocks, wall clocks, mantel clocks, atomic clocks, grandmother clocks, and mantle clocks all make wonderful housewarming gifts, homewarming gifts, and special wedding anniversary presents and special birthday presents.

Clocks make great gifts for almost all occasions!

Pendulum Grandfather Clocks


When purchasing or shopping for grandfather clocks, how important is it for you to have a visible pendulum that is visibly swinging back and forth inside the tower or waist of the clock.

Is this a “must-have” feature to you when thinking about purchasing a grandfather clock.

Remember that many grandfather clocks have solid wood doors where the pendulum and weights are not visible, even when they are present.  Some consumers obviously prefer the solid wood door covering the entire waist or tower of the grandfather clock.  In addition, some grandfather clocks are sprint driven instead of weight driven, and they will not have the visible weights working in the case even when the pendulum is there.  If the grandfather clock also has a platform escapement, there will be no working pendulum visible at all.

Nowadays, there are other options and therefore more considerations when shopping for a grandfather clock.  One is the advent of the decorative grandfather clock, generally quartz or battery driven, where when when opens the door to the grandfather clock, one may find storage shelves or even a bookshelf.   Another reasonably new technology is Quartz or battery operated grandfather clocks where the pendulum is moving back and forth, yet generally powered by magnets rather than the mechanical grandfather clock movement.  In these clocks, the visible weights, while reproducing the general look of a mechanical grandfather clock, will be stationary, and will therefore not move either up or down but will always stay in the same position.  The grandfather clocks weights therefore are decorative only in these cases.

So if you are looking for an “old-fashioned” mechanical weight driven grandfather clock, it comes down to a simpler question.  Do you want a grandfather clock with a glass door, or not?

Let us know your clocks preferences.

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