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Grandfather Clocks for Sale Mantle Wall Clocks too


Are sale prices and bigger discounts on grandfather clocks and wall clocks and mantel clocks more important for retailers to offer now that the economy appears finally to be emerging from the recession. While many of the macroeconomic financial indicators are good, there are still an awful lot of people out there hurting in their pocketbooks.  And while August retail sales showed some significant gains, even excluding the auto cash for clunkers program, the pain out there among consumers is still palpable.

As President Obama noted just today, it is unlikely that any significant new job creation will take place until 2010, based on the history and patterns for recovery from previous recessions.  Sadly, employment is a lagging indicator of economic rebounds, a fact that never made much sense to me but always seems to have held true over the last periods of economic turmoil.

So back to grandfather clock discounts in the 4th quarter of 2009.  We are still noting that clock shoppers at all price points are more price sensitive than ever before.  We think that this new kind of smart consumer shopping is here to stay.

We always have grandfather clocks on sale, and many of our customers come to us telling us we have the lowest prices they have seen on the internet, or they have heard about the grandfather clock discounts we offer from their friends who have shopped with us over these many years.

Smart shopping is hear to stay. We are trying to adapt to this reality by continuing to offer highly competitive prices, but also by offering advice and overall customer service to our clocks customers that is second to none.  Just today one of our customers decided to purchase a Ridgeway grandfather clock from us despite the fact that it was being advertised by the discount chain Sam’s Club at a much deeper discount.  they knew that if there were a real problem, Sam’s Club would, in their opinion, likely be clueless as to how to handle the issue, at least compared to us.

Customer service, including educating consumers about their options, not even to mention offering many more choices, is a truly value add retail proposition.  We know that our grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, and wall clocks customers appreciate and recognize that, and want to go where the expertise and best selection is.  We are delighted that business dynamic still holds, and especially treasure our repeat customers. Also, in a landscape with ever-changing manufacturers, grandfather clocks by Howard Miller, as well as Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks, the Bulova Grandfather Clock Collection, Hermle Grandfather Floor Clocks, and the Kieninger Grandfather Clocks all continue to have a special place in the high-end market.  We expect that to be true for the foreseeable future.

Wall clocks by Howard Miller Clocks, as well as mantel clocks by Howard Miller and Ridgeway Clocks, and Hermle Wall and Mantle Clocks, Bulova Clocks of all types, whether they are mechanical or quartz, continue to have customers drawn to them because of their superior quality.

We do not want our grandfather clocks, wall clocks, and mantel clocks  customers to have it any other way.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks Floor Clocks


Grandfather clocks by Howard Miller have been among our best sellers of high end grandfather clocks at and in our Stores for many years.  The breadth and depth of offerings by Howard Miller Clocks, along with Howard Miller’s excellent reputation as a high-end maker of grandfather clocks, grandmother clocks and floor clocks of all types has let to our customers gravitating toward them time after time.  The number of repeat customer, the number of grown children looking for the best gift for a special anniversary for their parents (including many 20th wedding anniversary presents, many 25 year wedding anniversary milestones, several 40th, and even a 50th wedding anniversary gift just selected days ago) and especially the noteworthy purchase by parents looking for the perfect wedding present for their child and soon-to-be child-in-law.

Less common but still noteworthy are those individuals who collect Howard Miller grandfather clocks only, and the many more who collect many of the different clocks that Howard Miller clocks, including the mechanical keywound mantel clocks, and the many mechanical chiming wall clocks made by Howard Miller Clocks and sold by us.  They see and appreciate the quality, and they keep coming back.

We have yet to find anyone who has shared with us that they collect atomic wall clocks or atomic mantel clocks, but we know you are out there!  Let us know –  we are interested in tracking the trends in collecting any kind of timepiece.

One noteworthy quality that collectors and shoppers who are looking for serious expensive gifts, is that the grandfather clocks be of heirloom quality.  That is something that people who are looking for high end grandfather clocks on sale are especially drawn to, knowing the clocks can and will be appreciated for many generations.

Grandfather clocks discounts are another feature that those looking for grandfather clocks on sale strive to attain.  We will always work with a customer in one of our Stores to make sure whenever we can that we can meet or beat the competition when it comes to price.  We aim for grandfather clocks discounts every day, rather than artificially raising the prices so we can lower them again.  We also avoid SPECIAL SALE ENDS TODAY kind of game-playing marketing that pervades the internet and timepiece advertising in general.

On Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, and on all the mechanical grandfather clocks on sale at 1-800-4CLOCKS, we offer BOTH Free Shipping and Free In Home Set-up.  Our customers also benefit from the fact that we are not required to collect sales tax for any grandfather clock shipped to the other 49 States, whether California, Colorado or Florida.  Only in New York are we required by law to charge sales tax.

While looking at Howard Miller Clocks, it is also worth looking at some other great brands we sell, including Hermle Grandfather Clocks, the Ridgeway Granfather Clocks Collection, Bulova Grandfather Clocks, and Kieninger Floor Clocks which are made to order and then shipped directly to your home from Germany (requiring several weeks of planning time).

Take a peek at the many grandfather clocks, wall clocks, mantel clocks, atomic clocks and more that we have to offer by only the best makers, and all at great discounts.  Mantle clocks too!  Watch out for the many cheap no-name brands that might sound like something you might have heard of, but will only last a short while, relatively speaking.  We get many calls from buyers of those clocks who are in distress.  Nothing we can do, unfortunately, but suggest they buy from us next time, or shop for clocks more carefully.

Imagine a world without grandfather clocks time


When I asked a customer today who was clearly looking for the best grandfather clock sale prices and grandfather clocks discount, what might be a good subject for a blog post for this blog, he gave a ready answer.  I was shocked and impressed both by the clocks topic and the firmness and swiftness with which he responded: “Imagine a world without grandfather clocks, or a world where wall clocks and mantel clocks had never been invented”.  Now those are 2 big points packed into one concise statement.  But it did get me thinking …..

Upon reflecting on some of the most significant advances in the 1600s and 1700s, and before the industrial revolution, timekeepers and clocks in general may well have helped paved the way for both the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution.  When thinking about standardization, globalization, precision engineering and manufacturing, thinking about uncharted territories both on the Earth and in the Skies, not to mention industrial engineering and design, timepieces do stand out as perhaps one of the greatest leaps forward during this these Centuries.

Long case and tallcase clocks, which later came to be known as grandfather clocks, we prized and used by those that could afford them in their residences, those that could use them as an anchor or feature in their establishment, and in many cases used by those who worked for the most wealthy and had somewhat less sophisticated models of the very same devices their owners so treasured.  Farmers also used grandfather clock moondials to help them predict when the next full moon would appear (every 29 1/2 days) and plan and plant their work schedules and crop management accordingly.

There was a time in England, separate from the handy timekeeping of Big Ben in London’s Parliament, where by law public clocks had to be placed in selected Establishments and Places so that everyone could have equal access to the most available correct time.  Seems somewhat akin to the discussions in recent years of equal access to all for the internet and for wireless wifi or broadband connections being available to all.

While it would on the one hand be easy to make light of the above, the more one thinks about it, the more one may well be able to convincingly make the argument that the clock and pocket watch revolution went hand-in-hand with the industrial revolution and the giant steps forward in manufacturing.

Only yesterday I was holding a 110 year old pocket watch in my hand, and remarking to a family member that it looked as if it were made yesterday and was as in good, which was excellent, operating condition as it had been over 100 years ago when it was manufactured.

Too bad they don’t make anything quite like they used to!

Coffee Tea or Grandfather Clocks


With the beginning of the Memorial Day Weekend, as many turn to honor the many men and women who have served in the military both recently and over centuries, still others are focusing on the end of Summer, welcoming Fall and a new School Year, and what is known in the retail industry as the famous fourth quarter including the Holiday and Christmas shopping seasons.

So first we must salute the many millions who have and still do serve in the armed forces, and cherish the memories of the countless many who have given the ultimate sacrifice, whose lives have been lost as well as those whose lives were irrevocably altered for the worse.

Not surprisingly, many of the customers of 1-800-4CLOCKS are currently serving in the military both in the USA and overseas, as well as many whose service to this Country comes up as a point of discussion while shopping with us.  Also not surprisingly, the military and defense industry are users of many timepieces, and we have had the occasion to work together numerous times.

As we settle into the Fall Season, clocks of all kinds and types – grandfather clocks, wall clocks, mantel clocks, antique floor clocks – will be thought about as potential gifts for loved ones.  Hence the coffee or tea comparison in the title.  The question of giving clock as a present, particularly one of the nicer higher quality ones, is generally thought of when one wants to gift a gift that is, ironically, not fleeting like time.  Rather, clocks, particularly grandfather clocks, are more and more given as heirloom quality gifts meant to symbolize continuity between the generations, and clocks are given as wedding gifts or presents, wedding anniversary presents for a special anniversary — we’ve had a 40th wedding anniversary grandfather clock and a 50th wedding anniversary clock go out in the last week alone.  Sometimes these are special gifts from a spouse to mark an important milestone, such as a special birthday or wedding anniversary.  Bridal Registry requests, including parents, and parents-in-law to be who want to give something special to their child on their wedding day, are becoming more and more common (we very recently had one Father of the Bride who insisted that the entire Bridal Party, including Groomsmen and the Best Man, make a special trip to the new home of the Bride and Groom on the very morning of their wedding to see their new grandfather clock).  We know the parents were pleased.  We can only hope all others in the wedding party called to see this new Howard Miller Grandfather Clock were similarly gratified.

So when thinking about presents in the Fall, somewhat ironically, one of the longest lasting presents one can give is one that measures fleeting time.

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