From June 2009

Discount Grandfather Clock

Where is the best place to purchase a discount grandfather clock, whether it is a new Howard Miller Grandfather Clock or a special antique grandfather clock? We feel we know the answer, because it is from the source for all the best information and prices relating to grandfather clocks, which is 1-800-4CLOCKS. has a …

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Grandfather Clocks as Wedding and Anniversay Presents

As retailers and etailers of grandfather clocks, we notice peaks and valleys in the purchase of grandfather clocks.  One clear trend we have noticed at 1-800-4CLOCKS is that more and more individuals are buying grandfather clocks as presents for themselves, for a wedding gift almost always for a child and there soon-to-be new son-in-law and …

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Big Ben Clock Turns 150 Today and is As Good as Old

Big Ben, as the iconic clock sitting atop the Houses of Parliament in London, turned 150 years old today, May 31.  The clock still runs mechanically as it did and with most all of the same parts as it did when it began ticking away in 1859.  The clock still also plays the Westminster Chimes, …

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