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Grandfather Clock for Baby, Part II


As I shared in the last post, the time during which I gave birth to my first daughter was a time filled with excitement and trepidation as I made preparations to bring home this tiny new addition to our family. What I found after her birth was that I was far less concerned with filling her room with toys, stuffed animals, and fancy clothing – things that were of no interest to her in these early months – as I was with putting memories together for her; things that would be sentimental gifts for her when she was older. But who knew that – in addition to the baby books, the photographs, and the journals – that a grandfather clock would wind up being the most precious touchstone of all?

The grandfather clock came into our lives right after our daughter was born; we were looking at many different grandfather clocks to occupy the entrance in our new home. There were so many styles to choose from – contemporary, traditional, country, eclectic; I couldn’t believe how many designs were available and on the Internet no less, where we could shop at our convenience.

We eventually did find the perfect grandfather clock for our home but what really sealed the deal was when it first arrived and we had just set it up in its new home. When the hour turned the grandfather clock began to chime and my daughter, who was now five weeks old, turned her little head to the clock and smiled for the first time. They were fast friends after that.

The grandfather clock has stood sentry in our home watching our daughter – and later, our son – grow these past years. When I look at our grandfather clock I will always see my daughter’s first smile; and for her, this grandfather clock that has always been in her life will forever be a memory of childhood.

Grandfather Clock for Baby, Part I


When I was expecting my first daughter I was like most new parents-to-be in that I was running around like crazy putting things in place for an event that I couldn’t even wrap my head around; I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like after this child was born – what our life would look like and how things would change. And so I did what any new mother does when they don’t know what to expect – prepare for any and every possibility. Honestly, when I think back to the lengths I went to prepare to bring home this small person who had only the most fundamental of needs I have to laugh. What did a newborn baby need with an “exercise” play area with approximately four-hundred thousand interconnecting parts? Four wardrobes of clothes that had all been pre-washed in the appropriate infant-friendly detergent? A highchair of varying heights and inclines? Ultimately all she needed was me, some clothing basics (that did not involve in any way, shape, or form frilly undergarments and snap jeans), warm and cozy blankets, and enough diapers to circle the globe.

The funny thing was that after she was born I forgot all about the stuff and started to think of the sentimental gifts I wanted to give her at this time. I took as many pictures and videos as I could in my sleep-deprived state, wrote in her baby book, and journaled my experiences as a new mother, hoping that these would all be precious gifts to her one day.

Around the same time we purchased our first home and we were looking for something to fill the foyer in our new entrance; it had this very high ceiling – it was a beautiful space. And what we ultimately found was a grandfather clock that would up filling a number of different roles. It would be the grandfather clock for our home – and our daughter. More in the next post…

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