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Remembering Grandfather Clocks, Part I


A very close friend of mine recently lost both of her parents within a span of eight weeks. It was absolutely horrific and something that no one should have to experience. Aside from the emotional trauma of the actual loss and all that it entailed, my friend and her sister were next charged with cleaning out their parents’ home of forty years and putting it on the market. This was no small task and many obstacles – logistic and emotional – got in the way of it being a smoother process. All in all, it took them nearly three months to complete the job; each piece that they handled evoked memories and each sister agonized over what to do with everything they came across.

Much of the contents of the house were given to charitable organizations which was a nice way for the women to do something meaningful in their parents’ names. Other pieces they wound up taking to their respective homes as remembrances. One of the things that my friend came home with was an absolutely gorgeous grandfather clock that belonged to her father. I was really awestruck by it; and it seemed to work perfectly in her home. She was happy to have something of her dad’s that she could share with her own children and she said that every time the clock chimed she thought of her father singing.

The day I came home from her house I knew that I wanted a grandfather clock for my own home. I wanted something that would remind my kids of home no matter where they went in this life; something that’s sound would spark a happy memory.

How I found my grandfather clock in the next post.

Grandfather Clocks Galore


I have always loved grandfather clocks but in my mind they were sort of more traditional in nature; something that was best displayed in big, traditional homes where the style was classic and the ceilings were tall. Being that I live in a decidedly smaller version of such a home and my style is what most people would kindly refer to as eclectic, I quickly ruled out grandfather clocks as something that could integrate into my décor, even though I loved them in theory.

But a friend recently introduced me to a website where I was able to browse through the most extensive selection of grandfather clocks that I had ever seen. And, boy, within a few minutes I had been proven wrong about grandfather clocks only being available in a few traditional styles. In fact, I was able to locate grandfather clocks that were more contemporary in nature and even quite a selection that were right up my alley – more fun and funky than classic or contemporary.

My new grandfather clock was delivered yesterday and I am so pleased with my decision. It looks great in my home and is already a conversation piece. I had friends over last night and they were all amazed by how cool this grandfather clock is – how different it is (which I absolutely love as I am all for “different”). And now I’m turning a bunch of my friends onto the same website so they can get an idea of all the fun clocks out there that they can find for their homes – grandfather clocks galore!

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