Grandfather clocks

State to State: Finding a Grandfather Clock


I have recently been transferred in my company which means that we will be leaving Ohio where we have been living for ten years and heading for Georgia where we will be making our home in cosmopolitan Atlanta. I am excited about the move but not necessarily looking forward to all that must be done to set up shop in our new home. We are moving our personal items and a few pieces of furniture but all in all we will mostly be buying new pieces to fill what is going to be a much larger home.

This is where the Internet has been enormously helpful. It’s no longer necessary for me to wait to get down there before I start picking out the pieces that will be perfect in our new home. Everything from furniture to bedding can be found online and shipped right to our door so that it is waiting for us when we arrive. This online experience certainly makes the move – and all that is associated with it – much more convenient to say the least.

One of the things that I am desperate to have in our new home is a grandfather clock. I have always loved the look of grandfather clocks but we didn’t really have the space in our home to pull it off with style. Now that we are moving to a larger home, there will be plenty of room for a grandfather clock and I did all my browsing and shopping online through an amazing website that I found. This online purveyor of clocks offers a variety of grandfather clocks for sale and I was able to find just the clock for our new home. Best of all, it will be waiting for us when we get there!

Grandfather Clocks in Our Nation’s History


I was in Philadelphia recently where I was able to tour the many spots synonymous with the birth of our nation – Independence Hall where they signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, Carpenter’s Hall that hosted the first Continental Congress, and what was once the home of Benjamin Franklin – writer, printer, inventor, scientist, politician, and diplomat. In touring through the museum dedicated to Franklin, I was amazed to see that they had in their possession many of the items that were actually in his home – from pieces of furniture to some of his many inventions that he crafted throughout his lifetime.

One of the items that I was most drawn to was a stunning grandfather clock – called a tall case clock at that time. Handcrafted for Franklin in 1750 it was made by Edward Duffield – a member of Franklin’s Junto Society; a group of gentlemen that met on a regular basis to discuss ways to improve life in Philadelphia.

What struck me was the high quality of this grandfather clock and the fact that it was in such spectacular condition. Clearly it had been lovingly restored and well maintained by those in charge of gathering these historic relics. But even so it was still just as beautiful as I imagined it was standing in Benjamin Franklin’s home.

There are few pieces like grandfather clocks – that span the history of this country so completely. Today’s grandfather clocks are the modern versions of those simple – yet glorious – early designs. But we know that they will represent yet another time in history when grandfather clocks were a part of the décor of our homes.

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