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Why Invest in Grandfather Clocks?


When it comes to decorating a home, the modern homeowner has many choices available to them. Through large home goods retail outlets – not to mention the assistance of the Internet – we are privy to home products that fit a variety of budgets. All it takes is some design know-how, a little bit of creativity and willingness to take risks, and, of course, the money to make it all happen.

For most homeowners, working with a decidedly less than desirable cash flow is just part of the home decorating process. It is up to us to seek out those high quality products that we think will work most effectively in our living space without breaking the bank in the process. Oftentimes it helps to reserve high-ticket items for those larger anchor pieces – the pieces you really don’t want to skimp on: your bed, a good quality couch, a solid dining room table, one really great piece of art, and so forth. These are your good pieces – those pieces in which you invest – and the rest are pieces that you spend little on in terms of keeping up with the trends in home decorating and which you can rotate in and out quite easily.

In terms of investment pieces for accessories, nothing is quite as effective as a grandfather clock. Straddling the worlds of art, accessory, and furniture, grandfather clocks can do more to completely transform a room than practically anything else you could purchase. Better yet, while they are certainly a bit of a financial investment they are still far more affordable than much of what you would do to achieve the same dramatic effect in your home; and in most cases they will last a lifetime.

Grandfather Clock in Your New Place


Moving out on your own after having lived a lifetime with your parents is no small undertaking. It is a wonderfully exciting time in any young person’s life and our heads spin with all the possibilities and options open to us. For those who have gone into the work world, there is always the inevitable early years of getting comfortable with a budget and outfitting a new home without breaking the bank. After all, you want to make your first place a home in which you are comfortable and that really reflects who you are as a person. But you don’t want to take out a loan to do it!

Some of the ways to make your home something special without going financially overboard include:

* Put in the elbow grease. Most things that can be done to spruce up a new place are a matter of work. Paint doesn’t cost much money but the time spent painting is certainly a commitment. Paint walls, strip floors, make curtains yourself, add decorative trim to doorways and chandeliers (can be found for a song at large home improvement stores) and call upon whatever do-it-yourself resources you can find to sink big time but little money into transforming your home.

* Hunt for treasures. Flea markets, yard sales, and antique stores are your new best friends. You can find great pieces by searching off the beaten path. These, paired with inexpensive accessories from discount chains can pull a room together.

* Buy some good pieces. When you’re just starting out you certainly don’t have the financial means to buy everything brand new and high end. Instead purchase one or two really good pieces and build your décor around them. Grandfather clocks, for instance, bring drama and high style to a room and add a focal point for décor. But don’t be fooled into thinking that this has to be your grandparents’ grandfather clock; there are online resources where you can find truly sophisticated grandfather clocks in just your style – modern, country, antique-inspired, or fun and funky!

Grandfather Clocks for the Next Generation


Growing up in the city I experienced space constraints that wouldn’t be the typical experience of the suburban child. Don’t get me wrong; it wasn’t anything of which I was really aware (until I visited people in other towns) or anything that I in any way dwelled upon. It was just that I was very accustomed to living in close physical proximity to many people at once. We lived in an apartment building; the rooms were small and the bathrooms smaller. But I also had my grandparents on the first floor of my building and most of my aunts, uncles, and cousins within walking distance. This was the way it was.

One of the things that I remember most about visiting my grandparents’ apartment – as I often did on a daily basis – is that they had this wonderful grandfather clock sitting in the corner of their front room. I cannot imagine to this day how they got that clock into the apartment much less made it appear to be such a congruous part of its surroundings, but it just always seemed as though it belonged there and only there. The size of the apartment surely added to the overall scale of the grandfather clock; and in my mind, it was – and still is – this giant structure that was beautiful when it was silent and awe-inspiring when it chimed in the hour.

Today, I – like the many city-dwellers that came before me – have migrated to the suburbs where I enjoy far more floor space than I could have imagined existed as a child. And yet I am still drawn to what is familiar; what makes me happy. And so, upon buying this house – this home that dwarfed my childhood home and mocked me with the empty rooms left to decorate – I immediately purchased a grandfather clock and put it in my front room in honor of my grandparents and in honor of those things that never change.

Starting from Scratch with Grandfather Clocks, Part II


In the last post I related the story of my friends who had recently completed their new construction home. Having been successful in creating a home that truly showcased their personalities, it was important to them to see the project all the way through by continuing to infuse their style into the home through the décor. While the more casual rooms in the home came easily to them – and they were able to use furniture, paint, and accessory pieces such as mantel clocks and wall clocks to realize their French country design theme – the more formal rooms in the home were a bit more difficult.

In fact, the greatest difficulty came with trying to decorate a room in their home that was dedicated as a library. While this would typically be a more formal place in which to gather, the library in this case was intended for a more casual, welcoming room; but one that was still decorated in a more sophisticated style than the rest of the home.

How would the homeowners achieve a balance between comfort and sophistication? With a grandfather clock.

Grandfather clocks are typically associated with highly sophisticated pieces; this more than likely dates back to their origins when only the wealthiest of homeowners could afford to have a grandfather clock in their home. Today, with the variety of materials being used to craft grandfather clocks of all kinds, homeowners are able to have their cake and eat it too – sophisticated pieces in their homes that are both regal and welcoming.

With a grandfather clock in their library, my friends were able to achieve their desired results – a room that was both refined and extremely welcoming and comfortable.

Starting from Scratch with Grandfather Clocks, Part I


I have a friend who just moved into a brand new home that she and her husband built. This is new construction – they were able to choose every nut and bolt that was used in the house and skew the materials used to their liking. It was quite an undertaking and was by no means stress free for them (talk about living out of a suitcase for months on end) but the end result was well worth it; they were able to create a home that is really indicative of their personalities and it suits them beautifully.

Of course once they were in the home the next part of the process ensued. They had a gorgeous house around them but now they had many rooms to decorate; and some where more difficult than others. In terms of the kitchen and more commonly used living spaces, there was little doubt between them regarding what they would choose. Most of their décor leans toward French country and the pieces that they have chosen – from tables and chairs to accessories such as mantel clocks and wall clocks – reflect this style.

But in more formal areas, they were more at a loss for how best to go about decorating the space. While these rooms were typically not places where people would gather on a regular basis, this was not their ultimate vision for the rooms and they wanted to create spaces – with the help of warm tones and comfortable décor – that would welcome people to visit.

One room in which they had quite a bit of trouble was their library. They wanted this to be a room in which you could come and sit in overstuffed chairs and read a book; but they also wanted to project sophistication through their décor. Ultimately, it was a grandfather clock that came to the rescue.

In the next post, we’ll discuss the ability of a grandfather clock to project high style along with accessibility.

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