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Town & Country Grandfather Clocks, Part II


In the last post I began to talk about how my husband and I have satisfied our love for the country and the city respectively by essentially having two homes. And how we set out to decorate both with nothing but a shared loved of grandfather clocks.

There is a vibe in a city home that is very different from that of a country house; and the décor must follow suit. How, we wondered, would a grandfather clock work in both places? We assumed that we would purchase a traditional style grandfather clock for our primary residence – something that would look perfect in our cozy living room that is lined with books shelves and filled with overstuffed chairs. But we had no idea that we would find something equally fitting for our city apartment.

It became clear just how much selection there really is when it comes to grandfather clocks when we went online. We found this amazing clock supplier with an extensive selection of grandfather clocks (and all other types of clocks for that matter) at great prices. Best of all, the site represents some of the most well-known clock manufacturers in the world, which meant that we knew we were getting a superior quality product that would be guaranteed.

Right off the bat we found a traditional grandfather clock for our home. It was just what we both wanted – dark wood, ornate artwork, and a beautiful melody played on the hour.

But then we discovered a selection of contemporary grandfather clocks that were the perfect fit for our city apartment; styles that we didn’t even know existed. We found this amazing grandfather clock that suited our apartment perfectly. Now we have his and hers grandfather clocks waiting for us whether we’re headed to the country or we’re city bound.

Town & Country Grandfather Clocks, Part I


Remember that song where she was a little more country and he was a little more rock n’ roll? That for sure describes me and my husband. He is happiest settled in the woods with a fire roaring in front of him and nothing but the sound of the crickets to keep him company. I am a city girl at heart. Silence is deafening to me. Without the sound of taxis beeping their horns and the feeling of energy swirling around me, I feel like I am in a vacuum.

These diverging styles have presented a challenge for sure. We have had to make many, many compromises in order for us to both feel content and that we have not sacrificed who we are for the other. We have been fortunate enough to have the means in our later years to really play out that compromise by essentially having two very separate homes. Most of the time we live in the country (close enough to the suburbs that we are not completely without necessities); but on holidays and weekends we head to our apartment in a nearby city. This may be the complete opposite of what most people do – as evidenced by the people we pass heading out to their country houses for the holidays – but it works for us.

And having two very distinct homes has meant decorating them accordingly – something that we are united in doing to reflect both of our tastes. Luckily, one thing that we most assuredly agree on is grandfather clocks; we just love them and think that no home is complete without a grandfather clock. And what we have discovered is that grandfather clocks just as easily work in both styles of home.

In the next post, I’ll share how grandfather clocks have worked equally well in both of our homes.

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