Grandfather clocks

Traditional Still Shines with Grandfather Clocks


Trends change with the wind; just when something becomes popular it’s gone again with something new and improved replacing it. It’s hard to keep up. And even if we do manage to keep up, we are spending significant hard earned cash to do so. Sometimes the classics are the way to go in terms of home décor; they never go out of style which means that you are spending significantly less time and money worrying about replacing furniture or accessories that are no longer in style.

Grandfather clocks are one of the shining examples of how classic pieces can work in any room in a home and in any style home for that matter. While it’s true that grandfather clocks can be found in nearly every style and design these days (clock manufacturers produce everything from modern and contemporary to antique-inspired grandfather clocks), traditional style grandfather clocks are still available and are a great way to add sophisticated style to any home.

Consumers can find traditional style grandfather clocks through comprehensive online suppliers that promote the brands of some of the most reputable and highly regarded clock manufacturers in the world. Some of these classic style grandfather clocks can easily be a permanent fixture in any home; an investment that the homeowner makes in a solid piece that can last for generations to come and even take the role of a family heirloom.

With traditional grandfather clocks in the home, an entryway can be transformed, an office can be elevated to a sophisticated décor, a living room can be given some warmth, and nearly any room in the house can be changed dramatically.

Making a Grandfather Clock Center Stage


In the home where I spent the last fifteen years it was all small spaces and tight corners; it was a great starter home but three kids later we were most definitely overflowing the house. We moved into a much larger contemporary model home mostly because I fell in love with the vaulted ceiling foyer inside the front door. It was such a wonderfully dramatic space and I could just imagine welcoming friends and family into my home in this lovely entranceway.

What was at first my favorite part of the home quickly became my biggest challenge, however, as I struggled with what to do with this space in terms of décor. It was large enough that it could handle almost anything but I didn’t want to overpower guests when they walked in with some monstrous piece. And a small occasion table would be absolutely dwarfed in such a grand entrance. I was stuck.

Until I found this great website that specialized in clocks, and among them the grandest of grandfather clocks. I knew immediately that this was the perfect solution for my entryway dilemma. With a grandfather clock in this space the area would be warm, welcoming, and yet contain something that was to scale in this rather large space. And so I ordered the most beautiful grandfather clock made from Howard Miller who I know to be one of the top grandfather clock manufacturers in the industry.

Well, I was right. The grandfather clock that I found was absolutely perfect in this space and absolutely what it needed in terms of drama and warmth. In this house, my grandfather clock took center stage!

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